9anime error 2006 (Dec) Read All About Nineanime Error!

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9anime error 2006 (Dec) Read All About Nineanime Error! -> Read this article if you are finding problems while streaming your 9anime shows or episodes.

Well, you are here to know why there is 9anime error 2006 found everywhere when you try to download or watch the 9anime. So, you don’t need to panic as this issue is not only with you. Many of the United States audiences have also complained about it. It would help if you read this article, and we will try to clear out your confusions regarding why 9anime error is found frequently by the people.

Over the past few years, a large number of 9anime users reported that they are experiencing an error when trying to watch different episodes. The full message States’ server error, please try again’. Well, we know more about it further.

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What Is 9anime?

Before knowing why Is 9anime Down, let’s read what 9anime is.

9anime is the most famous anime sliding website, which can be found on the internet and Google. The United States somewhat knows the 9anime website, along with the users of other countries. The website is old as it has been in the market many times and has now approached its way towards mobile applications and play stores apps. All the latest episodes of shows of 9anime are updated daily, and you can also download the episodes directly by several links provided online.

As we saw earlier that many of the users over the past few years reported the errors that they are experiencing while watching the episode of 9anime. Let’s check why people are experiencing this!

Why Is 9anime error 2006 found?

Well, error found is common nowadays, and it’s not a permanent issue to be bothered about. Read below to know why you are unable to access the 9anime server sometimes:

  1. Ad blockers think that the site’s stream are fake and block it, treating the stream as an ad.
  2. The browser you have been using may need to get updated because outdated browsers cause glitches and don’t allow anything to access. This can also be done by clearing cache and cookies. This may fix your issue.
  3. It’s also observed that while the sites are undergoing maintenance, you may find an error while watching the show, and this is a usual issue for many of the streaming sites, generally those who update anime without having distribution rights.

These may be the reasons for the error found, and now you may have got your answers to why is 9anime Not Working properly.


We said earlier that we would help you solve your problem, and here we are with the solution for you at the end. So, start implementing the solution given below to avoid this issue!

  1. Turn off your adblocker present at the right side on the top of your browser and click that option given. Now, click on the ad blocker and select the option remove from the browser given there. You need to wait to complete the process and restart your web. 
  2. Check the website’s server status as the site may be undergoing maintenance officially as many of the times officials had to do it to improve the website’s efficiency.
  3. Clear out the cache and cookies of your system and refresh it for efficient working of the site.

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