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Whitiedesire com Reviews [Sep] Decide It Is a Scam Site

Whitiedesire com Reviews

Whitiedesire com Reviews [Sep] Decide It Is a Scam Site -> This article will read all the details of the shopping website selling Halloween theme-based masks and costumes.

Hello!! People. Looking for realistic Halloween costumes? Thinking of keeping it a bit different this time? Well, go online and check, check the incredible collection, and read Whitiedesire com Reviews to have the surety of the costumes’ quality.

This shopping website is currently becoming the favorite of all those party animals in the United States. Now, it’s your turn, get your costume for the day.

But wait for a second, what about the security of your money? It’s better to check for safety than regretting later. You should cross-verify all the things before placing an order.

Let’s have a look at some more detailing.

What is is an online shopping site that provides excellent services to its consumers and deals mainly in Halloween masks and costumes. This shopping store helps its users to get the best outfits for their Halloween events within their low-cost budget.

You can also refer to Whitiedesire com Reviews to see if any previous customer has posted the original picture on delivery to ensure the product’s quality. Well, the customers can also grab the benefit of free shipping on all the orders above $49, even in the United States too.


  • Type of the website: shopping store dealing mainly in Halloween costumes and masks
  • Processing time: 1-3 working days
  • Expected delivery time: 6-15 days of placement
  • Shipping cost: $6.99 on the orders below $39.99
  • Express shipping cost: $12.99
  • Return: offers a 30-day return policy
  • Refund: offers a full refund
  • Return customer service mail id:
  • Company’s name: Meledo Company Limited
  • Company’s mail address: service@ywcsym.xyzCompany’s permanent location: 107-111 Fleet Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, EC4A 2AB
  • Domain age: three months 28 days
  • Payment method: visa, American Express, PayPal, MasterCard

Pros of ordering costumes from

  • This online store provides ultimately realistic Halloween masks to get the attention of everyone in a Halloween party.
  • The shopping website offers all the fashion collections at an affordable range.
  • The site provides the fastest deliveries in different corners of the world.

Cons of ordering costumes from

  • The information on this online shopping site is quite confusing. It has mentioned free shipping on orders above $49 on the home page and has mentioned the same offer on orders above $39.99 in a different section.
  • There is something wrong with the social media pages as the users find it difficult to open them to read online Whitiedesire com Reviews.
  • The shopping website has a short domain age or approximately three months 28 days, and the online stores with a domain age less than six months are not considered to be completely reliable.
  • has no reviews on the internet, which makes the site’s legitimacy a bit suspicious.
  • This e-commerce store doesn’t allow the customers to get their items exchanged within the same purchase i.e.; the user has to make a separate purchase in case of an exchange of order.

Is legit?

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, online buyers should also keep it safe and check everything to be sure of the site’s legitimacy before getting their order placed.

Well, we have checked every web page related to and got to know that the shopping website has a very short domain age and probably low traffic volume.

Moreover, we couldn’t find any significant information on searching for Whitiedesire com Reviews on the internet. And most importantly, the misguiding information regarding free shipping is making us believe that the site is a complete fraud.   

What are the customers saying about

No facts and no research can convince an online shopper better than the genuine reviews from the old customers who have already used the products. So, we thought to analyze all the online reviews and gather information for our readers.

However, unfortunately, we couldn’t get to read even a single feedback comment in the Whitiedesire com Reviews section of this online store.

Final verdict

Looking at whatever information was available on the internet, we do not recommend shopping from this shopping store. 

This website has no sufficient information, no reviews, no particularity in the shipping policies. Moreover, the site has a very short life expectancy, which is the most significant reason for not trusting the site. So, according to us, buyers should stay away from such scam websites.

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  1. I came to this conclusion also. I ordered three weeks ago through their website via PayPal and, after an initial confirmation email, I have not received a shipping order or tracking number and after multiple emails I have heard nothing from them. I hope I learn from this experience, don’t understand why people have to be so devious.

  2. I ordered one on the 12th of sep through paypal so im good as far as getting my money back…we will see if i get it before 15 days.

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