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YouTube Channel From Scratch – YouTube opens up a great variety of opportunities for business promotion and personal goals. It’s no secret that the first  followers are the most difficult. Until you gain first views, YouTube algorithms cannot determine the exact audience having an interest in your content. Moreover, we cannot enable to monetize our videos, YouTube isn’t interested in their promotion, and development is much slower. In this article, we will consider what specific skills you need to learn in order to achieve good results in the promotion.

How to prepare a channel before promotion?

First, you need to design the channel’s appearance and clearly indicate a specific topic. It should contain some videos for people to have something to interact with.

Use serial content and shoot  mini-courses that consist of several parts. Such video division will allow persons to be involved in the channel more deeply.

Use crossover content and reorient the audience from one video to another. YouTube likes channels with the highest audience involvement. The more time a person spends on the channel, the better YouTube promotes it in the future.

The fastest way to increase the number of indicators is to buy real YouTube subscribers, likes, comments. This will create a social proof effect and increase the level of loyalty and trust in the channel. Moreover, the process of natural scaling of the video will be launched; people tend to focus on where there is popularity.

How to get first views on the channel?

On YouTube, there are already authors on which the target audience is focused. We need to declare ourselves in these places with the help of comments. Comments should be interesting to get more likes and rise to the top. They should not contradict the author but supplement him. It should reflect your expertise in certain issues. 

For promotion, order the advertisements in thematic chats, forums, communities. In advertising posts, you need to promote a specific video, then there are more chances that people will be involved and will watch others.

The search engine optimization method complements all the previous ones and it should be used on every video. You need to understand the principles of YouTube algorithms and help them promote your videos for key search queries. This allows the channel to grow continuously. You need to write a title that reflects the search query, make a bright cover, and generate tags optimized for search queries.

As soon as the function to monetize videos on YouTube becomes available to you, you should enable it. In the first place, you’ll get profit. Secondly, YouTube will better promote your videos.

In order to gain the first subscribers on YouTube, we must give an incentive in the form of external traffic: to buy YouTube subscribers, to leave attractive comments on competitors’ channels, to advertise videos on thematic platforms, groups,  forums, and also promote using high-quality content and video optimization. Despite the fact that YouTube promotion is a work for distance, the maximum good start is important to be set.

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