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Vacuumax Reviews {June} Is It Offering Legit Deals?

Vacuumax Reviews 2020

Vacuumax Reviews {June} Is It Offering Legit Deals? >> This article consists of information related to a website that sells a vacuum brush.

Several online/offline stores offer exciting deals and discounts to attract buyers; it is one of the oldest ways of marketing strategy. But nowadays, scammers are using a different kind of strategy that is making an imposter website. They copy all the images and the looks of the site so that the customer beliefs it as it’s the real one. In this article, we will discuss that is vacuumax legit or not. 

If a buyer is not aware of the tricks that a scam website applies, then it is difficult for them to trace the real one. It is one of the most common causes that are reported in the United State and the United Kingdom. It is better to review the website in each aspect, like checking customer reviews, the popularity of the site, and the contact information.

There are lots of sites where you can check the age of the website. You can also check the customer reviews and social media page. Before purchasing any product, you should compare the price, model, and reviews from multiple websites. It will help you to identify the site more clearly.

In this article, we will cover Vacuumax Reviews and also include the public response.

What is Vacuumax?

It is an online store that sells vacuum brush. It is available at It helps to remove all the dirt, dust that settles down all the houses. With the help of Vacuumax, you can clean keyboard, laptops, inside the car, dashboards, and all that area, which is difficult to clean. 

If you attach it with the vacuum cleaner, it will soak the dirt within a second, no need to clean the area with a cloth or with any other product when the vacuumax is there. It saves lots of time and works efficiently, anyone can use this product you have to attach it with the vacuum cleaner and then you can start your cleaning.

It is essential to clean that surface where we leave because of the difficulties in cleaning that tiny particle stuck inside the sofa, laptop, and on any particular area. But during our analysis of the website, we found another website available with this name. This website is six months old, and we don’t see any contact addresses and information about the site.

The website is hiding the owner’s information. We found no legit Vacuumax Reviews by the buyers. The reviews are available on the website only. If you notice the URL, you will see the full name of the site that is, which sounds similar to, but there is a difference between them.


The website is not having any information or contact details of the company.

Pros of Vacuumax

  • It spares heaps of time and works effectively, anybody can utilize this item you need to append it with the vacuum cleaner, and afterward, you can begin your cleaning
  • is an online store that sells vacuum brush. It assists with expelling all the soil, dust that settles down all the houses. 
  • With the assistance of vacuumax, you can clean the console, PCs, inside the vehicle, dashboards, and all that zone, which is hard to clean. 
  • On the off chance that you join it with the vacuum cleaner, it will drench the earth inside a second, no compelling reason to clean the region with fabric or other items when the vacuumax is there.

Cons of Vacuumax

  • During our examination of the site, we found that there is another site accessible with this name. 
  • This site is a half-year-old, and we don’t discover any contact address and data about the site. 
  • The site is concealing the proprietor’s data. We found no genuine Vacuumax Reviews by the purchasers. 
  • The site is looking suspicious to us.

Is Vacuumax Legit?

We don’t find any customer reviews by which we can get the information about its legitimacy. All the studies found are on the website only, the site is looking suspicious to us, and we will suggest buying a product after getting a confirmation by your own.

What are people saying about Vacuumax? 

We found the customer reviews only on the company’s website, but we found some comments by experts mentioning the site as a suspicious one. 


We found the website a suspicious one because there is no customer reviews and contact information available to us. So if you buy the product, then concern about it before purchasing. Do share your thoughts with us what you think.

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  1. I bought this item and got ripped off. I am usually quite sceptical about advertising, but somehow I fell for this one. The attachement is advertised as fitting all vacuums and as “universal,” but it doesn’t fit any of our vacuums (Dyson, Miele, Kenmore.) When I finally had someone named “Tom” respond to my numerous emails, he said I needed to send the item to China (at the following address: PANDOOSHOP, Room 11C, Building 11, Luyincuidi, No. 1 Pengxing road, Luohu district, 518000 Shenzen city, China) to return it and that was the only way I would get my money back. Of course, sending it to China would cost more than the item itself (which was way over priced as it was.) I consider this fraudulent and false advertising because the video I watched (that “convinced” me to buy this item in the first place) featured an “inventor” who was an older American man. The advertising implied that the buyer was purchasing the attachment directly from the American designer and from a U.S. company, not from a seller in China. No where during the buying process does it say that you are buying from China. In fact, I didn’t realize that this was the case until it took 3-4 weeks to get the product, and I finally received it. I believe that some where along the buying process, the site names changed, but I was unaware of this at the time of purchase (I started the process again, without actually purchasing, when I was trying to figure out what had happened.) Nowhere along the buying process did I intentionally go to the website of Pandooshop, which is where the product ultimately came from. The website also includes false advertising such as the statement “As Featured in” with logos for Shark Tank and Good Morning America, among other media outlets. A preliminary search on each of these websites show that this product nor anything even similar has been on these shows. The website also says that “stock is limited” and there are only 12 units available – another lie, of course, and it includes the statement “Shop with 100% Confidence.” Even when I told “Tom” that I was going to report this false and fraudulent advertising to the appropriate entities (I paid through PayPal and saw the video advertisement on Google/YouTube,) he clearly didn’t care because he got his money already. I haven’t heard anything else back from him, even though I sent two subsequent emails. At this point, I just want to make sure that no one else falls for this scam and makes the same mistake I did.

    1. Thank you guys for taking the time to write these reviews as you saved me being scammed as well. I was reaching for my credit card (as the website gave me a 8 min countdown timer in which to “capitalize on the 50% off deal with only 6 items left” when I thought to myself…..let me take 2 min to see if there are any reviews! Very good marketing on the Youtube Ad, I was totally sucked in, so thank you again

  2. OMGosh! I was looking to go onto google to leave a review for this company, and came across your article. I purchased this product from the company Vacuumax, and its a total scam! I saw their ad on Youtube and thought it looked like a great product. Ordered a couple and definitely thought the price was too high, but ordered 2 anyway without researching. I received a from a company email, of a name called “Pandoo” that the package would be going out shortly. There was a word on the page saying “Vacuumax” with a logo, but the actual product I purchased was not mentioned in this email at all. I did receive a tracking number a few days later. and I did receive “A Package” about 10 days later. Heres what it was. 1 padded manila envelope, with a return address of only a street and city and state of “Rosemead California”, address. Inside was one, plastic, cheap straw attachment, no instructions, no invoice, no words anywhere of Vacuumax. This item was not the item I saw in the ad I purchased from and anyway there was only one and I paid for 2. It doesn’t fit a vacuum hose and the straws I guess they wanted you to push them up inside??? So total 50 cent item, at the most. I went back to try and find a website for them, no contact information, no customer service, no phone numbers or anything to contact for returns or help. I did find a “contact” section and filled it out with my info and return request for the order I received. Someone did send me an email back, but it was not from Vacuumax, or Pandoo, but this time from a company called CSPremier or something like that. I preceeded to explain I did want a return, this was not what I ordered and I didn’t receive what I ordered anyway and so on. This person proceeded to tell me they wanted to make things right, and offered me 30% off any item on “Their” website. First off, I asked them who they were that I was trying to reach Vacuumax. They never responded with an answer. I told them I didn’t want to buy anything from them and I wanted to return this and I wanted them to pay for the return with a prepaid label. The next response was again, apologizing and then asking me if I wanted to proceed with a return. I think I already said that to them. After telling them again, that I want a return and full refund, this person gets back to me and tells me they will give me a full refund but I have to pay for the shipping back, and heres the address to send to WITH TRACKING, for proof, CHINA! He gives me a Chinese address and tells me to send this 50 cent item with a tracking number to them in China. Now I know I’ve got a scammer. I write back and again ask who he is and who this company is, responding to an email about Vacuumax. I also ask him very specifically why he is asking me to send an item to China, for my money back, when the item was sent to me from Rosemead CA, and isn’t even the item I ordered. No response at all, just says they will refund after receiving it. So see the big scam. Chinese taking money into China accounts and then offering a refund if you send it back to them in China, so you won’t because of the costs. Then the scammer front is in the USA sending the packages out from a US address, with no name, company info or anything. To make it even better is that this product is actually sold in Walmart, Wish and Amazon to say a few, and the price is between $3.50 to $8.00. This “Vacuumax, Pandoo, CSPremier” company or whomever they are, is copying these other stores items, probably in China, for 3 cents, and then selling it, and get this, for $62.00, with free shipping, how nice. I think these Chinese people are actually getting away with this scam as our government is just too busy to get these guys. SO SCAM ALERT! Theres another China company, SCAMMER, out there also, using the same method of taking money into China, sending an item from the US, and when you get something different and want to return, you must send it back to China for a refund….. Need new teeth? Don’t fall for the company promising to make you new upper and lower full teeth retainers, to cover your own teeth. You’ll receive a set of Halloween teeth, plastic, about 10 cents worth and return must got to China.

  3. Yes, definitely a scam, and the product did not fit my Dyson. However, I managed a work-around by wrapping the head with some wound tape to increase the diameter. Now, at least, now I can use it. The construction is a series of drinking straws sticking out of a tube. They likely won’t hold up to use.

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