Another Me the Elder Mask Review {Sep} Is It Legit?

Another Me the Elder Mask Review 2020

Another Me the Elder Mask Review {Sep} Is It Legit? >> Here, the article is for a product that is a silicon-based mask with the look of an older man, read.

These are the days when masks are a big hit. They don’t only save the hours that would go waste in getting makeup done for hours, and they also look more realistic than the makeup. Also, these masks can be reused again while makeup is a waste after being removed once. So, let’s know more about these masks as we are going to review a United States-based mask. So, brace yourself for the Another Me the Elder Mask Review and get insights on the mask’s specifications, usage, and credibility.

This mask’s information will help the readers be well aware of various aspects of the product. It will help them analyze the option of investing or not on this product.

What is Another Me the Elder Mask? 

Another Me, the Elder mask, are a blessing for various functions such as Halloween, mask parties, etc. We are sure that wearing this mask will give the user an edge over others on the Halloween as nobody will recognize you dressed as an older man. The mask can be reused multiple times. Please continue reading for more information on Another Me the Elder Mask Review.

The mask is from the brand Metamorphose masks and is made of the best quality silicone. The mask has the look of an older man who has less hair on the head. The hair on the head is white. The mask has mustaches and wrinkled skin that perfectly matches the description of an older man.

The best part about these masks is that they won’t harm your skin like body paints and makeup. The silicon used on these masks is of the best quality material that ensures no harm caused to the skin after wearing it.

How it is Unique?

The mask has been hand poured with paint and assembled in the United States. People from various parts of the world have shown their appreciation for the product and claimed to have liked it. The mask also has the smallest possible eyeholes that give it a more realistic look. However, there is no compromise on comfort as the masks are made to keep comfort as the primary factor. There is a four-way stretch fabric used to create this mask to allow the user to have the best giving him the best of technology. The feel and touch of the mask is very realistic. The bib of the mask is also longer to add to its realistic nature.

Let’s see more for Another Me the Elder Mask Review.


  • Material Used: Silicon  
  • The Mask are having Guarantee.
  • Price: $76.96
  • Size: Free size
  • Elastic: Yes

Pros of Another Me the Elder Mask:

  • Users think that the mask is made with a lot of precision and detail

Cons of Another Me the Elder Mask:

  • There are fewer reviews available for the mask.
  • Some users think that the masks are overpriced.

Is Another Me the Elder Mask legit?

One can spot some internet reviews related to this mask, and the company makes these masks whose name is Metamorphose masks. Thus, we think that the mask is legit. The company behind these masks also has a seven-year-old reputation and has worked for various film and TV gigs. Thus, for Another Me the Elder Mask Reviewwe think that the mask is legit.

Customer Reviews:

There are fewer reviews available on the internet related to the mask. However, there are many customer reviews available for the company that makes these masks. So, there are not many things that can be said about this mask in Another Me the Elder Mask Review.

Final Verdict

So, for Another Me the Elder Mask Review, we would advise our readers to try these masks as the mask company is undoubtedly legit. Though there is not much information related to the customer feedback of this product, we would also advise our readers to gather more information about the product before placing the order. Sometimes, there can be issues in the products of the most reputed companies as well.

In case you have ever placed an order for or used this mask before, write to us in the comments section below. There is a scarcity of information available on the user’s reviews of this product. Hence we think it will be useful.

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  1. It never arrived despite several emails to the company who kept refusing to give me an estimate for arrival. They just simply said we shipped to the wrong address and will mail another and that was like 3 weeks ago. Still no response or mask.


  2. The mask that is sold is not the one advertised. The mask you receive is total garbage. Don’t waste your money like I did. I wish I could show you pictures of it. Mine came in the mail today and what a dissapointment.

  3. A complete rip off. Around Halloween you could buy these at Walmart for 8 bucks ..I spent around 40…pissed


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