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Topstatrade com Reviews [May] Is it Scam or Legit?

Topstatrade com Reviews 2020

Topstatrade com Reviews [May] Is it Scam or Legit? >> This article intends to inform our readers regarding the specifications, customer feedback, and genuineness of this site.

Are you looking for a commonplace to find all your day-to-day utilities? Then, Topstatrade is the site for you.

With so many household chores, one does not find the time to go to various offline stores and shop for their desired products. Even on the internet, purchasing different categories of products from different sites become a cumbersome task. Topstatrade provides you with all these options at one place at the ease of a click of a mouse.

Topstatrade Com Reviews tell us that the site is six months old but is doing exceedingly well in serving customers of all ages, starting from a new-born baby to an adult.

If you are looking for baby products like toys, diapers, stationery for kids, etc. or kitchen appliances and cutlery for your home, then this online store can do wonders for you.

The online trend suggests that the platform is hugely popular in the United State and is getting a great response from the buyers.

Before you decide to try your hands at this site, it is advisable to go through this blog until the very end and investigate if the site is recommendable or not.

So, we would like to start by answering the question:

What is Topstatrade?

Topstatrade is an online portal that provides you with an ample amount of product options. These selections can be listed as follows:

  • Clothes for Men and Women,
  • Electronic gadgets,
  • Stuffed toys for babies,
  • Baby stationery,
  • games and accessories, and
  • Kitchen appliances and cutlery

Not only, the site offers you these diversified ranges of products, but it also helps you to customize them as per your requirement.

So the site enables you to purchase your desired outcome in your favorable style.

Now, you might wonder

Why Topstatrade is so unique?

In the fast running world, everything is just a click away. With the advent of digital media, the world has become a small place. But this internet dependency is also holding us back from our capability.

One needs to browse through different websites to purchase different categories of products, which can be time-consuming and troublesome. Well, this site allows buying these products all at one platform, thereby saving time and effort.

Apart from these several selections, this website also provides a tailor-made version of all these things.

These qualities make the site so unique. Let us now tell you more about the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback about this site.

Specifications of Topstatrade:

  • Product-  everyday utilities for babies and adults
  • Email-
  • Phone- +12104052609
  • Address- 14100 San Pedro Ave., Ste. 201, San Antonio, Texas
  • Shipping/processing time- for Economy Ground Shipment: 10- 14 Business days

        for Express Shipment: 2 Business days

  • Shipping fee-   for Economy Ground Shipment: cost-free shipping 

for Express Shipment: $8.00 

  • Exchange- not applicable on COD
  • Returns- within 60 days from receiving the order
  • Refunds- returned in the form of original payment
  • Mode of payment- through the site via MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network and American express

Pros of buying from Topstatrade:

  • The single platform offers a wide range of products
  • Caters to all ages of Women and Men
  • Exceptional customer service is available for assistance 
  • Address and contact details of the company are readily available
  • Multiple modes of delivery options

Cons of buying from Topstatrade:

  • Owner details are not mentioned
  • Numerous choices on the single page lead to chaos
  • No presence of the About Us section creates suspicion

Customer reviews on Topstatrade:

Online customer feedback implies that the site provides a vast range of products at the ease of a click of a mouse. But the author fails to claim the site, thereby leaving a sense of doubt in the minds of customers.

The official website is missing the “About Us” section, which degrades the legitimacy of the site.

Additionally, refunds are refused for deliveries made with Cash On Delivery(COD) option, resulting in unhappy customers.

Final Verdict

Topstatrade is a 6-month old registry. The site provides you with complete address and contact details of the company along with customer care service. Therefore, it builds trust with the customers.

Overall, the site seems to be legit and unique when compared to other online e-Commerce platforms.

Thus, we would like our readers to go ahead and place an order on this portal.

Also, share in the comments how your experience has been of using this site. We would appreciate your response.

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  1. Hi. The website is a scam, there was no order confirmation this weekend so I checked into it. The phone number doesn’t work, the address belongs to Coastal Bend Oil Co., and there was no response from the email. I contacted Coastal Bend they said it is not their site. I disputed my cc charge with my bank…

    1. The website is a scam. I placed an order on April 30, 2020. Thanks to the screenshot I took of the order confirmation, I could trace back to the order details from the picture I saved. Cuz there is no email confirmation, and the customer support number never work. Two days after my order, when I try to check the order status, the page shows an error message and displays nothing on the website. I also failed to register on their website, it never send the confirmation email ( I checked my spam folder every time ). So, never ever use this website for any online shopping. Hope this helps!

  2. Appears website is down and phone doesn’t work. No confirmation and no answer from email inquiry. Appears my credit card company cancelled the charge.

  3. I also tried to place an order and there was no order confirmation email. I was not able to register to the site when I tried. Calling the phone number it just rings busy. I sent a message to their customer service and there has been no reply. They charged my credit card, but then processed a credit at the same time??

  4. I bought my item and paid $ 8.00 extra for express shipping, After I finished ordering. they gave me my order number and it also said
    Order Status Paid. I kept checking my e- mail & nothin!!!
    Also, it’s been 6 days and they still haven’t taken the money out of my account. I tried calling them today & the same thing that everyone else has said, I got an automated recording, I left a message but I doubt I’m going to hear back from them. I’m calling my bank now.

  5. I got an order confirmation page with an order number. But I never got a confirmation email. Money was taken out of my account! Can’t get ahold of the company. Tried calling and emailing.

  6. I believe this is a scam as well. I ordered a trampoline and received an email stating due to COV19 the item is not in stock and they will issue a refund. After looking at the email I can see now the grammar is not correct. I used a American Express card but reported card lost and stolen so these folks won’t try to use my card later on.

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