Amazon Voice Activated Mask Review (Dec) First Read

Amazon Voice Activated Mask reviews 2020

Amazon Voice Activated Mask Review (Dec) First Read -> The new smart LED face mask is breaking the internet with its cool features. So, read-out the shocking reviews of this product before buying this face mask.

Are you wondering honest Amazon Voice Activated Mask Review? Yes! That’s why you reached this page to know whether this mask is worth to buy or not. This post will share the depth analysis of the product. So, you can come with the best buying decision.

With the boom in coronavirus Pandemic in the United States and more countries, people have to cover half of the face with a mask. Hence, it needs to be safe, calm, and attractive. On the marketplace, there are ranges of face mask designs are out, but we need the mask that looks different in the crowd.  

Amazon Voice Activated Mask is a coolest and smart LED mask launched by Costume Agent. But how good it is, let’s find in Amazon Voice Activated Mask Reviews.

What is Amazon Voice Activated Mask?

Amazon Voice Activated Mask is a Smart LED face mask that is activated with voice and stimulates the mouth. The attracting part of this mask is it smiles when you are silent. This face mask is introduced in the market from Costume Agent just to add some fun in people lives.  

The manufacture includes LED panel, activates voice sensor, USB for recharge, and face mask. Moreover, they give a comfortable ear loop that easily adjusts with any face style. The material used in the face mask is breathable with four layers of fabric. It looks super cool and attractive for use. While researching, we found this mask is liked by millions of United States people, but not more than a day.

After reading Amazon Voice Activated Mask Reviews, we found people are not much satisfied with this mask because of low battery backup, poor cables, and uncomfortable to wear and speak. However, they liked the idea but needs improvement. 

 Amazon Voice Activated Mask Specifications:

  • Product: Amazon Voice Activated Mask
  • Manufacturer: Costume Agent
  • Customer Reviews: 3.5/5
  • The material used: high-quality durable & breathable
  • Panel: LED
  • Charger: USB
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Earloops: elastic

Pros of Buying Amazon Voice Activated Mask

  • Elastic ear loops that fit with every face type
  • Uses voice sensor
  • Stimulates mouth
  • Include LED panel
  • USB cable for recharge
  • Stretch into four ways
  • Uses high-quality fabric
  • Keeps smile when you are silent

Cons of Buying Amazon Voice Activated Mask

  • Negative Amazon Voice Activated Mask reviews.
  • No protection from viruses
  • Less warm
  • May cause problem while speaking
  • May produce heat
  • Poor battery life
  • Breakable cables
  • No filters
  • Have not displayed the quality of fabric they used
  • Easy to break
  • No durability
  • May not cover the face entirely

Is Amazon Voice Activated Mask legit?

Amazon Voice Activated Mask is super cool face mask ever launched on the marketplace. This uses LED and voice sensor that detects your voice and displays it on the LED screen. Well, it looks funny device or face mask that can add little fun in your time. But in terms of protection, we would not recommend you to buy this.

Well, it’s cool to have Amazon Voice Activated Mask, but if it is not offering you any comfort and protection, then it will be like you need to waste your money. Moreover, by reading Amazon Voice Activated Mask reviews online, we found people are not satisfied with the product quality, especially its battery and poor connections that won’t get repaired. In terms of protection, this will not give you anything. In fact, it may produce heat while using an LED panel, which can be harmful to your mouth. In our opinion, we can say the product is not legit.

 What are Amazon Voice Activated Mask reviews?

Amazon Voice Activated Mask is best to have fun in a pandemic. Your ultimate goal of buying a mask is that it covers your face and gives protection from germs and air contamination. But with this face mask, you won’t get any health benefits.

Moreover, People are not satisfied with this product. All are complaining about its low battery, causing difficulty in speaking, does not offer full-face coverage, dangerous, broken switches etc. Hence, we found this product scam, and we do not recommend you to shop for this.


By evaluating Amazon Voice Activated Mask reviews, we found this as a scam. It can be dangerous to use because of LED, USB and soft fabric quality. Hence, you should avoid buying it and look for the best alternatives.

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