Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam (Nov) Facts!

Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam 2020
Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam (Nov) Facts! >> The post is to update the settlement members about the checks’ legitimacy and prevent them from getting duped.   

Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam: Many action viewers have received a settlement cheque recently in their mail from Waldrup Vs. Countrywide, and they want to know is it a scam or legit. The answer is it is legit. Countrywide is a mortgage company in the United States, and it was sued by Barbara Waldrup and many others in 2013 and 2016.

Barbara and others have applied for a home mortgage loan from the company, and without any prior notice, the company called Landsafe Appraisal Services has appraised their land. So, the people applying for the loan have to pay a fee for the appraisal. 

According to Barbara, the process of complete property appraisal before the home purchase is normal practice. But, she alleged that the company’s appraisal was invalid as the members were not prepared for the conformity with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. 

The case got settled before it moved to the courtroom. As part of the settlement, members who were made the loan application would bring the settlement checks. So, this lawsuit also defines the countrywide settlement and other terms finalized by the defendants and plaintiffs.    

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What is the Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement?

Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement is the settlement between the Mortgage Company and Barbara Waldrup. It states that during Jan 2003 and 31st Dec 2008, the members who made applications for the loan got the appraisal except for the members excluded from the settlement. 

So, as a part of the settlement, all-action members in the case would receive a settlement check in their mail. All participants are from the United States, and the report defines the settlements and other terms that were finalized between the parties. So, Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam is not real.    

The Legal Rights and Options for the Members

  • Members are required to do nothing to become part of the settlement.
  • Members are not forced to become part of the settlement, and if they don’t want to participate, they have the option to exclude from the settlement.
  • Members who find anything objectionable in the settlement may raise the question and object to the point.
  • All members who participated in the settlement need to appear before the court for the approval hearing.   

What is the Present Status of the Settlement?

The case’s current status is solved, and all the checks have been mailed to the eligible members of the settlement. From the 10th of Oct 2020, the checks against the settlement were disbursed to eligible members, and it will continue up to 30th Oct 2020. So, it is requested that all eligible members must have patience as the process may take longer than a week to get settled. 

So, the question Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam or legit has been confirmed, and it is found that it is not a scam. According to the website, the process of disbursement of the checks would extend up to Nov 2020, and members will be updated about the same accordingly. 

Final Thought

After analysis, it is found that Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam also has an answer for all the questions that are arising in the mind of the member. It clarifies the process of receiving the checks for the members of the settlement.

Any thoughts or queries? Please share it in the comments section below. 

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  1. Recieved a check made out to my husbands first and middle name only.
    Incorrect names make it impossible to cash or deposit.

  2. I received the check, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to cash it. Now the 90 days was on January 16th 2021 I missed it by a few weeks. What can I do to get another check issued or can I try to take it to the bank and see if they will cash it.

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