Wisp Broom Reviews [August 2020] Is It Legit Or Scam?

Wisp Broom Reviews

Wisp Broom Reviews [August 2020] Is It Legit Or Scam? >> Looking for an easy solution for cleaning your home of dog hair, then read reviews here.

Do you have pets and their hair difficult to broom out of the floor or the rugs? Then head out to the Wisp Broom website! 

Suppose you are tired of obsessively cleaning and still seeing your pet’s hair on the sofa, rugs, and even the kitchen floor. Then you may have tried multiple cleaning products!

Its official site supplies one such cleaning product is the Wisp broom. If you haven’t heard about it, then you must read this Wisp Broom Reviews

The website has been in action for a long time and still produces it out of the United States

Read this review to find out what else apart from the broom being sold on the site.

What is Wisp Broom? 

The wisp broom website sells the sweeping brooms, cleaning systems, and hand cleaning products. Their main aim is to change the way you clean your homes.

This website is informative and tells you a lot about its creator Eben Dobson created his invention and set up the company in 2012.

The Wisp Broom Reviews tells you that designs of all the products were made to be ergonomic, light in weight, and extremely useful.

They are perfect for all those who cannot stand dirt, hair, or any other kind of mess in their houses. The website is clean and minimal yet informative and mentions of all products being patented.

Wisp Broom website provides product descriptions in the form of videos as well as in the written form. This information will give any new customer clarity.

It has a valid HTTPS connection, making sure all the customer information is safe and secure from third-party attacks.

Specifications of the Wisp Broom website:

  • Products- cleaning brooms and cleaning sets for homes 
  • Website- https://www.thewisp.com/
  • Email- support@thewisp.com
  • Phone number- not provided 
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- you will find out once the address is filled out. 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned. 
  • Returns- are required to be made within 30 days from the delivery day. 
  • Exchange- possible only if the product is damaged or defective
  • Refunds- if applicable, paid back on the method used for payment. 
  • Online Payment- only via shopPay or PayPal 

Pros of the Wisp Broom

  • The website has an HTTPS connection
  • The site delivers all the products out of United States
  • Secure online payments can be made on the website
  • All the products on the site are patented
  • The website provides informative videos about product usage

Cons of the Wisp Broom

  • The prices are too high for simple broom sets
  • They only deliver within the United States currently
  • There are no shipping details mentioned on the site
  • Customer will be responsible for return shipping payments
  • Similar products are available in the market

Is the Wisp Broom legit or a scam? 

The website’s analysis in this Wisp Broom Reviews will tell you that creator set up the website in 2012. 

The about us section of this site provides precise details about the vision of its creator. It also mentions an interesting background story of how he came up with it while playing golf. 

There are also multiple reviews of the products by the site on tv shows like good morning America and even online daily like the Huffington Post.

However, there is no shipping details section, which is confusing, but apart from this, the website is entirely legitimate.

There is no indication of the site being a scam, mainly because it has an HTTPS connection and multiple reviews.

What are the customers saying about the Wisp Broom?

Most customers in the United States have given the Wisp Broom website and its products a 4- or 5-star rating!

They comment about the brooms being able to pick up anything and working pretty well. It is pretty easy to use and get maximum cleaning out of they say.

There are some that have given the products on the site a 2-star rating and complain of the handle breaking just after a month of its purchase.

The commenter further mentions the adjustment knob, too failing to function, and that was a disappointment.

Final Verdict- 

To conclude, it can be said the website is not a scam and safe to make a purchase from.

The products, albeit expensive, will be worth the purchase, and that can be said by reading the multiple Wisp Broom Reviews that boast of their convenience online.

Therefore, you must purchase the cleaning brooms for this site!

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