Online Websites Reviews Reviews (August) Is this a Scam Site? Reviews Reviews (August) Is this a Scam Site? >> In the article given above, we read about a website with products related to women’s belt accessories.

Online information has been made fully deliverable to the masses. These days, the things that are taking place somewhere or the other happen to be awkward due to their suspicion. There are many ways we can go through any information and check how that information has been made available for us. 

From the United States, we have a website with the business of women’s belt accessories that sells through the online platform and ask customers to get the best of products. Reviews will help all the customers know about the website in reasonable detail so that they can be sure to go ahead with their orders or not.

The readers of this article will surely know that the good and the bad things about the site. Hence, we will talk about this website through Reviews. We will, after that, analyze the way we will get the information from the website.  

What is Website?

The website by the address of has gotten the business in the women’s belt accessories. The site also claims that after delivery, if the product happens to have any discrepancies, then it is returnable. 

It also guarantees the refund on the condition that the product is returned within the stipulated time. Reviews also found that the site says that the shipment will take 6-8 days within the United States, and it will take 7-14 days for the orders to get shipped outside the United States. 

As far as international shipping is concerned, the website says that it takes at least 1-2 days to get processed orders. The processing time takes place according to the rules and regulations of the site.

Specifications of Website:

  • Website products: Women’s belt accessories
  • Email:
  • Address: 3710 Bridport Ln, Oakland Township, MI 48363 United States
  • Contact Number: (908) 954-8388
  • Hours of operation: Not found
  • Return: It is there.
  • Refund: It is also applicable.
  • Payment method: PayPal

Pros of Website:

  • Different color and shapes of the products are available.
  • There are latest products also.
  • The email has also been provided along with the contact number.

Cons of Website:

  • The website is too new to believe at once.
  • No social media platform mentions this website.
  • The unavailability of reviews makes the site very harmful.

Is Website Legit?

There are various things that we got from the given website, and if the conclusion happens to take place just now, then it would not be a tough one because this website is not legit, and customers need to be circumspect all the time. People do have ardour to know about their products, but when they come to understand that the products that they liked come from a fake website, then they are disheartened. 

Around the world, there are many ways in which people want to snatch away the money of honest people. This kind of scam has been going on for years, but these days they are rampant. Customers have to go through such articles to know what’s happening around the world to trap them and take their money away, which they have earned with lots of hard work. 

Read Reviews below for information on this topic.

Customers’ reviews Reviews have not been made available anywhere on the site. There are no reviews on the internet as well; thus, we have to go through only the details mentioned on the website. The good thing about any customer reviews is that it gives a sense of confidence to the buyers of the product.

 But what we see here is entirely inverse, and there is an utter absence of the customer reviews. Therefore, this makes a bad sign for any given website. The lack of studies also takes a customer to come out of any site because they want to know about the people’s opinions, but unfortunately, they are not able to find them. 

Final Verdict

As we have seen that there are many sites on the internet that are product-related, but they are scams not worth believing. That’s why we must invest our time on legitimate sites not to get trapped by fake sites. The same thing is with the website because this article of Reviews has been successful at reaching a conclusion that is to the interested of the common masses.

Share your views about this website in the comments section below.

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  1. I purchased a float tube from TrulyLD on August 5 2020 and on the 8th, not only did the $86 and change that I paid come out of my bank account, an additional almost $20 for a total of $106 and change was taken from my bank. Not sure how that could even be done when the Paypal shows the total charge as the $86 something.
    I did screen shot every single page from creating an account, making the purchase, paying via PayPal, screenshot all their contact info and even went back to the website to get my order number. As soon as the money was taken from my checking account, I can no longer access the trulyld website. It just times out. When I call the same number you listed above that is on their website, it goes immediately to a message that says “User Busy” every time. Furthermore I’ve emailed as they said and that email gets returned as undeliverable, permanent error Clearly a scam site. I’ve launched a complaint with PayPal but it says it may take until Sept 21st before they get to it. Not sure if there’s anything more I can do. Since PayPal is legitimate I don’t believe my bank can’t reverse that charge and if they did PayPal might just pass it back to me. Hoping PayPal can fix it as tye showed a guarantee of purchases through their payment system, ,but we’ll see.
    I did send PayPal every screenshot of the process and the pages that show it’s in MI, USA, ships in 6-8 days and is in stock so hoping they will do something.


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