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Trisumori Website [Sep 2020] Is It Legit Seller Or Not?

Trisumori Website

Trisumori Website [Sep 2020] Is It Legit Seller Or Not? >> The article, mentioned here, is for a clothing website named Trisumori, sells stuff on discount.

There are various websites that you can find on the Internet. The Internet has given us a lot of comfort at our fingertips, but simultaneously, it has added a lot of pressure on our shoulders as well.

 Let’s take online shopping, for example. Who would have thought of this concept a few decades back? Imagine being able to explore millions of designs on your phone while lazing on a couch. It has added comfort, but then every other day, there is news about people getting scammed. How can you save yourself from being scammed? Read this review about Trisumori WebsiteThe website claims to be made in the United States.

This review will not only help you analyze the legitimacy of this website, but it will also enrich your knowledge about how to spot a scam site.

So, read on.

What is Trisumori?

Trisumori is one website that claims to be based in the United States. Once look at the website and you will know that it is a clothing website. We get to the collection on the website and find a decent collection of hoodies, men’s wear, shoes, etc. There is an autumn collection as well on the website. We also found some great options for active wear and sportswear on the website. If you shop for 89$ from the website, you get free shipping.

Here, we tried to know if the website offers products in various sizes. We were pleasantly surprised to find multiple sizes available for the products on the website. The website has PayPal as the mode of payment. We were a bit disappointed to find only one way. Then, we quickly got to the return policy, and it said that Trisumori Website accepts returns till 14 days. Then we got to know that the returns and refunds are subject to acceptance. We tried finding more information about the website, but the ‘about us’ page was not very helpful. 

There are also various discounts that a user can avail of on this website. If the user buys three pieces, he will get a ten percent discount. But is the information, as mentioned above, sufficient to go ahead and shop? Is the website legit? We advise you to go ahead and continue reading.

Specification of Trisumori Website:

  •  URL of the website:
  • Product it offers: Various items of clothing
  • Email ID:
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal
  • Returns: Within fourteen days
  • Shipping: Free over $89


  • The website has a user-friendly interface.
  • The website has a great collection. The products are offered at an affordable price.


  • The website has inadequate owner’s information.
  • The website is cheating on the information.
  • There are no customer reviews for the website.

Is Trisumori legit?

Trisumori Website has its establishment done less than six months ago. The website has short domain validity. These days’ websites try to capture as much as possible out of the social media platforms. Looking at the website, which refrain from the opportunities that social media provides, it seems fishy. When someone clicks on the social media handles available on the website, it takes us to some other web site’s social media handles. The website doesn’t have any existence on social media platforms.

Though the website has an SSL certificate, this is not sufficient to prove its legitimacy. We tried to find China’s website; however, the website claimed to be in the United StatesIt was another setback that we noticed in establishing the website’s credibility. It smells the fraud.

Though the web site’s content is plagiarism free, the owner’s information is missing, which makes us suspicious of the website. 

Customer Reviews:

When we tried to find some customer reviews for the Trisumori Website, we were left empty-handed. The website is a new entry, which explains that the Internet doesn’t have a single website review. Customer reviews are essential to reinforce the legitimacy of a particular website.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, we think that the website is a scam. There are a lot of factors that indicate this website being a scam. Based on the factors mentioned above, we would like to ask our readers not to make any purchase from this Trisumori Website

In case a reader wants to purchase from this website, we would advise the user to be too sure of the website before making a purchase.

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