Abdserry Reviews [August] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Abdserry Reviews 2020

Abdserry Reviews [August] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not? >> This article will review a website that proffers various uncategorized products and let us  know whether it is legit or not.

In the very beginning, the internet shopping business looks reputable and profitable too, but it seems misleading due to some fraudulent sites. The best part of Abdserry website is that it provides all its products across the corners of the world, including the United States

Before trusting any site, it is required to explore all the aspects of a website to find out whether Is Abdserry Legit or not. We need to know more about online shopping platforms before flitter away money.  

So, we shall demonstrate all details about the website and judge each all pieces of information to figure out how good the site is for shopping purposes. It is better to get into such newly-established websites and know the required info to eliminate the chances of fraud and squandering of money.  

Let us have a look at the Abdserry Reviews.

A few words about Abdserry.com

Simply put, it is an online shopping platform that is proffering various products to online buyers such as a lamp, rug, fences, filter, dice set, anti-bacterial case, and so on.  

It is based in the United States. All the items are available at a pocket-friendly cost, and it grabs the attention of interested buyers. 

Let us get more into the Abdserry Reviews.

Specifications of Abdserry.com

  • The URL of this shopping website is https://www.abdserry.com.
  • The site has secured due to the existence of HTTPS protocol and SSL Integration to protect all the customer details and transactions from the third-party. 
  • The email support is available by the website through service@adbserry.com.
  • Various online payment options are available on the website, such as Visa, PayPal, Master Card, and American Express. 
  • Free Delivery over the order of $40.  
  • The physical address of this shopping platform is Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London England WC1H 9bb.
  • The return policy of the website states that the product needs to be returned within 45days of purchase. 
  • A wide range of products are available on the shopping site such as a lamp, rug, fences, Filter, dice set, anti-bacterial case, and so on. 
  • The site is dealing in various currencies such as USD, GBP, EURO, AUD, CAD, NZD, and JPY.

What are the pros of buying products from Abdserry.com?

  • Secured and safe buying. 
  • Prices are quite affordable. 
  • The products are of optimum quality and match best with the standards. 
  • Online payment choices are available as it is easy to make the payment over the web. 
  • The products are in a wide range and fulfil all the requirements of a person. 
  • There is no need to commute the real market to meet the demand of any person.  

What are the negative aspects of buying items from Abdserry.com?

  • No social media account is here to interact with the customers and promote products.   
  • Lack of contact number 
  • The office address is pretty misleading as it belongs to Hamilton house.
  • The domain name is too new as the site has created in the April month. 

Is Abdserry Legit?

Before getting into other aspects of the website, we found some negative Abdserry Reviews that are not good from the buyer’s point of view. It includes no social media account, lack of contact number, the office address is pretty misleading, and the domain name is too new. 

Due to all such factors, it has proved that the website is a part of a scam websites and not considered as a legit one. Therefore, it answers – Is Abdserry Legit?

Customer’s opinion about Abdserry.com

You can see that there is no separate section available for the ratings and Abdserry Reviews on the shopping site. Moreover, there is no existence of social media podiums that may lead to provide some customer opinions. So, it is hard to find any views from the potential customers of this website. 

What do we conclude at the end of the review? 

After delving into the Abdserry Reviews, we get to know about all ins and outs of the website and figure out the various product list that meets the ever-changing needs of the customers. But it has some setbacks that you need to aware of before purchasing anything. 

Some of them include no social media account, lack of contact number, the office address is pretty misleading, and the domain name is too new to match with the trust level. Due to all such reasons, we have proved that the website is not a legit one as it decreases the interest.   

Kindly mention all opinions and comments about the website below and clear doubts all about the site. 

We are happy to assist you.

0 thoughts on “Abdserry Reviews [August] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

  1. A desert is a scam website. I purchased a telescope at a discounted price of 49.99 through PayPal. All of a sudden they don’t have an order placed. CSKevin was the first to respond. So I sent the the receipt which had the order number on it. A diff CS Rep responded, CSDomin, with the same Email! They tried to take it out of my bank twice! But an alert went up n my bank contacted me. I will blast them all over Pinterest, YT, IG, BBB, Consumers Report my bank’s fraud department and FBI. I don’t know who else to contact. If you have any suggestions please help!
    Shi B. – Scammed

  2. In my previous comment- at the beginning where it says “A desert is a scam” I meant to say Abdserry is a scam!!! (my phone has a mind of its own) Abdserry is NOT a real company!
    Shi B. – Scammed

  3. Le t me get this straight… YOU are giving reviews and your video just repeats what was read… the good part is you WILL TELL how to get our money back ONLY if we subscribe ?❗️??um, ok but I’ve been looking for subscribe for a good looong minute now… can’t find it! I’ll go to YT…
    Shi Broca

  4. I ordered the 10-300×40 Telescope weeks ago, and haven’t as yet received it or had a order ship notice. May have been ripped off for $50.00.

    1. same here. And i will tell you what happen next. you will received a piece of s*t which totally different from what you see on line. And then you will contact with their service. And they will ask you send the pic of package and item.When they find nothing to cover it up.they start play numbers .offer give you 10% back.If you say no.then 15%,and 30%.So shameless and disgusting. ALL I said here can be backed up by emails and pics. good luck.

  5. I made a purchase sent confirmation and shipping confirmation what I received was wrong not what I ordered they will not accept its there fault they will not give me a refund they will give me a discount it started at 5 % then 20% then 25% we are now at 30% . I have said I will not settle for less than a full refund I will never deal with them again I did get a Telephone number 018938184948 and the address in China I hope this helps

  6. My experience of Abdserry is that it is a scam. I purchased a telescope from them. They delivered a different telescope from the one I paid for which did not have the functionality and which cost far less. After a email exchange of over 20 messages they eventually offered a 30% refund or return the telescope to them at a cost of $20+. Clearly this is a breach of trading regulations.

    Although apparently in the USA, this company actually operates out of China.

    Finally, note that it also operates under over 100 different names, but underneath is Marul Company Limited.

    There are numerous cases of similar experiences available on the internet.

    It is a scam sight.

  7. >>>> *** COPY OF E-MAIL SENT TO Mikkel Svane CEO ZENDESK ***
    October 6th 2020

    Zendesk1019 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103
    Mr. Svane,,
    Are you aware that one / some of your clients – Marul Company, London England may be a front for a possible scam or fraud operation involving 99 web addresses/operations?
    I thought you should know! They have obtained/retained money through improper and illegal means. Their +/- 99 operations & websites use your software product so your name could be drawn into this as we are planning on contacting authorities in China, England, Canada and the United States as well as INTERPOL.

    If you wish more details, please e-mail.
    Thank you!
    John Matthews

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