Who Pcr Testing Change {Jan} Let’s know the details

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Who Pcr Testing Change {Jan} Let’s know the details -> Do you want to know about the test detection of SARS-COV-2? Please read our article and collect the details.

Who Pcr Testing Change – Are you aware of it? WHO has provided an urgent information notice for all IVD users. Today, we will discuss it out in detail. In the United States and Canada, people have been browsing about it for the past few days. 

As we all know, SARS -COV -2 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome that is now spreading worldwide. To check out its detection, WHO has recommend this test. Do read the article till last to get well aware about this testing.

What is Who Pcr Testing Change?

After the spread of COVID -19 , the new virus has become a major concern for people. To detect the SARS – COV – 2, WHO has decided to use nucleic acid testing technology that works on a polymerase chain reaction. The testing details updated by WHO focuses on professionals of the laboratory and users of IVD. This notice was published by WHO on 14 December 2020. The purpose behind the information is to inform all the users of IVD to follow the instructions provided by IFU while testing the specimens done by using Pcr.

Who Pcr Testing Change has brought a significant turn in diagnosing severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2. In the United States and Canada, it has been spreading a lot. Let’s know what problems have been faced while doing Pcr Testing.

What problem has occurred with the testing?

The interpretation of the result of testing needs changes. There is an inverse relationship between the load of the virus with which a patient is suffering and a threshold cycle required in the detection of SARS- COV – 2. But the results of the test do not show the same relation as given by clinical presentation. So, there is a need to bring change in Nuclear Acid Testing. With the Who Pcr Testing Change again, some new specimens should be taken and tested.

Moreover, it has been given a reminder to all the users of IVD that they must know that as the disease will prevail in the area, the predicted value of the results will change accordingly, which means that the chance that a person has SARS- COV-2 will decrease with the decrease of its prevalence.


Concluding our article, we tried to discuss the WHO’s updates regarding the testing of a new strain of coronavirus. By examining the Who Pcr Testing Change, we came to know about the dependency of various factors resulting in SARS – COV- 2. The NAT technology is making use of Pcr to conduct the testing. 

WHO has informed all the users of IVD to work as per the IFU. Only then will they be able to know if manufacturers recommend any adjustment in the PCR positivity threshold or not. IVD should have an eye on all the latest updates of IFU. If any update mention in the guidelines is not explicit, then IVD users must contact the representatives to get the details. So, all the IVD users have to be very careful.

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