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Towpoolhomes Scam [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site

Towpoolhomes Scam 2020

Towpoolhomes Scam [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site? -> This article is about an online gym store and its authenticity in the digital platform in respect of customer reviews and referrals.

This article is for you if you are a gym freak and cannot imagine your day without a tough workout in the fully equipped gym. Have you ever heard of Towpoolhomes? Well, this is one of the popular online stores selling gym equipment and related products.
The seller claims to sell all kind of gym products at a lower price with a marvelous shipping policy. On the other hand, people want to know about the Towpoolhomes Scam.

The world is going through a tough time. Most of us have to get used to staying inside the home. If you are an active person who loves to visit the gym every day like millions of citizens in the United State, this is the time when you must set up a little gym inside your home. Therefore, Towpoolhomes can be an excellent option to buy a lot of gym equipment for your home.

What is Towpoolhomes?

Towpoolhomes is an online market for purchasing gym equipment and other gym-related products. For a lot of people, Towpoolhomes is nothing but a scam. Therefore, people want to know the facts. Well, this article could be answers to all of their quarries. So, keep reading to see the reality about the

Specifications of Towpoolhomes:

  • Website:
  • Email id: Not found 
  • Contact No.: Not found.
  • Office Address: Not found
  • Shipping: Not found
  • Delivery: Not found
  • Return/ Refund: Not found
  • Exchange: Not found
  • Mode of payment: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Amex

What are the positive aspects of Towpoolhomes?

  • Gym products are available in a wide variety. 
  • You will get the most cumbersome gym equipment here. You can shop for both the gym and home from the website.
  • Branded as well as non-branded products are available here
  • Standard Shipping and delivery system is available.

What are the red flag of the website Towpoolhomes?

  • The webstore may not have an official website.
  • Most of the time, users do not reach the website. 
  • Too much copy content on the websites
  • Most of the images on the websites are copied from another website.
  • No cash on the delivery system is available. 

What are the possibilities to make Towpoolhomes a scam?

Knowing the signs of an authentic website will help you detect a scam from thousands of websites. An official website has an official URL along with a good server. The scammers do not get a legal server all the time.

As a result, scam websites creates a lot of problems. Simultaneously, running a website is a long process, and the genuine sellers have sufficient backup to run the site and fix the bugs, if any.

When you click on the website URL of Towpoolhomes, you probably will not get the site. Most users complain that they are unable to open the website. It could be a sign of a problematic website or a scam. 

Customer review on Towpoolhomes:

Finding an authentic review from its past customer is next to impossible because the website has no review section. On the contrary, most of the time, the users do not reach the site. Also, people do not talk about it on other forums.

Other possibilities say the scammers detect their reviews and delete them from the internet. You will not find them on any social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. 

Well, this is quite clear that the site must be a trap of hackers or scammers. Also, our referrals found that some of their customers are complaining of forgery. As they do not have cash on delivery system and a better tracking system, it is easy to transfer the money to a dodgy account.

Having no activities or accounts on social media is the cherry on the cake. Therefore, no customers can criticize about the scam. Probably, the scammers are ready to shut down the website or clone the site. Thus, users cannot reach the site. Also, the analytical tests say that the website is not older than six months. Also, the website did not appear in Google Trust Rank.

The final verdict:

From all related records and referrals, it is clear that the website has a 90% chance to be a scam or clone website. So, we do not suggest buying anything from the site.

Probably the scammers want to take down the website for some time for a reason. Or they want to put the site down forever and want to create a new clone site. Therefore, if you face problems with reaching the website, do not try to buy anything from it.

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