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Do you need a new shredder or any other cutting tool? We know where you can buy one. It’s an online store by the name of Alexander Sport. Alexander Sport is an online store supposedly based out of the United States which sells cutting equipment and related accessories at lower prices. Alexander Sport, however, doesn’t enjoy a lot of popularity and remains relatively unknown.

In our Alexander Sport Review, we’ll go over all the necessary information related to this website to ensure if it’s the right website for you. All other details related to Alexander Sport will also be mentioned.

What is Alexander Sport?

Alexander Sport is an online store where you can purchase Shredders, Cutters and all other cutting items and tools and related accessories. Although not a lot of information is present about Alexander Sport, they’re a new website and are assumed to operate out of the US as they sell their products in USD.

Some popular items like Explore Air, EasyPress, etc. and related accessories are available for purchase on Alexander Sport. The pricing of these products is also very cheap, considering the lack of popularity of the website and the reputation of the offered products. Not a single piece of information about Alexander Sport is present on its website, which turns out to be a huge problem. Reviews are also challenging to find to obtain any relevant information.

Alexander Sport Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Cutting tools and accessories.
  • Processing Time: unclear.
  • Delivery: unclear.
  • Email: unknown.
  • Contact No: unknown.
  • Address: unknown.
  • Return: unclear.
  • Exchange: unclear.
  • Refund Period: unknown.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.

Is Alexander Sport Legit?

The popularity of Alexander Sport is highest in the United States. It’s also assumed that the site is based out of the US as well. Not a single shred of information is present about Alexander Sport either on its website or other platforms.

Information including shipping, delivery details and contact information like email, address are absent from the website of Alexander Sport. The site is almost blank except for the products and payment options. A poorly maintained website with the absence of any related information cannot be a professional and authentic online store.

Alexander Sport has links to its social media accounts on its website, but those links don’t lead us anywhere. Instead, they open the same page again in a new tab. It also confirms and increases our suspicions about the authenticity of Alexander Sport. We think Alexander Sport is not entirely but highly likely to be a scam.

Alexander Sport Pros:

  • Different varieties of equipment are present on Alexander Sport.
  • Cutting tools of all kinds and specifications are available for purchase.
  • The pricing of products on Alexander Sport is also cheap.

Alexander Sport Cons:

  • Alexander Sport is most likely a scam.
  • Alexander Sport may sell counterfeit items.
  • Nothing is known about Alexander Sport which makes it a hazardous website to consider purchasing from.

Alexander Sport: Customer and User Reviews

Alexander Sport is not an old website; instead, it came into existence recently. Thus, when it comes to popularity and reputation, Alexander Sport suffers from lack of it. It’s also the reason Reviews were too tricky to find and not present in a large number.

We searched for the reviews of Alexander Sport on several trusted platforms and were able to collect a small number of them. But we weren’t able to find customer reviews. The reviews claimed that the website could be a scam. Some reports were sure that the site was a scam while some suspected that the site could be a scam but could be legit as well. However, the website appears to be a scam due to several reasons, as mentioned above.

Final Verdict

It’s highly likely that Alexander Sport is a scam. We have several reasons to believe that. Although their cheap prices attract a decent amount of users, we cannot trust this website. Many Alexander Sport Review already claim that this website is fraud and offers counterfeit items. If we take a look at the products, they have some high-end products with excellent build material at very compelling prices. But all of this is useless if Alexander Sport itself is a scam.

Our readers, we suggest you do not purchase from Alexander Sport. Although we cannot confirm that it is a scam, it likely is. There are plenty of other online stores for you to visit.

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  1. I placed a order on this website at check out the entire site went black and I received no order comfomation.So I tried to email the company which you cant find the contact information on their website so I typed in the companies name in Google along with contact.The Email I found doesn’t exist, so I had to go through Pay pal. I filed a case with pay pal the seller then provides a fake tracking number saying that my package was delivered 5 days before I even purchased it.So Because it was marked as delivered pay pal closed my case without even reviewing the dates or anything. SO PLEASE DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP LIKE I DID !! DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

  2. I was scammed by them, I’m waiting on PayPal to refund my money . I ordered the Cricut Joy the seller name is suppose to be Erica Stokes They ordered sub cords from amazon to send. I still haven’t received anything.

  3. I ordered from this site and I believe it IS A SCAM.
    I too could not find any contact info or details on their site so I could inquire as to why I never received what I ordered.
    I did pay through PayPal which is the only place I found tracking info. I ordered a cricut maker bundle yet the shipping weight that PayPal provided was 0.3 lbs. hmmmm
    Another red flag is that they never contacted me via email, not even to send a receipt for the order, not to mention tracking info. I tracked the shipment via UPS from the info provided in the PayPal receipt and it shows as delivered (left at door). We never found anything and we were home at that time…..
    I have no avenue to solve this issue or get my money back.
    They offer free shipping and according to the PayPal receipt they shipped it the day I ordered it. Smells fishy all the way around.
    No tax was collected either. $99 to PayPal, gone.

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