Trump Biden mask {Sep 2020} Read to Know the Story!

Trump Biden mask 2020

Trump Biden mask {Sep 2020} Read to Know the Story! >> Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden for his hanging mask. Read the complete article to know more.

The United States elections are in the middle of December, and the candidates are busy with their campaigns. Many incidents such as mocking, teasing, sarcastic indicating, and other things happen between candidates to prove them down. 

The recent Trump Biden Mask news caught attention when President Donald Trump mocked presidential nominee Joe Biden for the way he was wearing a mask in public. Trump was addressing a ‘mask-less crowd’ rally in Pennsylvania, United States.

Read the full article to know what exactly happened between Trump and Biden.

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What is Trump Biden Mask incident?

The earlier guidance from the United States health advisory did not recommend widespread of the mask, but later the US center for disease control and prevention recommended to cover the face by wearing to masks avoid the spread of the virus knowingly and unknowingly. 

The US president mocked his rivalry, Joe Biden, for how his mask that was hanging from his ears. He said if anyone has ever seen a guy who likes masks as much as Biden? This reveled in Trump Biden Mask news.

The rally happened when Biden visited Kenosha and Wisconsin after the police shot Jacob Blake, a black man, seven times. Donald Trump mocked this incident and said, ‘there was nobody to see, he was a little late. I wanted to say, ‘hey, we already solved that problem.’

Biden responded to Trump’s comments and tweets in an interview, calling him ‘an absolute fool.’ He said ‘presidents are imagined to be leaders rather than engaging in folly and be falsely masculine.’


  • Trump Biden Mask was the newsflash.
  • He also knocked Biden’s late visit following the Jacob Blake case.
  • Biden responded to him as an absolute fool.
  • The United States hit the death toll of 185000.
  • Coronavirus is likely to kill over 4,000,000 citizens of the country by the end of the year.

What is the status of US ELECTIONS?

Talking about Biden’s campaign, he remains confident about his prospectus towards the United States. They have lightened up the concern of the Pittsburg metro area, where democrats lost in 2016. Connor Lamb, who was a democratic congressional candidate, has risen the issue later.

Wisconsin and Michigan were the two’ blue states’ won by Trump in less than one percentage point four years ago.

Back then, Trump benefited from ex rivalry Hilary Clinton’s poor administration in Milwaukee and Detroit, most extensive and heavily democratic cities. Whereas, Clinton won more votes in Philadelphia than the former president Barrack Obama within the suburbs after defeat. 

These aspects can increase the pressure on Biden to defeat Trump in small cities and rural areas.

Who is ahead as a citizen’s choice?

Both candidates are using their ways to approach the citizen. We have checked the United States election poles, where citizens have chosen their preferred candidate between Trump and Biden and talked about Trump Biden mask.

The poles show a high chance of Mr. Joe Biden to win the election 2020, as the citizens are already not satisfied with the trump administration. The majority of Trump’s favor changed by the way he is dealing with the pandemic. 

The current polls scenarios in battleground states show Biden’s favor, but there is still a long way to go before the final elections. Anything can happen in the last, especially with Trump’s involvement.


The tug war between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the united state election is a striking phase. Trump Biden mask incident is simply one amongst the numerous cold mocks between them. They both are finding small issues to mock one another, possibly. It would be interesting to see who wins the election and who a deserving candidate is.

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