Wellathome com {Oct} Read-Medical Kits For Old People!

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Wellathome Com {Oct} Read-Medical Kits For Old People! >> If you are above 65 & want to prevent yourself from the coronavirus and the flu, read the review.

Do you know how dangerous is the coronavirus if not treated on time? Are you aware that older adults are at maximum risk? Do you know the importance of diagnosing the virus on time?

If you are aware of the coronavirus’s ill-effects and the importance of diagnosing it, what are you waiting for to read this article? If you live in the United States and are above the age of 65, then read this article entirely as it can help you prevent from corona infection. 

The article is on ‘Wellathome com,’ a website offering a program where you can participate and avail of a home care kit. In this kit, you will be able to self diagnose the corona at home and take the precaution necessary on time.

What is Wellathome com?

Wellathome is a website running a program for all the people above the age of 65 and is valid until May 2021. For now, the program is right only for these people and not their spouses who are below 65.  

You can participate in the program by signing up on ‘Wellathome com,’ and you need an active mail address and contact number for proper communication. 

What is the process of participating and avail the kit?

To apply for the program, make an account on the website, and if you pass all the criteria, the company will send you a kit. The kit is of great importance as it will help in early diagnosis of the problem and help you start the treatment on time. The kit consists of the following:

  • A thermometer
  • A box of oseltamivir or tamiflu
  • Covid 19 test kit for home
  • Helpline number to contact the doctors of ‘Wellathome com.’ 

When to contact the doctor?

If you come across any of the symptoms related to flu-like body aches, cough, cold, or fever, you can contact the doctor whose number is in the kit or call on this number 8333210383. The service is available from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. only.

You can further discuss the symptoms with the doctor and use the self-test kit. After taking the sample, you have to ship the sample piece to the laboratory, and you will get the results within 2-3 days. The website ‘Wellathome com helps start the treatment at the right time and get the right advice. 

What is the role of oseltamivir?

Oseltamivir is a medicine that will cross the attack of the virus on your body. It will take less than 48 hours to reverse the virus’s effect and help you recover faster from the flu symptoms. It is an antiviral medicine and might have side-effects like nausea, vomiting, and headache.

The medicine is not a substitute for the vaccine or the flu shots but a quick remedy to start the treatment soon.


The website ‘Wellathome com’ runs a program for people above 65 who are at higher risk of corona and the flu. The program is essential to diagnose the symptoms on time and start the treatment. 

The team of doctors is available from morning till evening, and you can ask for their advice. Also, in severe cases, you can take the help of the Tamiflu as well. Thus, we ask all the people of the United States above 65 to register for the program.


  1. I am responding to a letter I received from United Healthcare my insurance company asking for the free Covid 19 test kit. Hope you will send me one I am in a senior assisted living facility. Thank you

  2. This is a great idea and I have to say the best thing I have heard that is pro health. I was a a biology and chemistry now I’m 76 and wish I could still teach.!

  3. I am already a member of United Health Care. Having said that, 1 – Since they already know my age , why don’t they automatically sign me up, I am constantly being flooded with new .coms all requiring more and constant changing passwords. and 2- I am suspicious of any program offering something for nothing and then requiring my email address.. So what else is going to be involved? Am I going to be subjected to numerous advertisements and other health sites or required/reminded to take other “Wellness” programs. , 3- Will I still be able to consult and use with my primary physician?. 4-If used and found to be negative , will I receive another testing kit?

  4. This is a joke. I have tried numerous times to sign in, can only get so far. Keep getting the message Sorry, doesn’t match our records.
    Despite the fact all my info was correct.
    Called the help number twice, the first time held for over an hour. Michelle was going to investigate, never heard. Called again, another long wait, spoke to Serena, who was going to refer case to her supervisor. That was last week. Have heard nothing and still can’t log in.

  5. I have been trying to register to this service, and every time I did I had to stop at getting the security code !
    The reason is that I DO NOT have a cell phone to receive the code on !
    Can you please do something about it.
    Isam Awad
    HOME Phone 425-745-4181

  6. I have tried to fill in the form on the website, but it will not let me fill in the date of birth. Please let me know what to do about this.

    Beverly Moberg

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