14minutes4me com {Nov} Treat Stress – Without Medicines!

14minutes4me com 2020

14minutes4me com {Nov} Treat Stress – Without Medicines! >> If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, want healings without medicine, read.

Depression is a state of mind where a person is not able to reason and is mentally disturbed. In the United Kingdom, the statistics say that around 19 % of the population suffers from depression at 16. The females suffer more depression, 22%, than males, which is 18 to 19 %.

Yoga is becoming famous worldwide to improve mental health and cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Before that, it is essential to realize your problems and symptoms to treat them. ‘14minutes4me com will help you to test yourself.

This article will tell you about a website that will offer you monthly help of 10 to 15 minutes to improve your health. You can also take a self-test to determine your issues and the level of it. Read the entire article to know about the website in detail. 

What is the 14minutes4me com?

The website offers a self-help program to help yourself eliminate stress, fatigue,  anxiety, and depression.

The website ‘14minutes4me com offers free tests based on a quiz with many questions regarding various situations to determine your stress and depression level. On an everyday basis, the specialized doctor will guide you for 14 to 15 minutes so that you can burn out all your depression.

What is a Self-help program?

In this program, the doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist will refer the patient to the website. Firstly the patient needs to take an online test to determine anxiety, stress, and depression.

The first week of the program on ‘14minutes4me com’ patient gets short theory lectures and information. The participants take a quiz daily for up to 2 weeks. In the second week of the program, the participant has to choose a module depending upon his wish.

The models consist of various topics like:

How to stop worrying, get rid of negative thoughts, increase self-confidence, reduce depression, handle anxiety, stop panic attacks, develop empathy, improve relationships, forgive, reduce work stress, learn to corporate, etc.

Symptoms available on the website:

You can find guidance on many symptoms that includes depression, anxiety, stress level, migraine, psychosomatic complaints, allergies, pain, borderline, diabetes, and autism. The participant can choose any of the above problems and get detailed information on ‘14minutes4me com.’

Duration of the program

The program is monthly as the doctor thinks that when a person knows that he has to access the program only for a month, then there are chances that he will take it more seriously. If the participant likes the plan, then he can further enroll.


The article’s final line is that it is a self-help program brought to the public by the United Kingdom doctors. The website is offering a solution to many problems and symptoms that people face in their daily life. 

You need not visit any specialist but can directly enroll in ‘14minutes4me com’ to get expert guidance daily for a month or more. The program is beneficial to get rid of mental stress and lead a healthy life.

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