Acu 2020 Org Adalah {Oct} Medical Services to Citizens!


Acu 2020 Org Adalah {Oct} Medical Services to Citizens! >> A website where you get knowledge about Covid-19 by several videos of the experts and observers

Do you want to get knowledge about Covid-19 from the experts? – Now you can get as an e-com site, i.e., Acu 2020 Org Adalah has been founded by an Extra-Parliamentary Investigation Committee for the Covid-19 pandemic for people in Indonesia

They claim that their organization included doctors and scientists worldwide. So let’s check out minutely about the site and organization.

What is Acu 2020 Org Adalah?

It’s an organization where nobody is especially highlighted; they invite everyone to support this organization and donate. It is mainly Extra-Parliamentary Investigation Committee for Covid-19, where the doctors from worldwide are alliance. Including doctors, several scientists are also available under one roof, i.e., ACU.

From their website, every citizen has the right to suggest specialists and observers. It is a non-parliamentary Covid-19 inquiry committee, where the speaker, i.e., Heiko Schöning, Bodo Schiffmann, Martin Haditsch, invite professionals and observers to public indication.

Specification of Acu 2020 Org Adalah:

  • Website Nature: An e-com site that is maintained by non-parliamentary Covid-19 inquiry committee organization.
  • Website URL: The website URL is
  • Founder Details: Doctor Heiko Schöning founds the organization.
  • Date of Foundation: 2020-06-28
  • Official Contact Number: They didn’t provide the official contact number.
  • Official Email ID: kontakt@ärzte-fü
  • Social Media Existence: Acu 2020 Org Adalah has no connection with the social media platform.

Services offered by Acu 2020 Org Adalah:

  • It is an organization that is run by a group of doctors and scientists from around the world.
  • The organization provides services to every citizen in Indonesia.
  • Here people can see several video speeches of different experts and witnesses.

Is Acu 2020 Org Adalah legit?

On their website, they mentioned the complete details of the founder. We have seen the official address ids provided on their ‘Data Protection’ page. People can obtain the official Email ID; however, they have not provided an official contact number. If people have any queries regarding Medical and Ethical Emergency Deliberation, they can easily contact them through ’emergencydeliberation[a]’ this mail Id or can visit ‘‘ website.

We have reviewed the website’s age and saw the website had been created on 28-06-2020 that indicates its age is Three months & Twenty Eight days. We didn’t find people’s opinions about Acu 2020 Org Adalah. We haven’t observed any social media logo on the webpage since we have search externally; however, we didn’t see its presence on social media. Thus, this sight is probably unpopular.

Final Verdict:

This site has various language options like German, Española, Spanish, and English. On the website, people can see several videos from professionals and witnesses. On the ‘Data Protection’ page, visitors have the right to complain about data violations under the Art. 77 GDPR. At the moment, they have not included the newsletter service.

The website is old and created for Covid-19 inquiry; there is no connection between social media and this website. No people’s view about this Acu 2020 Org Adalah organization has been found since people can go through once for personal experience.Kindly share your opinion about this article in the below comment box.

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