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Wic Boom UK Face Masks [June] Is It Worthy Or Not?

Wic Boom UK Face Masks 2020

Wic Boom UK Face Masks [June] Is It Worthy Or Not? -> In this article, you got to know about a website that serves safety through masks.

Are you in search of a solution that safeguards you from the infections? We have complete details about Wic Boom UK Face Masks that might prove very useful for you.

As we look around, we come across news of increasing pollution. It can be considered an essential factor in a growing number of diseases. People try all remedies to protect themselves.

Even in places like the united kingdom, medical reports reveal a considerable increase in the level of diseases like breathing problems, allergies, etc. Isn’t it better to take precautions rather than curing a problem when it turns into a condition?

Masks are the “all-time solutions” for such problems. They do not entirely stop the person from intaking infections, but it reduces the content to a great extent. 

Let us find more about Wic Boom UK Face Masksand see to what extent it proves to be a 

help for people who are planning to buy masks from this website.

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What are Wic Boom UK Face Masks?

Wicboom is an online store that has been reported to enter the market recently. The company claims to serve related medical products to the visitors of the website. The website displays products like masks, medical gloves, thermometers, virus goggles, safety, protective goggles, etc.

The brand claims to serve the best for people who make purchases from the website. Let’s dive into the depths of the information about the site and reveal fascinating facts.

Specifications of Wic Boom UK Face Masks:

  • Website URL: products: Face Masks, Protective pieces of equipment, and Thermometer.
  • Shipping time: All orders are shipped every day and can be reached in 7 – 15 days.
  • Shipping charges: No information given.
  • Return: The product can be returned within seven days after the order is received. The performance will only be accepted if there is any quality issue.
  • Exchange: No information given.
  • Refund: No information is given.
  • Payment: No information is given.
  • Email:
  • Skype Id: .cid.30cc9e615d28bf18

Pros of Wic Boom UK Face Masks:

  • You can find all the protective types of equipment that you need to stay safe and healthy.
  • All the products are quite cheap and worth investing in.
  • The company delivers the order very quickly.
  • The website is certified and authenticated. Your data stays safe on the site.

Cons of Wic Boom UK Face Masks:

  • The company has not provided any information about its whereabouts.
  • No cancellation, exchange, or refund policy has been disclosed.
  • The website has not been managed professionally.
  • There are very fewer categories of products.
  • The company has not provided any contact details for their customers.
  • The brand is not available on social media.
  • Payment methods have not been disclosed.

Customer reviews about Wic Boom UK Face Masks:

A website comes into consideration once it starts rendering excellent quality services. But still, the age of the site is the most critical factor. People consider this factor before planning to buy anything from that website.

Since the website is not too old, it has no customer reviews. Not only on the website, but we also could not find customer reviews on other sites. This raises a question against the customer base of the website.

Final verdict:

The website has recently stepped into the market. Not many customer reviews could be found around many sources we searched on. The site claims to have a few certifications like FDA and CE. But this should not be the sole factor enough to rely on making purchases. 

The website has no social media presence. Also, the website does not give any description of itself in the “about us” section. Moreover, the site does not claim to have security systems to protect the personal information of the customers.

There is another fact that left us in a chain of thoughts. It is, the website does not reveal any information about the people who take the responsibility of the website. Wh have no information about the person who takes ownership of the brand.

These are a few points that do not allow the readers to recommend the website. Every small aspect should be taken care of before investing money in any website.

However, if any among the readers have ever been a customer of the website, kindly share your feedback.

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  1. Chinese mafia are making fortunes out if the corona virus by creating websites and advertising high price in demand items and of course never sending the items. The website disappears and another takes its place.
    At the present time i would recommend that you do not buy anything from a website that is less than six months old and if you are tempted simply type in google “is this website safe” and it will show if unsafe

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