Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam {Oct} Decide Now

Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam 2020

Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam {Oct} Decide Now -> Here, we have talked about the excellent logistic services that focus on customer-oriented services.  

Waldroup Logistics service offers comprehensive vehicle tracking and fleet management services to its users. Herewith the help of this article, we are telling you about Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam

The people from the United States can book these logistic services as per their convenience. 

To know more about it, we request you to read this article.

Why opting for the Waldroup Logistic Service is the best decision for you?

Waldroup Logistic Service ensures the long-lasting relationship with its subcontractors and has appointed seasoned drivers for their large vehicle fleet. 

What is the capacity of trucks carried by the Waldroup Logistic Service?

Waldroup Logistics Services owns trucks ranging from one ton to thirty ton where it carries all types of cargo that includes your cold chain and catering staff. 

What are the features of opting for the service of Waldroup Logistic Service?

While authenticity of the Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam, we found that the company claims to be one of the busiest transport operators in the whole country. 

What are the advantages of selecting the Waldroup Logistic Service?

The advantages of selecting the Waldroup Logistic Service are that it ensures safety, provides customer-oriented services, and comes with a reasonable price tag. 

What are the various services you can book at Waldroup Logistics?

The services you can book at Waldroup Logistics are:

  • Warehouse Facility
  • Cross Docking
  • Direct dedicated loading
  • Distribution
  • Containerized Transport

What is the official address of Waldroup Logistics? 

The official address of Waldroup Logistics is 141 N Main Ave, #300, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States.

What is the contact number of Waldroup Logistics?

The contact number of Waldroup Logistics is (605) 210-5488.

What is the mailing address of Waldroup Logistics?

The mailing address of Waldroup Logistics is

What are the customer viewpoints for Waldroup Logistics? 

There was a customer who wanted to thank Julie and the whole Waldroup Logistic service team. He said that he too, liked the services of Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam and would continue to deal with them in the future. One more customer has shared his viewpoint and said that the company helped them a lot during the emergency shipment services. She said that prior she has contacted five logistic companies, but they had turned down its offer, but Jessica Konieczki has helped him a lot throughout the journey and provides its excellent services. 

Final Verdict

Here we have talked about Waldroup Logistics Service INC Scam, famous for giving its excellent logistic services to the customers. You can opt for various services from here like warehouse facility, cross-docking, direct dedicated loading, distribution, and containerized transport. 

If you have also booked these services for your convenience, then kindly share your opinions with us. You can write us in the comment box mentioned at the end of the article to spread awareness about this logistic company among people. 

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  1. i have proofs and pictures of this being a scam. They will try and have you get a texting app then try and put money in your bank through zelle just so you can transfer it into bitcoins. Then have you swear you wont tell because it is “Confidential “. I busted them and they unsent all of there messages on the app but luckily i have screenshots.

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