Amazon Prime Gift Text Message (Sep 2020) Some Reviews.

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message (Sep 2020) Some Reviews.

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message (Sep 2020) Some Reviews. >> This article briefs you upon Gift Text Message, an excellent solution for gift cards, provided that you check for the website’s legitimacy.

Do you want to send a gift card to your friend or relative? Do you also want a gift message on the gift card? Then, why whooping here and there! Just scroll down this article and find a great solution.

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message is an excellent solution for your gift cards if you want to send this to someone in the United States, where it is based out of. You will also know about how you can also send your favorite message to your beloved ones.

What is Amazon Prime Gift Text Message?

Amazon Prime Git Text Message is a service offered by, based out of the United StatesOne can easily send gift cards to anyone. Moreover, it got your covered for every occasion, like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday Gift Cards, Congratulations, Thank You Message, and many more.

You can now also send an Amazon Gift Card by text message. The customers can send the text message of their own choice in the gift card. Along with sending the predesigned gift cards, you can also send the personalized gift card and text message of your choosing. Besides this, the gift card’s value can be decided by you whatever amount you want.

How to shop and send Amazon Prime Gift Text Message?

It would help if you visited to send Amazon Prime Gift Text Message.One has to log in on to verify the account and for any assistance. After logging in to, all you need to do is click on the Gift Card option in the menu section. Now, to send a text message, click on the e-Gift Card option.

Once you are directed to the e-Gift Card Design page, select your favorite design for the desired occasion. Once clicking on the most resembling gift card, you will find a page asking for different things.

There edits the gift card by either adding a picture or adding your desired text or other things after selecting and personalizing it, like the amount not exceeding $2000. You can choose any amount of your preference.

Now, you are almost done. Just select Text Message to send the Gift Card, and after filling the necessary details, get it delivered within 5 minutes.

How to check whether the website is legit or scam?

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message aims to send the gift card, and till the date, has never been sued for any fraudulent activities. But, since it is an online website, there are great scams chances since; there are plenty of similar fake websites. These websites can easily fool you.

To be safe from such websites, one must crosscheck the url as it will be mentioning And, in case of any fraud found, report it to on their customer support section.

Final Verdict

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message is a great solution for gifts for any occasion.

But one has to take care of the website that it is not a scam website since there are a lot of Scams and Fraudulent Websites in the hub to cheat the customers.

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