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Zuinic Reviews {April 2020} Read Article Then Buy

Zuinic Website Reviews

Zuinic Reviews {April 2020} Read Article Then Buy -> In this article, you read about an online store of lifestyle-related products.

Everything that is needed to improve your lifestyle is available at Zuinic.

Have you heard about Zuinic Reviews? They are available all over the internet, and people are talking about the products of this company.

Currently, all the products are trending in the United State, but the company delivers the products worldwide. Here, you will get to read all the related information about this website like its specifications, advantages, customer reviews, etc.

Whenever you buy anything online, it becomes essential first to check the background of the website as not all the sites are genuine. Some people use this as a way to scam people and fetch money by making a fool out of them.

There are already many websites that are selling lifestyle items. In this blog, you will get to about the authenticity of this site. Is this site genuine? Or is it fooling people? Is Zuinic com legit or scam? Let us find out.

What is Zuinic? is an online store that sells all the lifestyle-related products, including toilet paper, bike armour jacket, 3D printing pen, etc.

It sounds a little bit odd to know that under the category of lifestyle label, this company is selling many items that have no relation to the lifestyle category. Many things are randomly posted. It also sells musical instruments like Ocarina.

The website does not mention any product categories. If anyone wishes to shop online for the first time, then it will be difficult for the person to view the products. It seems like very less attention has been given to the management of the website.

How to use Zuinic?

In case you are a regular online shopper then you how to use any shopping website. But if you are going to shop online for the first time, then this website might be a little confusing for you.

On the website, you will see a “catalogue” option on the right-hand side, and that is where you will be able to see all the products that are available on this online store. Once you click the option, all the products will be visible on the screen.

You can add the product to the card, make the payment, and wait for the order.

Specifications of Zuinic:

  • Website type- Lifestyle
  • Order processing time- 3 days
  • Delivery time- 7 days to 2 weeks
  • Cancellation- in 12 hours of placing the order
  • Returns- to be made in 7 days (shipping cost to be managed by the customer)
  • Refunds- 15 days
  • Exchange- Not applicable
  • Mode of payment- Online

Advantages of buying from Zuinic:

  • The products are made using good-quality material
  • You can return the item if you do not like it
  • You can get a refund
  • Delivery is fast as compared to other such sites in some countries

Where does Zuinic lack?

  • Shipping charge has to be made by the customer while returning the order
  • Delivery to some countries might take a lot of time
  • Not all the items can be returned
  • Order cancellation and return time provided are very less
  • It avails online payment only. You cannot pay by cash on delivery
  • Customer reviews are not available on the website

What are the customers saying about Zuinic?

The website has not mentioned any customer reviews or ratings. But all that we could find for you was from social media pages and other responses. As the website’s registration is of 2020 itself, it is challenging to depend on reviews from the buyers entirely.

Many customers have shared that even after 3-4 months have passed placing the order, there is no response from the company, and they did not receive anything. A few customers who received the item, it was of inferior quality. When asked for the refund, there was no response from the company.

Final Verdict

There are so many websites that get registered daily. Some are authentic and some fake. In the digital world, it has become complicated to identify what is truth and what is not. Same goes with the online sites, but still, there is a criterion through which we can determine if the particular website is genuine or not.

In this case, we cannot conclude anything as the website is not only newly registered, but the customer reviews are also of a mixed nature. Thus, we recommend our readers to ask someone in the network or on social media if anyone has bought anything from this website.

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    1. Well, I ordered my 24 pack of “Northen” on March 24 and it is still not here. They recently said my order was shipped. Each response from them has been a different email address, and now they are using 4 Chinese symbols which I guess are words over there. I realized the fallacy immediately when I noted the incorrect spelling of northern, so I cancelled immediately, but got no response for weeks until they said said they were backordered, duuh. PAYPAL was no help, and my account went haywire after the dispute, so I cancelled my PAYPAL account. Way to go PAYPAL!

    1. Paid additional to have my order 3 day shipped. I ordered March 29th . Today is 4/6/20 they still haven’t contacted me to tell me that my order is being sent I sent numerous messages no response don’t use this company!

  2. id an extra charge for SVIP Shipping (3 – 7 Days). Today is the end of the 7th day and I have yet to receive any form of communication from Zuinic other than the initial confirmation of my order on March 23rd. I have emailed numerous times to try and find out about shipping/tracking and have not had the courtesy of a reply. Not a good way to do business. I have contacted PayPal and and made a claim. They said that they have sent a message to Zuinic and are waiting for a reply. Needless to say I am very disappointed

  3. I have left emails trying to get my order with no response.I paid for expedited shipping and cant find there phone number anywhere . Plz advise!

  4. I ordered what I thought was “Northern ” tissue, but realized it was misspelled “Northen”. That seems suspicious so I canceled it within 12 hours as noted on the websute. We’ll see, but I’m not pleased at this point. Will update regularly, thumbs up or thumbs down. Paypal was of no help. All occurred on 4 1 2020, how appropriate! llive and learn

  5. Did an order on 3/29. Paid for “expidited” shipping (7 – 12 days). Emailed inquiry of status of order and email bounced back. Getting frustrated!

  6. On March 24, I ordered 30 rolls of Charmin Toilet paper. I paid extra to have the order shipped. I got a confirming e-mail saying my order was being prepared to ship and they would notify me when it shipped. I checked every day. When I ordered I paid extra 9.99 to get extra charge for SVIP Shipping (3 – 7 Days. In addition to the money for the paper. I processed through PayPal. Since it never was shipped I tried to contact the “contact us” info which said it was I e-mailed them along with the copy of my e-mail of conformation. I received no reply, and 4 days after sending I received e-mail saying what I sent was undeliverable. I got the message two times. I have made a dispute of the info with Paypal and it says it has contacted the business but they have until April 23 to respond. I don’t look to ever get this money returned or my product. I am angry.

  7. I placed an order on April 2nd, 2020 with an expected Standard Shipping (12-20 days). It is now 4/8/2020 and no information from Zuinic as to an expected shipping date. Tried to e-mail them,, but it was returned to me noting:Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    :Unable to deliver message after multiple retries, giving up. The label on the product was listed as “Northern”. Since some comments say it took them a much longer time to get their product I can wait a couple of more weeks.

  8. I also ordered toilet paper and was charged, probably from China. My bank is busy during this busy time but will file a complaint when this is over. Please everyone that ordered let me know. Thanks!!

    1. I ordered as well, got nothing, no replies to Email, order number can’t be checked. Charge appears as Yagood Technology (Hong Kong)

  9. Agree with everyone here. I noticed on the confirmation of payment there is a little box that says mark as delivered. It was automatically checked off. Upon further reading it said once delivered you can no longer track. Duh! We got scammed. No product is ever delivered. Another fake company with the same invoice type is Beet best. Same scam.

  10. Same here,I ordered March 24,2020 it’s April 13,2020 and still haven’t heard nothing from them,text them n pay pal n still nothing,got taken for a ride

  11. I also ordered on 4/2 and was told by confirmation that it will take 12 to 20 days to get the order…charge also came from Hong Kong…what have we donr?

  12. I also ordered on 4/2 and was told by confirmation that it will take 12 to 20 days to get the order…charge also came from Hong Kong…what have we donr?

  13. Order toilet tissue on 4-3-20. Received e mail stating out of stock and replenish and mail within 3 to 7 business day. As of April 27, have not received. I can’t locate a telephone number to call them. Should have none this is a scam.

  14. Same story for me. I wrote a threatening letter to call PayPal and posting negative comments on social media. Did get a response that said, “so sorry will ship in 5 -7 days” Don’t have to tell you what didn’t happen. Will notify PayPal.

  15. Guess what, I finally got my 24 pack or “Northen”. It was a tiny 6 pak of tissue rolled up with no center. What a scam, the attorney general should get these peole.

  16. After nearly four months I finally got my “24 pack of Northern.” On July 18th I received two tiny 12 packs of tissue rolled up with no center. I guess I was even more lucky than David P. What a scam!

  17. I got scammed as well received that joke of tissue paper rolled up like toilet paper that’s not charmin the 4 big packs, that’s called bait and switch and it’s illegal! Sent it to the return address and STILL DIDNT GET MY MONEY BACK!!! or anything else!! This is fraud straight up and this was when u went to the store and ALL THE TP WAS GONE even the cheap toilet paper was gone and desperation set in and I fell for the scam, PayPal needs to stand up and take responsibility for letting these scammers use their service to COMMIT FRAUD THAT IS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE! U can’t show a pic of toilet paper charmin 4 Big packs of the big rolls and send little tiny rolls of tissue paper for parties for toilet paper!!! So now they have my money and the tissue paper back! Me-nothing! FBI NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED AND GET THIS COMPANY AND SHUT THEM DOWN FROM DOING ANY BUSINESS AT ALL! Take all their money and ruin them for committing fraud, just guess how much they made from 50$ times hundreds of people and they didn’t deliver anything ! They are millionaire’s now off of fraud and PayPal was complicit to the fraud, bc U know they knew early and still let them use PayPal to commit fraud, I’m ashamed I still have my PayPal

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