Online Websites Reviews Website Reviews [Aug] Is It A Scam Or Legit? Website Reviews 2020 Website Reviews [Aug] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> The review will help you decipher the legitimacy of a website selling inflatable toys and water parks for kids.

Are you searching to buy some new exciting inflatable toys for your children? has some fantastic choices for you– water parks, swing sets, inflatable slides, playhouses, bouncers, etc. To know the legitimacy of this website, we are going to now dive into a few crucial factors like Website Reviewspolicies concerning shipping, return and exchange. is a very recently established online store in the United States. They call themselves the Children’s park and have a wide variety of toys you can choose for your kids. 

Let’s have a close look at what they have to offer and a detailed review of the website to help you decide if buying from this website is safe.

What is Website? is a website or an online store for children. They have a collection of inflatable toys, and the website was set up recently in the United States. Their product range is varied and includes – Inflatable slides, Inflatable bouncers, playhouses, swing sets, and Inflatable water parks, 

The website has some catchy pictures and is one to catch your or your kid’s eye. They are offering a few discount deals and free shipping of their products. The website, however, lacks any contact number and address. Also, the return, exchange and refund policies mentioned on the website are very vague. The website has no social media presence and the images on the website seem to be copied from Google.

The website has fewer visitors owing to its recent setup. Website Reviews are not present on the site. We did find one customer review on the web which said that this is a scam website and the product was never delivered. Website Specifications

  • Website:
  • Products: – Inflatable bouncers, Inflatable slides, Inflatable water parks, playhouses, swing sets etc.
  • Processing duration: 2 business days.
  • Delivery: Depending on the country, the delivery takes about 10-18 days. 
  • Email: Not mentioned
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned.
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Returns: Within 14 days
  • Exchange: Unclear
  • Refund Period: Unclear
  • Payment Method: Not mentioned Website Pros

  • The website has a vast collection to offer. 
  • No antivirus on the web has observed any suspicious activity. Website Cons

  • A potentially new website that has few visitors. 
  • A user on the web clearly states that this is a scam and he never received the ordered product. 
  • Contact details are missing from the website.
  • No social media presence. 

Is Website Legit? is a very new website. It is not a very popular website and has fewer visitors. There are a lot of red flags that we observed while reviewing this website. 

The website is missing any contact number or address. The return, refund and exchange policies are not well defined. For a new website to be missing these basics is not a good sign. 

In terms of Website Reviews, we could only find one. According to the customer, this is a scam website, and he never received his order.

We cannot be sure of the legitimacy of the website as there is no information on the web. However, we still advise you to not shop from here until you have your sources verified. Website Customer and User reviews

User reviews help determine the product quality and the legitimacy of a website to quite an extent. is not a very popular website and hence the lack of Website Reviews. 

There is, however, one user review which claims that this is a scam website selling children items at a cheap price, but the order was never delivered. 

Final verdict has a varied and eye-catching collection of toys and water parks for children. They have a lot of inflatable toys and playhouses to offer. It is an exciting website. Due to missing information, we do not have concluding evidence to prove the legitimacy of this website. However, we can give you several reasons to not purchase anything from here. 

The website is new and is not well known. The user traffic to this website is very less, and it misses on some very crucial details like the contact number and official address. There is no social media presence whatsoever. A user has pointed this to be a scam website. 

Dear readers, you now have a clear picture of this website. We’d like to hear your thoughts or any experiences you’ve had while purchasing from here. Please do write in the comments section below.

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  1. This website is a scam. Can’t even see your own messages to them. Can see your order status until you logout and login again. If you move too another screen, you have to log out and log in to view your order. My money went out immediately thru PayPal and now PayPal refuses to cancel my order even under buyer’s protection.

    The information on the website says if you pay thru PayPal you are protected under Buyer’s protection. PayPal did not even review my case and closed it stating I am not eligible for refund because the transaction has completed. That is exactly I need to have protection.

    Please don’t do any business with this merchant and be careful – do not pay thru PayPal. Pay directly thru your cc – you will be better protected.


  2. I to ordered from this site in dire need of a storage unit I also never received my order and have emailed many many time to no avail now I have no storage building nor my money and am sitting in a stuff spot because of it just wish I knew how to get my money back!

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