Acsus Scam {Nov 2020} To Be Vigilant-Scammers Around!

Acsus Scam 2020

Acsus Scam {Nov 2020} To Be Vigilant-Scammers Around! >> Must read whole article to know about an online scam that has trapped many consumers till now.

As we have progressed to become a digitized generation, many scams have been reported rigorously, especially online ones. Have you ever come across a mail which asks for your personal information? In the name of debt collection, Acsus Scam has been looting many people.

Like all other well-known scams, this one is no different. In a business company’s pretense using a similar name, some fraudsters call or email people claiming they have particular debt they owe. 

Every year, businesses and citizens of the United Kingdom loses millions of pounds to debt collection scams like this. Recently, the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has received reports where consumers are complaining of harassing calls they received at work or home. 

What is the scam? 

Using “ACS” as company name or initials, scammers mailed many people with the same email address. For propagating Acsus Scam, they are including ACS Legal Group, ACS Incorporation, ACS Inc., Advance Cash Services, ACS in the mails. 

They claim that the consumers owe a debt to company ACS and call themselves attorneys and law enforcement members. They threaten people with legal action if not obeyed. 

The surprising point is that they also have consumers’ personal information, and they have even called their credit references. Citizens of the United Kingdom are already facing such scams. 

Who is involved, and who is not? 

DFI has cleared- none of these companies have been registered to do business by the Department of Licensing (DOL), the Secretary of State, or the Department of Revenue. 

In Acsus Scam, the original company ACS (US), Inc. has issued a statement in which they request consumers not to get confused with their name. Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) is a US-based company that re-sell technology products and solutions. 

The scammers involved in this possible scam are- Shawn Johnson, John Harris, Liam Smith, and Adam Wind.

These people have used many phone numbers and email addresses to harass people and use designations like Senior Investigation Officer from the Department of Law & Enforcement.  

How to prevent and protect? 

DFI has strictly warned consumers to not fall prey to such scamming emails and calls as it is an Acsus Scam. Also, not to share their non-public personal information with anyone.

On the DFI’s official website, they can easily detect if a financial service company is licensed or not by referring to their “Verify a License” feature. With the Department of Licensing, one can re-check the license status at their site. 

If you are already a victim of such a debt collection scam, report it to the Federal Trade Commission or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 


With all the online frauds going on extensively, consumers must be aware of such heinous crimes. Though it is difficult to gauge the possibility of a scam, always keep your mind and eyes open.

Acsus Scam is a debt collection scam that has not only looted but harassed many consumers through insistent calls and emails. Never share your personal information, OTPs, or credit card information with anyone in light of it.

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