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Wearlively Bra Reviews {June} Is This A Scam or Legit?

Wearlively Bra Reviews 2020

Wearlively Bra Reviews {June} Is This A Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to read about an online site that sells bras, undies, and other items for women at an affordable price.

Are you looking for a fantastic website that sells stylish lingerie? Let’s check the collection bucket of Wearlively.

Some Wearlively Bra reviews on the internet say that the site is trendy, and the customers love their products.

Currently, Wearlively is quite popular in the United State. But is this site worth the money? Is it safe to buy from this site, or you need to find an alternative?

In this review, we will share all the essential details about the website that a customer should know before paying a penny from his pocket. You will read about the specifications, Pros, Cons, customer reviews, and the frequently asked question- is Wearlively Bras legit or a scam?

What is Wearlively?

 Wearlively sells bras, undies, and other items for women. You will find different things like a variety of bras, panties, swimwear, and bodysuits. In Fragrance, you will find a rollerball, a candle, and other items too. In cool things, you will see all about crew uniform ranges from the cropped hoodie, the crew sweatshirt, the hustle socks, and the travel pouch, so chic headband and other items.

If you are a woman who loves to shop for trendy items, this site will give you a wide variety of Wearlively Bras that make you feel highly stylish and comfortable. Add liveliness to your bra wardrobe with a vast range of collections.

So, if you are willing to purchase the latest designs at a reasonable price, this site is the best option, but before you invest anything from your pocket, read this complete review until the end and find a reality about it.

Specifications of Wearlively:

  • Product- Lingerie and other items for women
  • Website-
  • Shipping fee- Free for US ($40 or more), priority shipping via FedEx for a fee.
  • Delivery time- 7 to 10 days
  • Return- within 30 days, (on few items)
  • Exchange- Not possible as of now
  • Refund- Available on few
  • Mode of payment- Not mentioned
  • Address- Not Mentioned
  • Contact Number- 855.532.2810
  • Email-

Is Wearlively com Legit?

As per the information available on the internet, it is working for the last couple of years. The site does not share address information, but an email id and contact number are available for customer support. But according to one of the customers, she receives a similar response “no one is available to take her call,” she gets a text and an email. This shows something is fishy about this site.

The site does not seem legit concerning other information that is available on the website. The site already knows its prospective buyer as in the market from the last few years. Let’s check out the pros and cons, what  Wearlively Bra Reviews have to say.

Pros of buying from Wearlively:

  • All the latest and trendy items are available
  • Images seems original
  • Prices are reasonable
  • Discounts are available
  • Refund is available

Cons of buying from Wearlively:

  • Exchange is allowed on a few items
  • Address is not mentioned on the site
  • Exchange is not possible

What are the customers saying about Wearlively?

There are many customer reviews available on the internet about Wearlively Bras; some are positive, and some are negative. Hence, we have tried our best to summarize them for you that we gathered from other consumer sites.

A lot of customers say that they haven’t received any of the items nor refund. Some of them received a smaller size, uncomfortable and scratchy pieces as well. One customer received only five things out of seven in a box, which was also not sealed.

According to one customer, she refunded most of the order and received only 70% of what she owed to them. This is highly unprofessional for someone who is already in the market for the past few years.

But this was not the case with everyone; only a few customers are satisfied with their services. According to them, the items they have received are pretty comfortable and cozy.


Final Verdict

 The company that is in the online market from the last couple of years but neither shares an address on its website nor the contact number resolve its customer’s problems, can’t be legit. As there many unsatisfied customers, who have lost their hard-earned money, received cheap and improper quality of items. The company that behaves in an unprofessional manner can be genuine. 

One of the customers even says that instead of calling them, again and again, she receives the same response that no one is available. The company that does not care about its customer even in this competitive world seems a scam.


We suggest that our readers think twice before giving a go-ahead and making a purchase from this site as it seems not legitimate

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