Reviews {May} Attack On Titan Here! Reviews {May} Attack On Titan Here! Reviews {May} Attack On Titan Here!>> There are certain web series that engage the worldwide audience on a single platform. The same will be discussed in our post for your better understanding.

There are certain web series that engage the worldwide audience on a single platform. The same will be discussed in our post for your better understanding. 

Do you feel that certain story endings need much more than what is provided? You are never alone. Numerous viewers are looking forward to Reviews, in which fans will discuss the alternative ending. If you have ever watched the ATTACK ON TITAN Manga series, this post is certainly useful for you!

The alternative story ending is getting famous in the United States, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In this manner, many of our readers are asking for a detailed review on the same. Therefore, you can read our article until the end to learn more about the ending!

What is Attach on Titan Show?

In our childhood, animated movies or shows were used to keep us engaged. However, this practice has seen a gradual downfall for many years. Hence, some producers combined animation and other concepts to make Manga series. The Reviews suggest that fans are creating alternative show ending to suit their needs. 

You can web-search the same and find multiple websites where the users anticipate countless story endings. 

What’s More in the Store?

THE ATTACK ON TITAN Manga series is designed and launched by HAJIME ISAYAMA. According to the official show schedule, the series’ last episode was live on 9th April 2021. Besides, the series ended in chapter 139. Therefore, the fans create imaginary endings to the story to make episodes starting with the 140th episode.

Why are fans making alternative endings for the Manga series as per Reviews?

According to the reviews, the fans are not aggreging with the original ending. The fans expected to see an ending that quenches their thirst for adventure, thriller, and closure. However, the same did not happen. It is why the entertainment critics think that AOT fans and developers are not on the same track.  

What are the possible endings?

You know that we do thorough research to bring factual details to our articles. The same has been applied for AOT- Attack on Titan. You can refer to the below-listed points to learn about the anticipated endings:

  • Theory One: Among the many alternative endings, the Reviews showcase that AKATSUKI NO REQUIEM is the best one. It is making many viewers happy and satisfied. 
  • Theory Two: The second alternative ending suggests an exploration to different narratives featured in the AOT story. 
  • Theory Three: The episodes should continue after 139 to bring back the storyline and complete it to satisfy the fans. To read more in detail visit here.

What are the alternate ending themes for AOT fans?

It is amazing to see that fans are making a chain and working on an entertainment project. Breaking the hatred cycle, Ymir curse, Surpassing Father, Battle Ideologies, etc., are fan-made alternative themes for AOT.

Our Final Thoughts:

You can find more Reviews on the web. Can you share some other alternative ending to the AOT storyline? Please share it with us!

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