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Toomorefunny Reviews [Sep] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Toomorefunny Reviews

Toomorefunny Reviews [Sep] Is It A Legit Seller Or Not? >> This article will help you in verifying the authenticity of the site that sells soft toys and other multiple products.

Is Toomorefunny Legit? A lot of you are asking this question. Don’t worry! In this article, you will get the legit response to this statement. Along with it, we will tell you what this website sells, what it is offering, its specifications, and services, etc. 

Toomorefunny is an online store placed in the United States. This store is famous for its pets. Yes! Pets like dogs, kittens, and puppy, etc. Toomorefunny deals with a wide variety of pets at most affordable prices. You can get whatever pet you want from this store. Furthermore, the site does not only sell pets as it has a lot of different products also available on its stores like kids, toys, clothes, accessories, and many more. One more thing, Toomorefunny doesn’t offer real pets.

Read these Toomorefunny Reviews for the detailed explanation.  

What is Toomorefunny?

Toomorefunny is the online store that sells multiple items on it, but the primary product is pets or the soft toys. The store offers real looking pets as it claims to have 30+ years of experience in pet makes. You can get whatever pet you want from this store. Moreover, all the replicas you get from this store are very much similar to the real pet. The website has also explained everything that it takes to create a pet. Moreover, all the pets are 100% handmade and come out realistic as the Toomorefunny has an experienced team. 

As we know that in the United States, people are crazy about pets, but everybody can’t have one, so, those pet lovers Toomorefunny is at service. 

How they create a pet and what material they use? They use artificial fur, clay nose, claws & paws, and glass eyes. Besides this, the head, body and legs of the toy are connected to each other by the plastic skeleton locking then it is filled with steel granules and polyester, and finally, it is toned by art pastel and airbrush paint to give it a real looking living species feel. 

Additionally, the products that Toomorefunny sells are pet replicas, toys, cleaning tools, footwear, clothes, accessories, phone cover, etc. 

Specifications of Toomorefunny

  • Website URL –
  • Products – Multiple products 
  • Location – The United States 
  • Email address – not specified 
  • Contact number – Not specified 
  • Company address – Not specified 
  • Shipping time -15-30 days 
  • Shipping charges – Free shipping worldwide on orders over $70.01
  • Return policy – within 30 days 
  • Refund policy – 30 days money back
  • Discount offers – you can save up to $40
  • Order tracker- not available 
  • Order history – Not available 
  • Warranty – 3 years 
  • Newsletter – not available 
  • Payment method – PayPal 

Advantages of Toomorefunny

  • You can get a replica of your favorite pet. 
  • You will get three years of warranty from the Toomorefunny store. 
  • The Toomorefunny store is also giving away 30 days of the money-back guarantee. 
  • The site has free shipping worldwide on orders over $70.1.
  • Toomorefunny store sells multiple products on its store. 

Disadvantage of Toomorefunny

  • The site does not hold relevant information like the company’s whereabouts, contact number, and email address, etc. 
  • The social media links mentioned on the website are found inactive. 
  • The website has a poor user interface. 
  • Negative Toomorefunny Reviews available on the social media platforms.

Is Toomorefunny Legit? 

The user interface and design of the Toomorefunny website is unattractive and a lot more similar to the scam sites. Moreover, the website does not hold any required information regarding the company, like its company owner name, contact number, company address, and customer reviews, etc. 

In addition to this, we have found lots of negative reviews regarding the Toomorefunny website on Facebook. 

Is Toomorefunny Legit? No, we don’t find Toomorefunny Legit. Similarly, the site comes under highly suspicious criteria.

What have customers said regarding Toomorefunny? 

According to our research, we have found one picture regarding the customer reviews on the site that displayed optimistic buyers’ feedback. Still, it does not seem legit because we have found tons of negative Toomorefunny Reviews from its Facebook page where people mentioned that the site misrepresents their product, and it is the big scam. While the other people said it displays a fake ad to mislead people. 

Final verdict 

We believe that the Toomorefunny store is not a legit site as we have not found anything that can prove its reliability. We recommend the customers to please stay away from this site, and if you are still thinking of buying from it, they prefer to read these Toomorefunny Reviews to clarify your doubts.  

In case you need any assistance, you are free to contact us any time via the comment section below.


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  1. I just received what is supposed to be an animated puppy, but it is just a stuffed animal. No battery included, nor is there anywhere to insert one. Total ripoff and a HUGE disappointment! I don’t have enough information to return it for my refund.

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