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Trondel Store Scam {June} – Is This a Genuine Site?

Trondel Store Scam 2020

Trondel Store Scam {June} – Is This a Genuine Site? >> This article is about an online site that claims to sell house utility products.

Do you want to buy products used in houses? You can get a car washer on Trondel Store. There is also a reclining chair available here

Trondel Store Reviews say that the site is getting some amount of traffic. However, potential buyers want to know about the credibility of the website. How safe is it to buy products from this site?

In the review below, we list all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing products from the Trondel store of the United States and whether – Is Trondel Store Scam?

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What is Trondel Store? is an e-commerce site which is selling products like a cordless car washer. This product is getting sold at an unbelievably massive discount of 82%.

Other house utility products include a rotating dishwasher and a hammock tent. The customers have to create an account on this website before buying products from it.

There are also other products sold on this website as a surface cleaner. When you want to clean the floors, but don’t want to scrub them yourself, you can use this cleaner, which cleans quite fast with the bristles of its brush. It sucks water from the floor and also mops away all the dust.

You can also use it to clean the walls. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, including those of cement and wood. It can soak water from the surface rotating at a tremendous electric force of 3200 pound-force per square inch (psi). 

You must visit this website to buy such home cleaning products. There is also a decompression belt to be tied to the waist sold on this website which helps in losing weight.

The website has a simple interface due to which ordering and buying products is easy. Go through Trondel Store Reviews to get all the information about the products sold on this site.

Specifications of Trondel Store:

  • Website: home utility products
  • Address-not mentioned on the website
  • Shipping time-7-15 days
  • Return-14 days after you have received the product  
  • Refund-not mentioned
  • Mode of payment-Paypal, credit card

Is Trondel Store Legit?

The domain name has just been registered two months back. There is no company address mentioned on the website.

Also, the user interface has been poorly designed. You have to click on the search icon, and all the items are shown on the website. Also, the number of products listed on the website is low. It is equal to 7 products.

But the site has an https address, which implies that the user information is entirely safe with it.

The site has also not been banned by any blacklist engine, which can happen when the site is malware. Malware sites are those designed to cause harm to the browser. They can unleash viruses of different kinds on the client computer when opened.

The site’s return policy is also problematic, which implies that the online store only allows the return of those products whose value is 70 dollars or more. If the product’s price is below this figure, then the customers can’t return the product even though it is defective.

Customers have to incur the shipping costs also once they want to claim the return of a product. They have to be quick once they want to get a refund on the product and inform the company within 14 days of delivery about the faulty product quality. 

The company inspects the product once it is sent to them for a refund. If the product is approved for a refund, the customer is notified about it through an email. However, the time taken for the return of funds is not mentioned on the website.

Pros of getting products from the Trondel Store:

  • Useful products available
  • Huge discounts available  

Cons of getting products from Trondel Store:

  • No return policy for products costing less than 70 dollars
  • No mention of the owner’s name on the website
  • No phone number is given
  • Only seven products are currently getting sold now
  • The deplorable appearance of the website

What are the customers saying about Trondel Store? 

Customers are not happy with the products they received from the website. They received no goods at all or fake products for the money paid by them. Hence, they have been duped by Trondel Store.

They are not even getting a refund for products ordered by them. For example, a customer who had ordered two watches from this website didn’t get anything at all for the money paid.

Final verdict 

So, it’s concluded in this Trondel Store Reviews that the website is a total fake. Don’t order products from the website because nothing will be received at all. The huge discounts offered are bogus, and Trondel Store will take your money.

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