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Topsgeek Reviews (2020) Is It A Legit Online Store?

Topsgeek Reviews (2020) Is It A Legit Online Store

Today, internet is the most prevalent medium of doing business. The initial investvent, digital marketing of products and services and thereby striking the right chord in the numerous online visitors seems to be an easy task.

Financially, the processes aren’t much demanding but sustainability amidst scores of sprawling websites posing cut throat competition in terms of product quality, prices, sales and so on are quite mind boggling.

An e-commerce platform is easy to create but earning revenue and trust building among the customer base isn’t a cakewalk.

There are several companies which have entered with a bang but have finally vanished without anyone even noticing. These are of course not the reliable ones.

Here we are going to discuss one such website originated in the United States and is known by the name ‘’.

What is

Though, the name doesn’t suggest anything, still with such neutral names, one can assume that the website must be selling a number of products which may or may not be related.

For example or, these are multi brands and multi products outlet. They are like a vast supermarket, where anyone can find anything from a toothbrush till a washing machine. sells many products lined up under the broad categories of beauty, home and garden accessories, gifts, kids, shoes etc. At this time of the ‘Corona virus’ fear, the website won’t lag behind, among all the disarrayed range of items, Topsgeek hand sanitizer is also available for the masses. The hand sanitizers come in different forms :

  • The hand sanitizer gel with moisturizer and vitamin E
  • Amino acid sterilizer and anti bacteria hand sanitizer
  • Disposable anti bacterial sterilization

The bottle sizes range from 30ml, 60 ml till 70 ml. If you are sensitive to alcohol, then the non-alcoholic version is also available.

The company claims to be a multi product outlet, where a person can pick anything that tickles his or her forlorn desires. Basically, the store is not about ‘what you need’ but about ‘what you want’.

Who should buy from here?

Typically, the young generation, who aren’t very calculative about spending money would like shop from such online shops. It’s more about impulsive buying rather than anything that’s planned.

So, you browse through the products with an open mind and anything that strikes you or suits your interest for the time being can be collected from

Is topsgeek scam or legit?

If you check the URL of, then you will find that this American site is protected by SSL (https) certification, which is good for the shoppers. A SSL certification ensures protection from middleman attacks and keeps intra communication encrypted.

Further analysis says that there are no traces of suspicious codes in the website, which is a positive sign. On top of that, ‘topsgeek’ has it’s own mail server, an added advantage but that doesn’t assure that the company is legit.

There are a dearth of external links present in, which signals unusuality, as any new web launch would like to make it’s presence felt and that is possible only through extensive external links.

Going through a few customer reviews didn’t really leave a good impression as there are people who accused of overcharging. It seems for a 70ml bottle of sanitizer, the cost is $10 here.

Another says that the shipping cost is too high and there’s no return address mentioned under the ‘returns policy’ of the website.

People have also complained of lack of adequate description of the articles being sold. So, if you are ordering for 15 rolls of toilet paper at an already inflated shipping fee, then you aren’t sure of the thickness of the rolls or the number of sheets present.

That’s a matter of concern!

Moreover, the company has not furnished it’s whereabouts in the website as in where is it located in the United States and who are the owners? In cases of discrepancies, customers would hardly find anyone to contact or hold responsible.


As a precautionary measure, it is always better not to invest in shopping from such sites which are not prudent enough to reveal their own information.

There are several fraudulent websites which enter the e-commerce business just to make money overnight and flee. If you buy from here, you will just part with your money and never receive the goods you ordered. Even if you get the products, they won’t be matching the standards and quality wise would be downgraded.


  1. This site is belong to CHINESE I ordered from them the ” SANITIZER”$10 . THEY said 3-5 days delivery 8 days later still no email or delivery. When I sent an email to cancel order I immediately got an email from CHINA. my order gas been shipped. I hope people read the reviews if this company and think about buying. Thank you.

  2. There isn’t a hint that their HAND SANITIZER IS SHIPPED FROM CHINA on their website. Who in their right mind would want HAND SANITIZER SHIPPED FROM CHINA!!!!! I am outraged, I won’ touch a box from CHINA – this is SO IRRESPONSIBLE. I hope PayPal suspends them over this.

  3. This company is a SCAM!!!!! They charged me $75.99 for 8 – 2.5 oz hand sanitizers!! I requested a refund immediately after the order was placed (when I realized the mistake) and they responded stating they would refund the money. 2 days later I received a shipment confirmation and still no refund! I contacted them again for them to tell me that they couldn’t refund me the money until I return the product! They could have stopped the shipment and they chose not too. The tracking information shows that all they did was generate a label so far and haven’t even sent the product yet they still will not refund my money!!! SCAM COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have and order for their handsanitizer. I had no idea it was coming from China when placing order. I just emailed company
    “I placed my order on 3/17/20. You took money from account on 3/19/20.
    Your told me on 3/21/20 it would ship in two days. On 3/23/20 you told me it would ship or you would refund my money.
    You told me it was shipped on 3/24/20
    I just received tracking from Arrive that my order left Shenzhen, Duangdong Province today March 29, 2020 at 6:25AM
    Eleven days to ship my order. I was told bad information when it would ship
    I’m pretty disgusted with your company. I will not be doing business with you company ever again.
    I will not give your company and good reviews”.

  5. Yes Topsgeek is out of China and expect your order to arrive 4-8 weeks later. LESSON LEARNED, IN THESE DAYS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ONLINE RESEARCH IT.

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