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VIP Sunshades com Reviews [July] – Is It Worthy Or Not?

VIP Sunshades com Reviews 2020

VIP Sunshades com Reviews [July] – Is It Worthy Or Not? -> In this article, the readers get to understand whether it is an authentic site or not.

Are you looking to buy sunglasses that can help you to look more fashionable? Well, VIP Sunshades give a limitless range in sunglasses that can enhance your personality manifolds. 

The company offers the latest and most exclusive range of sunglasses for both men and women. People mostly recognize us by our faces, so the kind of sunglasses we wear will help in identifying our personality. VIP Sunshades com Reviews tell us that the portal is functional in the United State and gives more transparent information about the kind of offerings it has.

Before we move further discussing the types of sunshades available at VIP Sunshade, advantages, limitations, customer feedback, etc. it is essential to understand whether it is a VIP Sunshades Scam or not.

Is VIP Sunshades legit?

Whether you are looking to have a sophisticated, youthful, or some other look, VIP Sunshades has the right eyewear that can help in boosting your personality. Also, the buyers can enjoy the quickest delivery of the sunshades; all the products are delivered in a safer and secured method.

To narrow down your preferences, you can take the suggestions of the eyewear experts and can pick the sunshades based on your styling, color, design, and size for different sunglasses.

VIP Sunshades gives you many reasons to buy the best and popular types of sunglasses.

What is VIP Sunshades?

VIP Sunshades is an online portal that offers an exotic range of high-quality sunglasses to both men and women. For creating different looks suiting different occasions, the shoppers can buy sunshades in numbers, as the company offers great deals and discounts on most of its products.

All the sunglasses are made using top-quality material that offers enhanced durability. So considering the frame shapes and colors, choose the best pieces that can help in improving your professional image. 

There is an endless range of sunshades available at the portal; no matter whatever your preferences are, VIP Sunshades is a one-stop solution for your needs. 

What is unique about VIP Sunshades?

The remarkable point of this portal is that it offers the latest and stylish range of sunshades for all the ages of people. Also, the company offers amazing deals and offers on most of the products.

Specifications of VIP Sunshades:

  • Product: Sunglasses for both men and women
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: VIP Sunshades 
  • Address: Not mentioned 
  • Contact number: Not mentioned 
  • Delivery time: Within 5-10 business days 
  • Shipping fee: Standard delivery cost zero 
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Refunds: Within a few days.
  • Mode of payment- Visa Cards, Credit/Debit, etc.

Advantages of buying from VIP Sunshades:

  • Best and most needed products
  • Variety for sunglasses for men.
  • Gift credit available 
  • Queries resolved within 24 hours.
  • Different modes to pay

Limitations of buying from VIP Sunshades:

  • No-transparency in the return policy
  • Year of the establishment not mentioned on the “About Us” page
  • Lack of clarity in the refund policy
  • No information about the company’s whereabouts 

Customer feedback and suggestions on VIP Sunshades:

As disclosed above, VIP Sunshades offers an unlimited range of sunglasses that comes in different designs, styles, and sizes matching your personality. 

Different and dynamic products are showcased on the portal. To compliment your lifestyle, you must buy more than one pair of sunshades, especially when they are available at great discounts.

But this portal can’t be trusted as a legit website, and the customers might get trapped in VIP Sunshades Scam in case they purchase from this website. Also, on the “About Us,” nothing about the history, details about VIP’s offerings, etc. are mentioned, which results in doubting the existence of the company.

Also, no VIP Sunshades com Reviews are available on any social media site that otherwise can help the buyers in understanding more about the site and its offerings.

Overall, the site is not able to create a good impression on the buyers, and it looks that this site not legal. The facts related to the website’s location and contact number is available anywhere.

Final Verdict:

VIP Sunshades is not an authentic site, as all the essential and much-required information is missing from the site. 

After carefully viewing the available information on the website, we are sure that the customers should not continue their purchases from this site. The available products are not worth spending precious money.


  1. I did buy sunglasses from VIP Sunshades for my husband and myself earlier this evening. How would I go about canceling this order? Is it even possible?

    1. STAY AWAY!! I ORDERED 2 PAIRS 1 FOR MY DAUGHTER AND 1 FOR MYSELF. After 3 weeks of waiting we received the wrong ones!! HORRIBLE company to deal with! When I asked to return them the response I got was i should just sell them or give them to a friend. They refused to send the correct ones or to refund me!!!!

  2. I ordered 3 pair of sunglasses and 2 of the 3 they sent were the wrong type and color. They were also very cheap and fake Chinese knock offs. I emailed and asked for a refund and “Rita” said she would refund me just $11.00, I don’t even know where that number came from. I made a complaint through PayPal and also threatened to open up an FBI investigation. All of the sudden, Rita was willing to give me the refund I was asking for. If you want to cancel the order or get a refund, I suggest you email them and let them know you will get your money back. I got on every website I could and started making complaints and then I would send a link to that website showing this Chinese company that people won’t put up with buying counterfeit products. Good luck and I hope you get your money back!

  3. This is not legit company or review. The same thing happened to me as previous review. I ordered two glasses and received the wrong pairs. I have sent 4 messages asking about returning for Correct order with no reply. I am filing complaints with FBI, FTC, and BCP as well as Facebook where I found this scam. Do not buy….. fake and fraudulent company and I’m sure this review website is theirs as well.

  4. Fake same thing is happening to me. I’m filing with Facebook and FTC/BCP. Don’t buy from this fraudulent website.

  5. Same complaint. I ordered 2 pair of sun glasses and got 2 pair nothing even close to what i ordered. Sent 4 messages and 4 emails and have never gotten a response.

  6. I ordered a pair and was quickly charged, of course.
    Trying to contact them is nearly impossible. I have not recieved them . They said they cannot find my order.

  7. 1. They don’t send the items ordered. They send random glasses.
    2. They are cheap. You can barely see through the lenses because they are distorted.
    3. They aren’t worth $5,00.
    4. Don’t waste your money!

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