(Nov) Know The Latest Tricks Of Scammers 2020 (Nov) Know The Latest Tricks Of Scammers -> Now increase your awareness of the on-going scams to lure into traps.

Everybody now knows that among us the game is famous throughout the world. Are you still unfamiliar with this game? Have you not downloaded it yet? The among us game is popular and widely played between friends and family. In this game, you have to find an imposter before it attacks you. However, is a website that helps you find imposter without acknowledging other players. 

In the last two months, thousands of websites are created to give you free skins, accessories, and services. The United States is the main target of such sites. Hence, you have to sort them into legit and scam category. To make your task easy, we are writing this post to clear the website’s doubtful air.

What is is a service providing website. The developers have made it user-friendly and captivating. It helps you in finding the imposters in your game through the username. Many users have already used the services but failed to locate the imposters. Do you want to know the reasons? Please stay tuned with this post!

What is dubious about the website?

The website’s layout and services are questionable. It is trying to imitate the outlook of legit sites to trick you into something fishy and big. The site asks the username that you think is an imposter while playing among us game. It takes some time to analyze the user name. After a moment, it gives you a cache for verification. Later, it asks you to complete some unauthorized tasks. 

How do we know about the trick?

We are never downloaded and registered on the among us gaming application. However, we entered a name that is not registered for the game accessibility. The website analyzed the username and easily verified it. Later, it pops us a screen for verification without any legit cache or picture. 

When we clicked on the “VERIFY” option, the site asked us to complete an unauthorized task. It is when we knew the site is scamming everyone to download illegal and unauthorized applications. They will also ask you for personal information that can quickly turn into identity theft. Many websites are found, reported, and listed under scams for using such unauthorized methods.  

What among us players are saying about the website?

Many among us players are leaving negative reviews about the They claim that the site owners use their personal details, IP addresses, and system information to steal them. Some scammers are using such information to create bigger traps to lure potential users into the con-trick. 

Final Verdict:

After reading our post, you will also warn your friends and family for using The website focuses on luring you into downloading applications and clicking unauthorized links. Such sites are managed by scammers to steal your identity and IP address to create more scam while hiding their names. Please give your valuable feedback!

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