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Toy Silo Reviews – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Toy Silo Reviews 2020

Toy Silo Reviews – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? -> In this article, you will read about the legitimacy of the website, which sells lego toys.

Have you ever bought the wrong gifts for your kids online? Maybe it is time we made you aware of the Toy Silo Reviews.

Parenting is a big game in itself. A parent who fulfills the demands of their child becomes the favorite most person for him/her. But sometimes it becomes challenging to meet all their requests. Although when it comes to getting their choice of toys, the lego section feels the best. But what if you get it and feel like you have been fooled? 

This website has attempted to make a place in the United State for selling the best lego toys. Instead of doing so, this website was capable of making a place in the list of scam websites.

To not break your kid’s heart and to save you from being scammed, we would help you in knowing Is Toy Silo Legit

Is Toy Silo Legit?

After checking the reviews of Toy Silo from various customers who tried the site and its products, we can say that those remarks were not what makes a website look legit. 

There are not many reviews about the site, but the ones present are certainly not positive enough to make you rely on this website yet.

However, we are yet to discover Is Toy Silo Legit.

What is Toy Silo?

Toy Silo is a website that sells Lego toys in a vast variety range. There are building sets that contain lego toys based on some series and movies like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Harry Potter, Star Wars, Superheroes, etc. 

They also have lego toys which are hard to find like the London Bus and Ship in a bottle. The website has a few bags in their store for sale with the name LEGO engraved on them. Above that, they always have a ‘Flash Sale’ going on.

It is necessary to know about the Toy Silo Reviews before dealing with them.

Who is this website for

This website is best suitable for children who like to play with lego toys. 

But to know whether one can rely on this website or not, it is required to look into their pros and cons.


  • The website has a good range of lego toys.
  • The product prices are too low.
  • The website accepts a variety of modes of payment.


  • The website name, company name, and link name differ.
  • The website doesn’t specify refund policy.
  • There are a lot of bad reviews about the website.
  • The customer service does not respond.
  • The address and location seem to be a mismatch.


  • Website link:
  • Website type: Lego Toys seller
  • Shipping time: Not mentioned on the website
  • Delivery time: 2-3 business days, not on weekends
  • Refund: Not mentioned on the website
  • Shipping cost: $20 for the orders costing upto $60, above that is free
  • Company address: Russell Pl, Brighton BN1 2TF, U.K.
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: +44 1273 772688
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Japan Credit Bureau card, PayPal

What are the reviews

The name of the website is LEGO World, while the name in the link shows a different name i.e., best.bacmz. Furthermore, the name of the website is Lego Silo. All this is very confusing and raises a question over the authenticity of the website.

Similarly, the address of the site shows the address of Brighton, which is a part of the United Kingdom. But when we look at the price symbol, it shows a sign of dollar ($) instead of the currency symbol of the U.K., which is the pound (£).  

The website social networking sites are linked to the pages of the original company Lego and not the website page Toy Silo. 

The reviews present online declare this site as a scam. One of the customers bought a toy from their store but did not receive any confirmation mail. He received a message saying the amount was deducted from his account and was sent to He tried emailing the company, which was never reverted. 

They have a few reviews on their website, which seem to be fake as well as they are all posted on the same date, just different months.


With the details mentioned above, we do not recommend this website just yet. The reviews make it clear that we cannot rely on the website as of now.

If you’ve dealt with this website, make a mention of your experience in the comments section below.

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  1. Ordered over $60 worth of Legos for my grandson’s birthday in March. No Legos have been delivered and NO response from customer service. DO NOT TRUST

  2. I just ordered over $60 worth of Legos almost 2 weeks ago as well for 2 kids that unfortunately got the Corona Virus. Its really a shame they did this. I’m so disappointed! Will never recommend this site!

  3. They continuously change the domain of their website as soon as it gets flagged as a phishing scam, so they can advertise again. Contact your credit card company immediately if you purchased form them.

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