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vbucks24 .com [June] Should I Buy From This Website?

vbucks24 .com Review

vbucks24 .com [June] Should I Buy From This Website? -> In this article, you will read about a website where VBucks are available for Fortnite

Are you a gamer? Have you been looking for Fortnite’s V-Bucks and searching for websites to get them on low real money? Well, you must have gone through vbucks24 .com too then.

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, is an online video game that millions of people play throughout the world, including the United StatesThis game has strict security in terms of user information, even in times of financial information. People play tournaments in which they win cash prizes. You can connect with other players in the game, and it works as a competition. 

The game uses V-Bucks to make purchases. Therefore, several sites have emerged lately to sell V-Bucks. These sites are mostly a scam. Read further to know more.

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What is VBucks 24?

Fortnite is a royal battle game where a player either alone or with a team lands at a decided location on the map. The total of 100 players plays one game at a time. The player has to collect all the weapons, items, and cosmetics on their way. They make their way to the center while killing the opponents. The last player or the last team at the center of the map, in the end, wins the match. 

There are several other games like Fortnite, but this one is different because of one unique feature. The player’s character can build structures on the go. These structures allow you to set traps for others, build forts, and later are used as cover during the game.

There are micro transactions in the game that is the source of money for Fortnite. Undoubtedly, the game is free, but the players can purchase cosmetics for their character by using the V-Bucks, which is the currency of Fortnite. A single dollar gives you 100 V-Bucks, and if purchased in bulk, you get a bonus.

The website that gives you access to purchase V-Bucks at a low price is vbucks24 ComBut is it legit to buy from this website? We will find that out in the article later.

Specifications of VBucks 24

  • Website link:  
  • Website type: A website that sells V-Bucks for Fortnite
  • Shipping time: Not applicable here
  • Delivery time: Not suitable here
  • Cancellation: Not specified on the website
  • Exchange/ Return: Not relevant here
  • Refund: Not mentioned on the website
  • Shipping cost: Not appropriate here
  • Company location: Not quoted on the website
  • Email id: Not stated on the website
  • Contact: Not stipulated on the website
  • Mode of payment: Not affirmed on the website

Who is VBucks 24 for

VBucks 24 is for the people who play Fortnite and desire to buy V-Bucks for the game. You can purchase cosmetics and Battle Pass with V-Bucks. 

But before you invest in the new website for your game, get to know its pros and cons hereunder.

Pros of VBucks 24

  • You can chat with the server generator and others who have purchased V-Bucks from this site.
  • It is suitable for Mac/iOS, Windows, Android, and PS4/XBoxOne.
  • You can access the number of V-Bucks purchased by a person with just their names on the screen.  

Cons of VBucks 24 

  • The owner’s information is missing.
  • There’s no information about the company on the website.
  • The address and policies are also missing.

What do the reviews reveal about VBucks 24

The website has no information about the owner, its address, the mode of payment details, etc. They have not mentioned any policies as well on the site. 

The ScamAdvisor reveals that the website’s technical speed is below average while there are no reviews on WOT ( Web of Trust) for the same. Moreover, the setup of this website relates to four countries and is not SSL certified too. has nothing on terms of which it could be trusted and termed as legit.


First of all, Fortnite is a legit game that does not allow anyone to sell the V-Bucks just like that on any other website. Second, a site that has not mentioned anything about them should not be trusted at all. Also, there are no reviews about this website.

After reviewing all the information, we do not recommend this website. However, this article specifies all the necessary details our reader would like to grab to make a wise choice about this website.

Have you purchased V-Bucks from this website or chat there? Do you know anything more about this website? Kindly share your experience in the comments section below.

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