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Valuedshoes Com Reviews – Legit Store or Not: Read Here

Valuedshoes Com Reviews

Valuedshoes Com Reviews – Legit Store or Not: Read Here >> this post has answers to all your questions related to this online fashion store, read now!

Do you want a pair of designer shoes at reasonable rates? Smart shoppers should find out a way to get the best for them. Valuedshoes Website has successfully won the heart of so many online buyers that you would also enjoy shopping here. However, looking for Valuedshoes Com Reviews before buying anything will be a good option.  

If you are reading this page, it means you are curious to know more about it. So, before you make up your mind to shop over this US website, read more about it, and then place an order! 

What is

The is an online shopping store where you can find a range of women’s shoes, sandals, and booties. Along with shoes, the website also has a trendy collection of clothes. If you are looking to purchase stylish shoes and a pair of jeans, you can view this website. These US best sites offer great discounts and deals to the customers. Even if you are a new customer or making the purchase for the first time, you can get shoes and clothes at discounted rates. 

Who’s For? 

This is an online clothing and shoe website for women. Women can find different varieties of shoes, including booties, sandals, high heels, sports shoes, and much more. If you like to add stylish shoes and clothes collections in your wardrobe, you can visit this website. 

Benefits offered by

If you are buying anything for the first time from, you should be informed about its benefits. This will build up your trust on any website, and you also come to know whether the website is legit or it’s simply spam. 

Some of the benefits are:

Secured connection can be said a legit website because it is protected by SSL(Secure Socket Layers). SSL is essential for any online shopping website. It acts as a protective shield for the visitors as it saves them from being attacked and by any middleman. Moreover, it also manages all the communication well by keeping it encrypted.  

Suspicious code

There are no traces of any suspicious codes on this website. It is a good sign for the users. 

Email server website has a mail server. Though it is a positive sign, nothing is guaranteed about the genuineness of the website. Specifications

Valuedshoes is an online shopping store that provides a variety of attires according to the latest fashion trends. You will find thousands of trendy and stylish products on the website. Some of the specifications include: 

  • Wide range of voguish shoes, sandals, heels, booties, pump for ladies. 
  • There is also a range of jackets, jeans, sweaters and off shoulders for your wardrobe. 
  • No Mather if you don’t belong to the United States, you can get the product outside the country also and that too on discounted rates. 
  • If you order more than 4 items, shipping will be free. 

Is Valued Shoes Legit or Scam?

Valuedshoes is a United States-based online fashion website. As it is already mentioned in the benefits of the website that it is secured by SSL and it is encrypted, you need not worry much about the attack from any middleman. Also, there is no suspicious code that can cause any interruption in the service. There are a variety of trendy products, including shoes, sandals, sweaters, jeans, and heels, which you can buy from Valuedshoes.Com Website. The website also has its own customer support reach, where they claim to revert back the customers within 24 hours. 

However, you cannot deny the fact that these businesses are opened only for the purpose of earning profit. So, the companies can do anything to make money, including fraud or spam. Therefore, before placing an order on this website, you must look for Valuedshoes Com Reviews and find out what customers I have commented about the products and the store as well. 

Is a trusted store?

As this website is only a few months old, it is hard to trust. Building trust among customers is not an easy task, and there are many other popular websites which people generally prefer to buy clothes and shoes. Though all the products displayed in the site are trendy, stylish, and available at discounted rates, it cannot be above the trust factor. 

What are people saying about it?

There are mixed reviews from the people about the website. One of the new customers has clearly mentioned back she was afraid after placing an order because she has read a lot of negative comments about the website. Fortunately, she received her boots on time, and as she saved almost $30, she is happy with the deal. 

However, the website does not contain much active social media presence, which is definitely a bad sign, and due to this, most people are not preferring purchase from this site. 

Final Verdict

After going through the reviews, we can easily say that because the website is new, it cannot be completely trusted. Many people did not receive their orders even after paying for it in advance. Therefore, it is up to you whether to rely on the website or not because people who have received their orders are delighted with it. 

We are neither supporting nor endorsing the website. Our purely motive is to guide you in the right direction by providing the benefits and reviews of the customers so that you can have a happy purchase. Make sure before your place any order, you must read the company’s privacy policy with caution. 

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  1. I place an order on March 6 and still haven’t received my order yet I will not order from this company again

    1. Big scam. Never received my shoes and never received a refund. Trying to find an address so I can sue.

      Anyone know it?

  2. I ordered your leopard canvas women shoes #122918345769 order#VD9295 for $35.22 months ago and have not received them. I need my money back or the shoes.

  3. If people didn’t receive they orders why have the website up that means it’s fake and that’s not cool I ordered off the website and didn’t receive my order yet.

    1. I emailed these people a few times with weeks apart and they told me it was “being shipped out that day”, each time. I asked for a refund and they told me to send the shoes back that they haven’t sent yet in order to get a refund.

      This site is total B.S. and definitely not legit.

  4. I placed an order February 15th and have not received my order. I have emailed them and and disputing the charge to my bank.

    1. I placed an order 2 months ago shoes ..over 50.00 ripped off. Is there somewhere we can place a complaint? BBB ? But I cant find where they are located

      1. I am currently tring to contact the BBB now. I placed an order in Feb. Still no order. Received tracking but FedEx said its not real. Luckily I only spent $32 but currently in contact with bank for refund.

        1. I spent $60 the beginning of April and they have never been shipped. They give you a FedEx tracking number, and it says they have never actually been sent

      2. April,
        The address I found on their website is 730 Epperson Dr.
        City of Industry, CA 91758

        Who knows if this is a bogus address or real! I filed a fraud & scam complaint with the BBB, PayPal & Facebook and am writing negative reviews wherever I can!

      3. I placed an order over 2 months ago. I never received my shoes, and they have been ignoring and erasing my comments regarding my item. After reading these reviews (which I should have before purchasing), it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a scam: sad.

        1. I order around June and I dont receive my order yet, it is a scam for sure, where can we complain about this, is terrible how they take advantage, so mean. I’m so disgusted!!!!!

  5. I placed an order on March 15 and have heard nothing more since March 21 saying the items were shipped. When I questioned them via messenger, I was basically told the items would eventually get to me!! I’m disputing the charges! Buyer beware…. DO NOT BUY!!

  6. They gave me a tracking number that is not recognized I’m pretty sure I got scammed out of money. Don’t order from here.

    1. This is very upsetting and ridiculous I ordered my shoes in February I keep sending them messages because I have yet to receive my shoes, they sent me the tracking number and when I called to see their where abouts FedEx told me they never even shipped my shoes out! I have sent them another email and still no response, this has got to be a scam, please do not order from them !!!! You will never get your shoes! All I wanted was my shoes that I PAID FOR!!!

  7. I eventually received 2 of the 3 pair I ordered in January. They sent me another tracking number after I told them I didnt receive all of my order. Gonna give them till the end of the month then I’m going to contact my bank to get my mo ey back…. dont order from here. You are not guaranteed to receive your order.

  8. I ordered 5 pair of shoes on March 12th and I haven’t received any of them nor are they responding to my emails. Don’t order from this site.

  9. I advise anyone not to order from this site they take your money gives you a fake tracking number and never deliver your package I ordered two pairs of scandals from here on the 13th of April and haven’t had any updates nor received my shoe’s and I’m pissed.

  10. I ordered mine in March. I haven’t received mine yet, and the person I’ve emailed keeps telling me it got lost in transit or there was no vacancy at the post office whatever the heck that means. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I just want my money back and spread the word not to buy from them!

  11. I ordered back in March and sent numerous emails , someone must be their only employee by the name of Ruein keeps replying in the early morning hrs. Always with an excuse! Do Not Buy from this website!!!!

  12. I placed an order on March 4th 2020 I still have not received my order.I will not order from here again..I too h ave fake tracking #’s

  13. I ordered 2 items from them March 17th, haven’t received anything, 2 months later!!! For 3 weeks they have told ne the items were at the post office. I am calling my bank today to get my money back.

  14. I haven’t received my order either,I did send a email and was told that I should be receiving them soon but still nothing. Ordered shoes back in March.


  16. This website is a bunch Of BULLSHIT!!! , They took my money in April 2020.. But never sent my sandals, I’m reporting them to BBB

  17. It’s horrible how you people can take advantage of people. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And for the employees that work here should be ashamed of doing dirty work for people like this. I’m a poor person living paycheck to paycheck and for you to take advantage simply disgusting!

  18. I ordered a pair of shoes March 1, 2020 and still waiting on my order. I was given a fedex tracking number and spoke to representative and I was told that they created a label but never sent the package. This website is a scam. I cannot get a refund or a phone number.

  19. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes on the 19th of April, they finally arrived today. I have to admit to being suspicious after they failed to send me the tracking info after multiple requests and when they did, it did not appear to work. I then looked up reviews and saw the posts above and became convinced I had fallen for a con. The shoes do not look quite as glamorous as they do in the pictures, but they do look good and I am happy with them for the price I paid.

  20. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE !!! I ordered Two pairs of shoes over four months ago now and have received several emails back stating that my shoes were shipped over and over again then finally a week ago they emailed me back stating that my package was lost in the mail and that the items were out of stock that I had ordered and I needed to go and pick different items but when I went on the site the items I had ordered the first time we’re still in stock I made over $70 order and haven’t received anything I am contacting my bank and turning them in for two pairs of shoes over four months ago now and have received several emails back stating that my shoes were shipped over and over again then finally a week ago they emailed me back stating that my package was lost in the mail and that the items were out of stock that I had ordered and I needed to go and pick different items but when I went on the site the items I had ordered the first time were still in stock I made over $70 order and haven’t received anything I am contacting my bank and turning them in for fraud

  21. I too got scammed by Valued Shoes. I’ve sent several emails asking when I’ll receive my shoes but no response. I am writing negative reviews everywhere I can. I have also filed scam & fraud complaints with the Better Business Bureau, PayPal & Facebook & I would encourage everyone to do the same.

  22. I placed two orders with valued shoes, the 1st on the 19th of April, the shoes arrived 27th of May. I was so happy with the shoes, in spite of the delay, I ordered 3 other pairs that day, they have arrived today and I love them! I believe I can now put the delays in receiving the 1st order down to the pandemic. The second order arrived much faster than I thought they would.

  23. I’ve ordered tennis shoes from them back in mid March and still haven’t received my order yet. When I emailed them to find out the status on my order they’re reply was they’re working on it. I still haven’t heard nothing back from them yet. I think this is a scam and need to be investigated. DO NOT BUY

  24. My wife ordered off these scamming lowlifes on the 4 april, $170 US still no order and no replies to emails lately, we had one saying “it’s at the post office”
    , utter scam, dont get sucked in websites like this should not be allowed to operate, Zuckerburg needs to check who’s advertising on FB

  25. They have three different store names valuedshoes and Doris cloth and janenobly they are all scam don’t order from them they take your money but no product they scam me out of $31.90 and my co-worker out of $62.96 please don’t do it read Customers Reviews

  26. The WORST service.

    Received my shoes 4 months late.

    Customer service is horrible and illiterate. I must have emailed at least 5 times that I wanted a refund and would be returning the shoes. Each reply kept asking me if I wanted a coupon and half a refund. They clearly are full of shit!

    DO NOT order from this website. You’ll regret it.

  27. This “business” is definitely a scam. I’ve never seen the goods I paid for. The answers I’ve been given as the explanation from them when enquiring about the whereabouts of the goods were laughable and truly an insult to someone’s intelligence. I said then I’d open a PayPal dispute and asked for my money back. They begged me not to, but I did it. Meanwhile, I checked their Facebook page. They disabled all the negative comments, but they couldn’t disable angry emoticons. For me that was enough. PayPal has refunded me the full amount. I will now try and warn everybody not to have and dealings with them.

  28. I also ordered in june and haven’t received my shoes they keep saying something about the post office I will never order again and I really wanted the shoes …..

  29. DO NOT! I repeat. DO NOT BUY FRIM THIS STORE!!! I bought a full priced boots with shipping and never received the shoe. I have emailed them multiple times and now they are not even responding. I asked for full refund and they keep making excuses by saying they have shipped it but it is a lie!

  30. Same … ordered 2 pairs of shoes in May …. happily took the $$$ … still without shoes, no replies to emails and messages sent thru messenger are now being ignored at well….

  31. Yeah well I’ve waited 5 months for my shoes and they keep saying the same old pre made email bullshit so yeah its a scam.

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