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Zinnialive Website Review [June] – A Scam or Legit Site

Zinnialive Website Review 2020

Zinnialive Website Review [June] – A Scam or Legit Site -> In this article, you get to know about the online kitchen appliance availability.

What if you can get all the kitchen appliances in one place by sitting at home only? Well, yes, you have it through Zinnia Live.

Nowadays, everyone wishes to have a perfect kitchen with all the appliances available for their convenience. In today’s ongoing life, this is not a part of luxury; in fact, this is the need that everyone wants to fulfill. So, we are with Zinnialive Website Review to introduce you to the best kitchen appliances seller.

Zinnia Live Website is currently working from the United State and helping people purchase smart appliances for their kitchen.

This website is specially made to sell kitchen accessories like coffee makers, food processors, dishwashers, microwaves, stand mixers, and mini-refrigerators.

If you love to shop for various modern appliances for your kitchen, first read this whole blog to clarify all your doubts regarding the Zinnialive Website.

What is Zinnialive?

Zinnialive is a web store dealing with all kitchen appliances and provides you all the kinds of products you desire for your modular kitchen.

With these growing technologies, everyone wants to take advantage of it and make their life comfortable.

We know that it is tough to go outside to shop for your kitchen, and even if you planned to go, you would not find everything in one place, and sometimes, you forget also. But with the help of this website, you can easily purchase all the kitchen stuff in one place by sitting at your home.

Is Zinnialive legit?

Nowadays, numerous new online stores are professing to sell different things on an immense discount or at a more significant price, yet the greater part of them are tricks.

Zinnialive is a new website that is just started in 2020 and providing the customers there information like email id, policies and also offering free shipping.

But, it is advisable to avoid the new online stores or if nothing else do some examination before you buy something from the new online stores.

What is unique about Zinnialive?

When you go through this website, you will find out that they are providing modern appliances for the kitchen, which are generally not so common.

In other websites, you will get only one type of design or brand of each appliance, but in this site, you will get plenty of options like various models and various brands for every product.

That’s is the reason why Zinnialive is unique and familiarise you with the best.

Specifications of Zinnialive:

  • Product- Kitchen appliances
  • Website-
  • Email id-
  • Address- not specified
  • Shipping policy- inside 24- 48 hours
  • Delivery time- within 2- 5 business days
  • Exchange- Available
  • Return- within 45 days of purchase
  • Refund- within 14 days of return
  • Mode of payment- Credit card/ Bank transfer/ Western union

Pros of Zinnialive:

  • You will get the fast and timely delivery of the product.
  • Option to return and exchange the product is available.
  • The shipping on the products is free, and return shipping is also free.
  • Provide you the best quality kitchen appliances.

Cons of Zinnialive:

  • The contact details of the company is not fully mentioned.
  • The option of COD is not available.
  • There is no availability of any online reviews.

Customer Reviews:

From this website, we have not found any customer reviews and also not from any other sites. The non-attendance of the “About Us” page makes a doubt in the mind of peoples.

Also, there is no proper details about the contact details of the company, such as its office address and contact no. We cannot find any social network presence, which is also the reason for the lack of customer trust on the website.

Hence, we can say that the website does not contain the validity of an official site and lacks the trust of the customers and creating doubts in their minds.

Final Verdict:

Due to the absence of all valid details on the website, such as contact details, policies, and no customer reviews, there is a doubt on the genuineness of the website.

The website is new, which is usually a bad sign as we have found that some of the reviews on the website are older than the homepage itself, which is the indication that it is not a legitimate website.

Thus, we request our pursuers to do not to order anything from Zinnialive Website as the site is a fraudulent online store.

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  1. This website is a SCAM . I placed an order for 19.88 and was charged 88.00 My credit co declined and called me.

  2. Thank you so much, Abigail, your input into this matter is really appreciated! I came across Zinnia while searching the Marketplace on Facebook, can’t deny, I was very tempted…very good products…however, that was exactly what bothered me…too good to be true…After reading your article…I stay away…with sadness…
    Thanks and regards, Sandra

  3. it’s totally fake/scam. look up and you will see that Zinnia Live is from and so is the contact for zinnia.

  4. I got scammed but this site. I order a stand mixer around 9.9US. THEY deducted around 100USD to my account. It is

  5. I ordered something yesterday and was instructed I could only use MasterCard. Thus, I used my debit card for $8.99 for a “great bargain” appliance with “free shipping.”

    Within a short time I got a FRAUD ALERT on the use of my card.


    Two fraudulent transactions of about $90 each were denied thankfully!!

  6. Zinniavlie is a scam!!! I put in an order for a stand kitchen mixer that was supposed to be 9.89. They changed me 89.98!!!!

  7. Thank you for your article on It likely saved me much money because I was about to get scammed.

  8. It’s too late for me, cause l ordered the mixer online on May 6 . The progress of delivery is slow but since the pandemic happened and the lockdown it’s understandable. They sent me a tracking number and was checking it on a weekly basis . On June 12 when I checked the tracking number it says merchandise was returned to Vietnam?

    Now l don’t have a way of asking them my money back since they don’t have a customer service number to call or a website to write them.

  9. This website is a scam. I ordered the mixer for 9.98 and was charged over 97.00. Since that order, over $2000 has been charged to my credit card but was declined. Thank goodness my credit card company was on top of it. The fraud division is looking into this company. Stay away from this website.!!!

  10. Just like what they did to me, it was only 1K plus but they credit 4k plus. But no product recieved yet . Purchased June 8 until now no delivery or any tracking in my order. May I ask for your help, did you receive your order? Did they return your payment, did they reverse it? Thank you and keep safe. Please help!

  11. Ik heb op 02-06-2020 een stand mixer.
    Toen de prijs was 9,95$.
    Ze hebben i.p.v 94,95$ van mijn kredit card gepakt.
    Ik hen nog steeds mijn bestelling niet thuis gekregen. Ik kan ook niet contact oo nemen en vragen waarom dit orijs en waar is mijn order.
    Als ik inlogd , zie ik dat ze hebben opgestuurd en op 31-07 is in nederland gearriveerd.
    Ik vind het heel jammer

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