6 Things you Should Never Forget Before A Trip in 2022

Top 6 Things you Should Never Forget Before A Trip

6 Things you Should Never Forget Before A Trip: No matter how many checklists you make before you travel, you’re bound to forget something. It’s part of being human. 

However, there are some things that you just can’t miss when it comes to traveling. We’re talking about the bare essentials, as in you should always do this before a trip. 

Let’s dig in! 

  1. Double-check important documents 

When you’re abroad, your personal documents are the only things that can prove your identity if needed. Every country has its own policies, so it won’t hurt to do some research and find out which documents you must have while visiting. 

You should also always have a copy of your personal documents nearby. Here’s a list to help you cover your essentials: 

  • Passport and visa copies 
  • Driver’s license if you plan to drive there 
  • Copies of both sides of your credit cards in case they get stolen ● Transportation tickets and hotel/accommodation receipt 
  • Travel insurance 

Having copies will save you from a lot of trouble in case anything gets lost or stolen, which happens more often than you might think. 

  1. Get travel insurance 

Having some form of travel insurance is a must. It’s not just about the accidents and extreme cases but rather about getting proper care in a country with a different medical system. 

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can always check online (or with a travel agency) what kind of insurance fits your traveling style. 

And, as we mentioned, don’t forget to make copies of insurance documents and have them nearby. 

  1. Pack your gadgets, devices, and chargers! 

You’re probably bringing lots of gadgets on your trip. And all of them need a charger. Even if you only need one standard USB-C charger, make sure to bring extra cables.

The bigger aspect you need to think about here is adapters. Find out if the place you’re visiting uses the same outlets and plugs as your devices at home. If not, stack up on a few adapters before leaving. 

  1. Assemble a small first-aid kit 

One of the most overlooked things to pack is a first aid kit. Even something as simple as a bandaid can be a life-saver when you have a painful blister on your foot from too much walking. 

A travel first-aid kit doesn’t have to be big or complex. Some bandaids, NSAIDs, allergy medication if you need them, and basic hygiene gear. You can put your toothbrush and care products together with this kit for extra convenience. 

Keep in mind that airport checks don’t allow for some chemicals like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Only pack the essentials

  1. Make sure you’ll have safe wifi access where you’re going 

Being prepared also means keeping your devices safe. The wifi networks found at hotels or airports are often unencrypted and, therefore, can be a way for hackers to access your private information. 

Here are some important things to know when it comes to public wifi: 

  • Avoid open connections, even if they look legit 
  • Don’t leave your electronics out of sight if you are in a public space ● If you must connect to a public network, use a VPN, which will keep your data encrypted
  • Be extra careful around pop-up ads 
  1. Google your destination 

This may be the most important step. Getting to know your destination is key if you want to have a safe and memorable trip. You should also read up on other visitors’ experiences and what to look out for. 

If you plan on staying abroad longer, you can try finding a group of expats living in the country to help you out. 

Lastly, knowing how to contact the police or an ambulance in a foreign land is a must. 

Bon voyage 

Traveling is fun, even if it’s for business. Or at least it should be a pleasant experience. The first step to achieving that is to make sure you are safe and covered if something happens.

So, have copies of important documents (photos work as well), get travel insurance, pack chargers and adapters, protect your privacy on public wifi, and have a small first aid kit handy. 

Stay safe out there, and have a nice trip!

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