Antcozy Reviews {Feb 2021} Is this Website A Scam?


Antcozy Reviews {Feb 2021} Is this Website A Scam? >> You will find an online store that offers an assortment of blanket covers, bedding sets & more. Read.

For a delightful, long, and comfortable rest, it is vital to have a comfortable and pleasant bed sheet, cushions, quilt, and the spread. The bedding set you sleepover ought to be, comfortable delicate, and such like, that it may not influence the nature of your rest. 

Throughout the long term, there has been a sensational change, like bed sheets, blankets, and pads accessible. Purchasers have a great deal of alternative to investigate, as increasingly more online business stores offer high-quality bed sheets and other comparative things at a sensible cost. 

In the United States, purchasers are conscious about the quality of the bedding sets and blanket cover. Therefore, we are sharing Antcozy Reviews and a heap of other data about this online store that will help in improvising the purchasing choice.

What is Antcozy?

Antcozy is an online store that offers a collection of unique and high-quality home furnishing products such as quilt blanket, bedding sets, pillowcases, rugs, doormats, and carpets at a discounted price. All you need to set up the bedding in your room can be found in this web-based business. 

Antcozy treats its customers as a family because they think they are good to go due to their customers. Check out more on Antcozy Reviews.

Specifications of Antcozy

  • Website type- It is an e-commerce site offering quilt blanket, bedding sets, carpets, rugs, etc.
  • Website link –
  • Shipping time- 5-7 business days after placing the order.
  • Shipping fee- It varies depending on shipping destination and the number of items that you purchase.
  • Exchange – Exchange is available if the product is defective or damaged.
  • Delivery time- approx four weeks.
  • Return- within 30 days after receiving an order.
  • Refund- In your original payment method, after approval or inspection, the shipping fee is non-refundable.
  • Social Media- no Antcozy Reviews available
  • Cancellation of order- no information regarding cancellation is available on the website.
  • Company contact details- Email:
  • Phone no: not mentioned
  • Company address- Houston, TX-77043, United States.
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card.

Prons of buying from

  • It characterizes incredible quality at a palatable rate. 
  • Simple merchandise exchange within 30 days.  
  • The satisfactory medium of correspondence is followed. 
  • Easy correspondence through the mail.

Cons of buying from

  • Recovery dispatching cost is recovered from the item cost. 
  • There is no choice of abrogation in the wake of transportation. 
  • It requires extensive time in the refund cycle. 
  • No contact number and the return address are available on the website. 
  • Surveys of the buyer are mostly unfavorable.

Is Antcozy legit or not? 

From the outset look, Antcozy would appear to be legit; however, after an investigation of Antcozy Reviews, the site is discovered to be moderately questionable on several grounds.

Antcozy doesn’t utilize an HTTPS connection. It demonstrates that if customers pass on their personal information to this page, there is an expanded likelihood that a con artist might recover the data as all traffic will be un-scrambled. 

Also, the domain of this internet business site is commonly new. There are no Antcozy Reviews accessible online on any entrances. Customers’ feedback is always identified with their shopping involvement in legitimacy, and the more significant part of the buy

Therefore, Antcozy is suspicious.

What are buyers saying about Antcozy?

Buyers are dubious about placing an order from this site as it is the most recent vault on the web because the domain of the company was registered on 27th July 2020.

Since this e-commerce company Antcozy, is new in the market, it is crucial to report the legitimacy of the items sold at this site. Additionally, the webpage lacks a presence on online media stages and vital information such as contact no., cancellation information are absent on site. It makes doubt in the psyches and absence of Antcozy Reviews.

Therefore, customers need to research well prior to purchase from such an e-commerce company to dodge the danger of extortion.

Final verdict

In an attempt to examine Antcozy Reviews, we found that this website page isn’t authentic. 

The domain of is new, and there are low customer ratings on the web. In our review, we found that this online site page doesn’t have all the hold of being certifiable. It instigates that this e-store isn’t legitimate, credible, and ensured. 

In this manner, the reaction to the question Is Legit is No. It’s a suspicious one, and we don’t recommend our readers to prefer for buying home furnishing products.

30 thoughts on “Antcozy Reviews {Feb 2021} Is this Website A Scam?

  1. I bought a rug. 5×8 80.00..I was ripped off..its not a rug at all
    More like an oversized placemat. The worst thing Ive ever seen. I want my money back. If my money isnt returned I will be constantly on social media telling your customers about the horrible quality of your scamming products

    1. Did you ever figure out how to return your product? I have the same situation as you. They will not return my emails Horrible service

    2. Same for me. I ordered 5×8 for $89 plus $10 shipping and what I got was stiff blanket and that doenst look at all like what pictured in ad. I like your description “oversized placemat.” Another reviewer reported them to Better Business Bureau and says got full refund. I have sent4 emails to their support email address and no response over several weeks! Like you , I plan to exposed them on social media!

    3. Just got my “rug” today. It is nothing like the picture and is more like a fleece blanket material with a backing on it. I paid $119 for this crap!

  2. I ordered a bed spread well over a month ago haven’t received it I have emailed them several times with no response

  3. I ordered 4 quilts.. They are cheap, ugly, and NOTHING AS DESCRIBED! Thin photo applications. I wouldn’t even let my dog use it! I paid with PayPal. And emails about reporting them as fraud to the Better Business Bureau worked. I got full refund on 1st waiting on the next 3 claims!

  4. I just received a quilt. It looks nothing like it did on the website. I was giving it to my mother n law for Christmas. How embarrassing! My warning to others don’t order from this site. What a joke

  5. Ordered king comforter set and quality is absolutely horrible. So called quilt was nothing but sheets! Will be asking for refund!

  6. They used to go by AZCozy dot com. I was shocked at what they consider a rug. They would refund if I sent the product back to China. PayPal was no help. I ended up getting refunded through my credit card.

  7. Crap company!!!! I was notified 12/28/2020 that my order was on its was – NOT, BECAUSE IVE NEVER RECEIVED THE CARPET THAT I ORDERED.

  8. I am totally unsatisfied with the quality of their quilts and am having an issue right now with returning the ghastly thing! Did you have to pay the shipping for the return? Was it expensive? I will never order another item from them ever again.

  9. I bought a quilt and it was nothing like what the picture or the description reported. Very cheap, ugly machine printed and quilted. Definitely not cotton nor handmade.

  10. I ordered a very expensive “rug”. DEC. 10, 2020. It finally arrived today…not even blanket quality! Not a carpet, nor looking anything like the picture. Totally a rip off! I want every penny back, purchased through Paypal.

  11. I FINALLY received my quilt. I was beginning to think I would never receive this order and this was a complete scam. Many weeks later I did receive the quilt only to see it was very thin, poor quality and returning it would be an act of congress. I won’t be ordering or recommending this site

  12. Instead of the $89 ($99 including shipping) flamingo rug I ordered AND PAID FOR I received a cheap blanket/quilt/whatever it is and they have not answered my many emails and there is no phone number on their site. What they sent IS NOT WHAT THEY PICTURED IN FACEBOOK AD! Im taking advice of other reviewer and reporting to Better Business Bureau and hope for a refund.

  13. This company, which is located in China stole copyrighted artwork from me! On their website, they actually have a picture of my painting mixed in with their quilts. It is obviously a painting and stands out like a sore thumb among the quilts. You can even see part of the picture frame. I am trying to track them down, but this far, all I find are customer complaints on several sites. They are a total scam!

  14. I also ordered two expensive quilts, what I received are not quilts at all, they aren’t fit for an animal to use. What I did receive was also NOT cotton as described. This website is a total ripoff scam. It appears I will also need to change my credit card as other reviews have shown they compromise credit card numbers used to pay for their items.

  15. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures. Antcozy is a SCAM! Products are CHEAP, THIN knockoffs PRINTED on flimsy synthetic material. I wouldn’t give the “throw” I received to my dog.

  16. I expected a comforter and two pillow covers. What received was two pieces of nylon material sown together and no filler. Did not receive pillow covers. This is totally unacceptable. When I emailed antcozy the response was they would try to do better on their product. I am still waiting for refund information. I would not recommend thus company to any one.

  17. Ordered a kitchen rug back in feb. still haven’t received it. Scared to see what it looks like if it does ever show up. Where is this place located??

  18. Ordered a kitchen rug back in feb. still haven’t received it. Scared to see what it looks like if it does ever show up. Where is this place located??

  19. I ordered a quilt on 2/18/2021 for a March birthday quilt. I was charged for the item, received an order confirmation but no product. Have e-mail them 3 times and they do not respond. In addition, the vendor name when it was processed by PayPal is not Antcozy. This whole thing is a scam.

  20. I ordered a quilt that took 6 weeks to arrive. Although the pattern was the same as what I ordered, the picture was totally misleading. The blocks were printed on the fabric. not sewn together. When looking at a close-up of the catalog picture. the quilting is close together and in pretty designs. Not so in real life. The actual quilting is spaced far apart, skimpy machine quilting that makes the item look very cheap. At $89. this is not a good buy. Their catalog is attractive and I was tempted to purchase more than one item, on my initial order. Now I’m so glad I didn’t as I would mot trust the quality. As a warning to others, the very same catalog shows up as AntCozy as well as several other names. Don’t be fooled.

  21. Terrible!!!! I ordered two full/queen sized quilts and got two very thin pieces of cloth sewn together……….. absolutely no quilting, and they just barely fit on a queen size bed……….. A total scam!!!!! Save your money and do not order!!! They don’t even deserve a rating!!

  22. This is a scam site. One of my blanket designs that I created myself and have been selling on Amazon for years is on their site. They stole my picture and photoshopped it to fit their background. I have already filed a DMC takedown notice with (this is the website hosting provider). It is still up.

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