Online Websites Reviews Reviews [May] Is It Scam or Not? Reviews 2020 Reviews [May] Is It Scam or Not? -> It caters to all the trendy and fashionable needs of the growing young girls of different age groups. It offers to made leggings to tops, coordinated sets, jackets, swimwear range, etc.

Still, thinking to buy some trendy clothes for your young princess at home? Read this blog and explore the fantastic online boutique range. 

Their each garment piece is designed and crafted only for girls to let them have the stylish freedom of fun. This boutique works on principles of doing all good to the fabric and people involved in its manufacturing. It also leaves a positive impact all around the crafted stuff.

Vemwear Reviews is ensuring to accommodate and cater to the needs of the enthusiastic young audience, no cost-cutting, or compromises. That makes the cost of the entire boutique range at the place where it stands firm.

Vemwear is gaining much popularity in the United States these days due to the boutique range concept offering variety and quality at sufficiently fair prices. 

What is Vemwear?

Several Boutique range shopping websites might be available over the internet. But this one has a fantastic range only crafted for girls. Besides, that each product purchase from this site caters five meals to a child in need and fighting hunger. 

Since 2018, its entire fabric range was crafted and manufactured in several countries. Currently, its supplies are picking ice due to its quality and focus on whole girl collection.

More about its specifications:

  • Website type- All sorts of trendy attires for the young girls 
  • Shipping time- 24 to 48 hours, possible all over the world
  • Shipping charge- Flat 4.50 USD per order, Extra taxes or import duties applicable as per norms on orders outside CANADA and USA
  • Return- within 30 days and shipping has to be paid by the person for international orders
  • Exchange- within 90 days without any extra cost
  • Contact details of the website- 
  • Thomas Smith
  • 118 William Penn Dr, Eagleville, PA 19403
  • United States
  • Email:, Phone: (215) 392-0160
  • Payment method- Online using card, and Paypal wallet
  • Return- Open for 365 days after delivery

Is a legit?  and reliable website to shop for girls?

Regarding the Vemwear website, not many reviews are available, but with relevant contact details and legit site, everything seems fine. Moreover, nothing bothering appears on the website nor the internet as of now.

So trying the amazing boutique collection can be real fun for the young girls.

Is it a customer-oriented site or a lavish boutique range show off?

Well, with no negative reviews and gaining popularity in many countries, this site is a genuine one. They run a good cause of feeding hungry kids too from the profits, so focusing entirely on kids further making it human-centric or kid-centric to be precise.

Further about the pricing being a boutique range with decent quality and trends, it seems okay to pay for that. It does not appear way too expensive though the profits are shared with a noble cause also.

What are the pros or benefits of shopping from Vemwear?

It has several pros like:

  • It focuses only on the girls’ range, which in itself ensures quality driven with design cultivation.
  • It ensures the fabric and fit does not stop the fun of the girls in any way, making them free to comfort being in fashion and style. 
  • Exchange service available within 90 days with tags intact.
  • The site is safe and secured to shop. Still, credit card or PayPal is the preferred way of paying.
  • The entire size chart is displayed before the selection to be wise and accurate before ordering.

What are the cons or disadvantages of shopping from Vemwear?

It does not possess many cons, though:

  • The shipping has to be paid by the person for a return during international shipping orders.
  • There is no COD option available, so paying online while ordering is the way. 
  • The flat shipping rate of $ 4.5 is applicable per order.

Shopping conclusion form this site:

Vemwear Reviews might not be too many all over the internet. But still, this site displays all accurate information and contact details. It runs with a holy cause also which gives more assurance to rely on it.

Further, its boutique range crafted for girls is worth trying and spending money. The final verdict, though, always beholds with the ones who work the portal.

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  1. Consumer response: Vemwear must be a scam website. The address is a townhome. The business cannot be verified. The web design is not very professional,; it doesn’t have proper spelling, grammar or verifiable statements.

    Just because their webpage promotes their dream to give 1 million meals a year and make an impact on childhood hunger does not mean that they subsidize any legitimate food distribution programs or give any meals at all to any poor or hungry person. The further mention of making an impact on childhood hunger does not mean there is actually any usage of their profits to combat local, state, countrywide, or global childhood hunger. Their mention of being a global company bears no substance. The term generally refers to businesses that have operations globally-not business that state they buy from other countries. The website’s Customer Service link is titled Head Office. They only have one office listed. The Contact us phone number is not valid and will not connect.

    Consumers beware. If prices, sales, or product offerings seem “too good to be true”, (such as the Schwinn Perla bike offer) this is a red flag that something is wrong.

    In addition, this review doesn’t use correct spelling, grammar or common English phrasing; this usually a good clue that it is not a legitimate business review. What is ‘the’ holy cause? What is the ‘Noble” cause? How can the reviewer at this site make the statements? There is absolutely nothing to substantiate these claims.
    It leads me to decide that this web developer is not reliable or professional.

    1. Scam!!!!

      Ordered a womans 26″ cruiser bicycle Tue. Fri got a tracking # sd it was already delivered & that the package was only 1.9lbs. I called UPS they said it was delivered to a different address than mine but same city. Also different name. I contacted Paypal hoping I get my $ back

  2. I’m a bit hesitant about this website because at first I was looking for an Xbox one x and then I find it super cheap on this CLOTHING website??? like that makes no sense. When I try searching for Xbox on the website it says there are no results. So I look for reviews of this website and it’s apparently okay. Then I look for an Xbox again on google and I find another Xbox for literally the same price but I look up reviews for that website and its A SCAM WEBSITE. How could it have the same price and not be a scam? can someone please help?

    1. Vemwear is a 100% scam, I have all documented evidence, if interested plz msg me and I’ll send to you. Don’t buy from this website

      1. I would love the info please. I was scammed by vemwear. Trying to get refunded through PayPal. Or at least make them aware of the scam. Thankyou

    1. I would love the info please. I was scammed by vemwear. Trying to get refunded through PayPal. Or at least make them aware of the scam. Thankyou

  3. TOTAL SCAM…. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. It says it goes to a Pennsylvania Address and they have a PayPal account set up to pay through. I purchased and item and the PayPal receipt showed a Chinese name and company on it. I immediately sent an email to the person listed and it was a fake email and was returned undeliverable. I have been tying to get PayPal to stop payment since initially making purchase and getting confirmation. AVOID THIS SITE.

  4. VEMWEAR is a SCAM!!! I used google search to look for a Kitchenaid Nespresso Coffee Maker and they advertised it for a bargain price, it wasn’t until I saw my PayPal receipt that the payment went to a Chinese recipient in China without the description of the item which I thought was odd. I went back and took a closer look at the website only to realize then it was a clothing site. Filed a PayPal claim and these scammers posing as “VEMWEAR” provided a UPS tracking number indicating it was delivered days ago which I never received. Luckily they aren’t that smart, the machine weighs so much more than half a pound which is on the UPS tracking info!! How can these people be defrauding others at a time like this???

  5. I just purchased a deep freezer on this site, thinking it was legit, then I say the paypal name was a bunch of Chinese characters…thought it was a little weird. After 3 days I hadn’t gotten any email about the item being shipped so I emailed them, it’s been two days and haven’t heard back. Now I’m finding this thread and and worried…Can anymore confirm if this is legit or not? If not has anyone been able to get their money back?

  6. I bought one of your already paid freezer’s and have not heard from you of when and how it will be sent 99.49 was put on my credit card. when and how will it come. your phone # says number can’t be answered when I call. Is this a bad deal or what. my email date ordered 5/1/20 went on my card 5/4/20 # 7064 .

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