Vanek Store Reviews (March 2021) Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Vanek Store Reviews (March 2021) Is It Legit Or Scam? >> Please read this article as it gives you information about an online shopping website and its legitimacy and reviews that seems to be a scam.

Are you here to find the genuineness of Vanek Store Reviews? Are you having second doubts while ordering items from this site? Do you want to know more about the Vanek Store website? Well, your doubts and questions will be answered in this article. 

We will try to clear all your doubts regarding this site and give you all the necessary information about this online shopping site, which mostly attracts the United States customer. This article will find out whether the Vanek store is a legitimate site or just another scam. So stay with us and continue reading. 

About Vanek Store website

Vanek store is an online shopping website where you can find accessories, clothes, rings, and diamond paintings. In Vanek Store Reviews, it is mentioned that the site gives all its items at a discounted and offer rate. 

You can get the stationery items, electronics, showpieces, and many others in the Vanek store. The Vanek store deals in made in china goods, and there’s no minimum order quantity. The Vanek store delivers its products in different countries like Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and East Pacific. 

The Vanek store is very strict towards good quality as they don’t want to deliver downgraded items to their customer. 


  • Official website-
  • Query address-
  • In Vanek Store Reviews, it is given that the website has a buyer protection policy.
  • If the items bought from the Vanek store website couldn’t be sold in the buyer protection policy, you can return the items to the site. 
  • Address- 150 meters north of the railway bridge East of Lutai Avenue, Sibaoshan Street, Zibo City, China
  • East of Lutai Avenue, Sibaoshan Street, Zibo City, China 
  • Company name- Zibo Runxin Trading Company 
  • Return policy- return the product within 30 days after ordering it.
  • Shipping policy- delivered the goods within 5-7 days. 
  • Payment – Visa card, master card and JCB is accepted.


  • Offers high-quality products to the customers as mentioned in Vanek Store Reviews.
  • The prices of the products are very reasonable.
  • The company has a quality inspection team that inspects the products very carefully before dispatching the order. 
  • Can return the goods to the websites if the items remain unsold. 


  • There are no reviews given regarding this website and its products.
  • The refund policies are incorrect.
  • Products being repeated every single day. 

Is the Vanek Store website legit?

Our research team did some digging and found out that this web site’s domain age is just one month old. There is some other information we got from our research, and that is.

  • There is no official Vanek Store Reviews. There is no customer reviews published regarding the product or the website. 
  • The content is copied and just does not match with the website.
  • There is no links or tie-ups of the Vanek Store website from any social media platform
  • The trust score of the Vanek Store website is very low. 
  • The photos used on this site seem copied. 
  • The terms of service are copy and paste. 

With all the information we gathered, it is safe to say that the site is not trustworthy and is just a scam site. Therefore Vanek Store website is not legit.

Vanek Store Reviews

When we search for the review of Vanek Store, then we find nothing. There’s nothing on the internet regarding the reviews of this site, and on their official website, there is no column of customer reviews. The website isn’t connected with any social media platform to find any information on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 

As this site’s domain age is just one month old, and the trust score is not up to the expectation, we can say that the site is just a scam. Some of the website’s content is copied, and the images used are copied, so it’s better to stay away from this site. 


With all the information and Vanek Store Reviews, we can conclude that the site is not a real one and not recommended to place orders. This kind of site is used in con business, which takes the customer’s money without delivering the product. So it’s better to try different and trusted online shopping websites. 

So if you are, any nay of your known had ordered items from this site, then share the experience in the comment section. 

3 thoughts on “Vanek Store Reviews (March 2021) Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. I had placed an order for 3 leggings and spent $56 dollars and change on March 29th. They sent email confirming the order, but that is all. I sent them an email wanting to know the status of order and no response. After reading this article and seeing as they haven’t replied back has raised some red flags. What do I do? I’ve asked for a refund and they have ignored me.

  2. I ordered products from them over a month ago. Both emails provided on there website do not work. Does anyone know another way to contact, or get a refund?

  3. This place is a scam. A month ago I placed an order. I emailed and was told the item shipped. The next day the email no longer worked. I have filed fraud charges with my credit card company. Do not order from these people.

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