Online Websites Reviews Scam [May] Is It Scam or Not? Scam 2020 Scam [May] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, we would introduce you to a website that is working to form a reliable and robust customer base.

Have you ever used a transport service before? The demand for essential & non-essential goods is increasing every day. With this high demand, the supply also has to be on time and so we need a transportation service.

Transportation service will deliver the products to the companies on time and will transport the goods from the manufacturer to the retailer.

In this review, we would be talking about Dot services are a renowned company used for transportation purposes. Every company needs a transport service to deliver their inventory from manufacturer to retailer or from garage to the store.

The DOT Company was founded by a group effort of IT Experts to contribute to the trucking industry with a whole new and automated experience. When selecting an employee, the person has to go through a series of tests, and only he will be admitted as a member.

The company operates in United State.

This company is a subsidiary of the DOT Compliance Group. 

Let’s take you further to know if Scam? Or Legit? 

What is

Dot Services is a company that is a subsidiary of the DOT Compliance Group. Some IT Experts founded this company to make the whole trucking experience new and automated.

This company works with coordination with DOT Compliance to making the whole employee base secure and reliable.

There are many tests that this company runs to make the whole experience secure and employee base reliable. The company offers tests like Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium, Drug and Alcohol Superior Testing, Unified Carrier Registration. These three tests are basically for the trucking companies to ensure their employees are reliable and secure.

During these tests, if any employee tests negative, he will be immediately removed from the position. 

Now, you must be wondering, How do all this work? Is it necessary for every employee? How is an individual added to the DOT Compliance Group?

Let us move further to clear all your doubts.

Specifications of

  • The website provides multiple tests for the employees.
  • It is a compulsory process for all employees.
  • Fines and detention are imposed if employees do not undergo these compulsory tests and training.
  • Employees are granted a certificate after completion of tests & training.
  • Telephone number – 855-368-7233

Is Dot service a legit company?

Dot Services is a subsidiary company of already existing and renowned company DOT Compliance.

The company was formed to help the leading company with better and proper functioning.

This company conducts several tests that grade an employee on several bases. The employees need to go through several tests to be admitted to the organization. Also, the positive testing of these testes eliminates the risk of detention on penalties.

Also, as this company is a part of a leading and renowned company, it is legit.

Concluding it, we would say that the website and the services is legit. And the company is setting an excellent base to mark the employees.

Advantages of DOT Services

  • It helps in maintaining a secure and reliable customer base.
  • The company offers a process of testing and training for the employees.
  • All the process helps in forming a reliable customer base.
  • Online training can be restarted/ resumed, stopped at any point. 
  • The website has a Spanish version as well.

Disadvantages of DOT Services

  • It only works for the parent company. 
  • Not an independent company.
  • A third party website
  • The company recommends course refreshments for all employees every five years.

What are the customers saying about the website?

Customers of this website are its employees itself. The company provides several testing and training for the employees. The soul perspective of this is to create the reliable and stable customer base.

The employees have to go through several processes to be a part of the company.

Also, if any employee is tested negative or could not complete the testing, he will be expelled and will not receive the certificate.

Concluding it, the customers are satisfied and confident through the processes they have to go through to be a reliable employee. 

Final Verdict

Dot Services have the qualities of a good website. 

It has laid down all the instructions and protocols clearly for its customers. 

It provides multiple testing and training options for its employees to make them confident and have reliable employee support. 

Thus, the website is working for the good of its employees and is legit.

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