Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews (March) Legit Or Hoax?

Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews 2021

Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews (March) Legit Or Haox? >> Want to know about this adorable face mask? Read to learn more about it and see if it is safe to buy or not.

Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews? Yes, you read it correctly. We bring you a detailed and exciting product review of these attractive and beautiful masks available in various color options.

This product is available exclusively at, a United States-based online e-commerce website. We will talk about the product in great detail, and you will find its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of using this product in this article. 

We always recommend our intelligent readers to research and read more about any website or product that they are about to use or buy, respectively. This will ensure that you do not fall into any scam or fraud.

So, let us begin.

What is Addison Rae Glass Mask?

In Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews, we are discussing a cloth mask printed with a beautiful full-body picture of Addison Rae. She is the United States-born social media influencer, singer, and dancer with millions of fans.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic still triggers alarms, we must be cautious and careful. One must wear a face mask as precautions for the coronavirus.

These Addison Rae masks are made by entrepreneurs who make their products and sell them through this big e-commerce website. empowers these entrepreneurs and handles all the business’s logistical side, enabling them to supply their artwork easily.

Specifications of Addison Rae mask:

Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews mention some essential specifications of this mask below-

  • Product name- Face Mask Addison Rae Mask
  • Product type- mask
  • Available on-
  • Style- Cloth face mask
  • Colour options- white, gold, burnt orange, light blue, royal blue, J Navy blue, Ash, Purple, charcoal grey, chocolate, black, cyber pink, true red.
  • Quantity- single, pack of 5, pack of 3
  • Finished size- 7 3.5 inches
  • Additional details- elastic ear loops; can be machine washed in hot water; bleached and dried.
  • Price- $14.95 for one face mask

Pros of using Addison Rae mask:

Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews mention some of the crucial benefits received after using this product-

  • It is available in various color options.
  • It has a pleated covering that people can adjust based on the size of the face.
  • You could also get other products with similar pictures printed on them.
  • The product is made and printed with the best standards available.
  • has return and exchange policies.
  • They provide excellent everyday essential protection.
  • Washable; can be bleached and dried.
  • Both men and women can wear it.

Cons of using Addison Rae mask:

Read some of the disadvantages of using this product:

  • It is not an N95 mask.
  • It is a little expensive.
  • The mask may lose its print upon successive washes.

Is Addison Rae Glass Mask Legit and safe to use?

Addison Rae Face Masks are available online only at This online e-commerce website is quite old and trustable. It has received average customer ratings. It is also quite an old website. So, is genuine and authentic. Thus, you can safely use this website to buy your favorite Addison Rae mask either in bulk or a few pieces.

Although we must warn you that it is just an ordinary cloth mask and not an N95 mask that provides extreme protection according to the guidelines, people can use it for basic daily protection. You can buy the product keeping this in mind.

So, Is Addison Rae Glass Mask Legit? It seems legit. 

Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, there are no customer or user reviews available for this product on the Internet. But the following customer reviews for may help you decide whether to make a purchase or not. has given it a rating of 4.0 stars based on 16,712 customer reviews. At the same time, has given it an overall 4.26 customer rating.

Many people claimed that the website is worth trying because of its prompt and promising services and delivery. However, some people also mentioned that they do not provide a refund and never delivered the product for them.

Final Verdict:

In Addison Rae Glass Mask Reviews, we saw how unique and beautiful this product is. It consists of an adorable picture of Addison Rae printed on a regular-sized cloth face mask with elastic ear loops. You can choose from numerous color options available and also buy them in bulk.

All the product details are already mentioned in the article. We hope this article was helpful to you in some sort. Do let us know in the comment section below about your reviews regarding this product.

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