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Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews {July} Safe Deal Or Scam!

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner 2020

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews {July} Safe Deal Or Scam!>> In this article, we review an affordable air conditioner that you can purchase online.

Are you looking to purchase an Air Conditioner or Air Cooler? In the melting heat of the sun, Air Conditioners are nothing short of a blessing. No matter how hot it is outside, you can always feel comfortable in your house under an Air Conditioner. One such product is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner; they currently operate in the United States

Some Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews tell us that they’re incredibly affordable, and come at cheap prices. So if you’re thinking of buy one, you should read our review first as we’re going to mention several essential details of this product like it’s pricing, features and the issue- Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit?

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Review

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What is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner?

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner, as the name suggests is an air cooler. It has several features and latest specifications designed to help you keep cool in the melting heat of the summers. They’re cheap and affordable and come with all the essential policies. But, their popularity is not that high, and they’re a relatively new product. They’re based in the United States

Tornado Freeze Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Delivery: 8-15 business days.
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 949-627-2387
  • Address: Newport Beach, California, USA.
  • Returns: 30-day return policy
  • Refunds: applicable, with a 15% fee.
  • Payment Method: PayPal/ AMEX/ Visa, etc.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Specifications:

  • They come with three-speed modes according to your requirement.
  • They’re quite and don’t make a lot of noise.
  • They’re eco-friendly and do not pollute the environment in any way.
  • They’re compact, lightweight and easily movable.
  • You can fill their tank with water and enjoy the cold breeze of air.
  • They do not consume a lot of electricity.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews

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Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Pros:

  • Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner has several advanced features and top-class specifications.
  • At $140 ($79.97 at a discount), they’re also not very expensive, and most people would find it affordable.
  • They come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Cons: 

  • There’s a 15% restocking fee on the refund amount which is entirely unfair.
  • They’re not a popular product or brand.
  • When it comes to air conditioners, they face severe competition from several other products.

Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit?

The features and specifications of Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner are relatively advanced, and their cost is not too high considering their features. They’re also not very popular outside of the United States. So, some users are suspicious of the legitimacy of the site. We did some research and found the answer to Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit? It’s more likely to be safe than a scam, but we don’t know for sure.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner

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Contact information including the address, email and phone number is present on the website. The website is well maintained and looks attractive and quite appealing. The content is also not similar to known scam sites. Customer Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews are also mostly positive. However, due to the lack of information on this site and the lack of popularity, we cannot say that this site is entirely safe either. There’s a small amount of risk involved. 

So, Is Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Legit? Although there’s a small chance of it being a fraud, it’s most likely safe. We cannot confirm anything due to the lack of information.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner: Customer and User Reviews

The customer Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews are present only on the website and not anywhere else. The website contains only positive reviews, but we cannot entirely rely on them. Instead of reviews, we found some reports of the evaluation of this site. The reports suggested that this United States websites had equal chances of being safe or scam, but due to some reasons, it was slightly more likely to be safe.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner where to buy

Final Verdict

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner has several advanced features. They’re also cheap and come with return and refund policies. However, this product or the website isn’t top-rated, and so there’s a small amount of risk associated with purchasing them. But Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews tell us it’s more likely to be safe than a scam.

So, our readers, if you don’t have any problem with the small risk and the lack of popularity of this product, you can buy this product. If you have some additional information about this site or product, please write to us and also share your experiences.

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  1. I ordered this product on 7/14/2020 based on their website stating it arrives in 3 – 8 days and ships from a warehouse in the US. It is now 7/27/2020, well past the 3 – 8 days and it still has not shipped. In contacting their support team through email, I continue to get the same response that it is getting ready to ship. The lastest response stated they hoped to get it shipped by end of next week. They charged my account the day the order was placed. They have no intention of shipping my order. Not happy at all. I believe this to be a scam.

  2. The ad I found on Tornado Freeze boasted a 3 day Free delivery offer. I purchased the product and waited. After 8 days, I called in to inquire (knowing that during covid, delays were not out of the question.) Other than “rest assured, your product will arrive at your doorstep soon” I was given no information. 2 weeks after the promised delivery date, I started getting frustrated that they wouldn’t even give me a tracking number for the package (turns out, they didn’t even send the order to their internal fulfillment center yet.) 3 weeks after the promised delivery date, I FINALLY got a tracking number and tried to follow up with that. For some reason the package arrived in Kansas (I’m in CA) and sat there for 8 days. Finally, Fed Ex admitted that the company chose the least expensive delivery package, which was 14 day delivery (so much for their 3 day promise…) but ALSO that they put a hold on the package and instructed them to not deliver.

    In week 4 after promised delivery, I started getting upset (both with the company and FedEx…..both of which were giving a different answer every time I reached out) and realized that I was being scammed. The company gave me the EXACT SAME RESPONSE every time I spoke to someone — “Rest assured, your product will arrive at your door soon” and when I called them on that — they hung up on me. When I was able to get someone back on the phone, I demanded a refund and they told me to wait until the next day when the accounting department was in. The next day, I called and they refused a refund saying that my package was delivered (it wasn’t.) Their NEW thing is that my package has arrived and I will be paying. (Never received it) I’ve cancelled the payment with my credit card and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising and fraud.


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