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Weddingstar Face Mask Reviews [June] Is It Scam or Not?

Weddingstar Face Mask Reviews

Weddingstar Face Mask Reviews [June] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, you will get to know about the varieties and features of the face mask available.

Are you tired of using those boring black face mask? Do you want to look stylish even while wearing a mask? Try a stylish Weddingstar face mask, which is available in a lot of designs and colors.

Nowadays, face masks have become an essential part of life. It has also been announced as mandatory in most countries by their government to use it.

Read this article for Weddingstar Face Mask Reviews.

Weddingstar is a Canada based website that delivers its products all over the world.

What is Weddingstar?

Weddingstar Canadais an internationally recognized leader in the wedding Industry. It provides a variety of wedding stuff like wedding décor, personalized gifts, stationery, etc. They ship their product internationally except for countries like Russia, Ghana, and Guam.

Recently they have launched a new line of fashionable face mask, which is available in different prints and designs.

These masks are washable, reusable, and adjustable. The company claims to use carbon filter technology in its mask for better protection of the customers.

The site also provides bulk orders in which the minimum quantity is 50 masks per design. It also provides a customized mask, which can include highly stylized printing, company logos, or any other embroidery; the minimum order quantity is 500 masks per design.

The customer can fill in the required details in the form given on the website, and the company will reply in 1 business day.

Weddingstar also has a line of facemask accessories both for kids and adults like protective mask filters and protective face mask travel bags available in a lot of color options.

Specifications of Weddingstar

  • Product: Face mask
  • Company Name: Weddingstar
  • Email ID:
  • Customization is available in face mask
  • Accessories of Face Mask: Protective mask filters, protective Face Mask Travel Bags, Face Mask headbands for ear relief, Face Mask Extender Straps
  • These masks are available for both adults and kids
  • These Face masks are available in different prints and aesthetics
  • Colors Available: These are available in a lot of different colors.
  • Technology Used: Carbon Filter technology
  • Shipping: All over the world
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal

Pros of Weddingstar

  • A Live chat option is also available on the website.
  • They deliver their products all over the world except Russia, Guam, Ghana.
  • Free Shipping is available under promotion only.
  • They also provide paid shipping insurance for their products like glassware etc. for the customers.
  • The customers can also avail of the service for paid damage coverage.
  • They provide discounts on the purchase of bulk purchases.

Cons of Weddingstar

  • While making a return, customers have to pay for the processing and shipping fees.
  • They don’t return perishable items like food or candy, decoration products like pompom and candles, personalized items, and products that have been opened by the customer.
  • The ownership of the company is not disclosed.
  • The Address of the company is not provided.

Customer Feedback on Weddingstar Face mask

There is a lot of positive customer feedback online for the weddingstar Face Mask. People like the quality of the face mask.

According to customers from all over the world, the face mask looks great and fits perfectly. They have adjustable ear string loops and fine quality extender straps.

Also, the mask is perfectly sized, and they have space for a perfect fit in the filter pocket.

Even some customers have all words of praise for the face mask that these do not fog their glasses and do not cause problems with their asthma.

The delivery of the face mask is fast, and customers receive it before their expected time of delivery.

Though there is some negative feedback also by the customers, that the kids face mask does not fit perfectly.

Final verdict

Weddingstar Face Mask Reviews are positive, and the company is internationally accepted. The company has given proper contact details though the company address is not provided on the website.

The company has given FAQ’s on the website, clearing all the doubts of the customer from about the company, pricing, discounts, shipping, and payment.

The Website also has a separate section for wholesalers or online partnerships. People can connect and order face masks and other products in bulk by filling a form given on the website.

As there are a lot of positive reviews by the customers and the rating of the weddingstar website is also good. People can buy a face mask and other wedding merchandise from this site.

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