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Toneage Reviews {May 2020} Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Toneage Reviews 2020

Toneage Reviews {May 2020} Pros & Cons of Shopping Here >> This article is about a website dealing with different home products. We are going to reveal its authenticity here.

Are you looking for an all-purpose website for all? Why don’t you shop from Toneage? It is a complete online store for all age. From tour kid to the old adults, you will get all necessary items for all. Also, you will get exciting gifts for all here.

To cope with the busy schedule, people in the United State are looking for the safest website where they can get all necessary products for all. Therefore, a lot of homeowners, young parents, and shopaholic persons choose Toneage. According to some of the Toneage Reviews, from bookshelves to books, kid’s toys to casual and trendy apparel, they get all required items in this website.

 Is legit?

However, one must beware of the authenticity of a website. Not all popular sites are legal. At the same time, not all legit sites are popular. Therefore, one should purchase from the legit sites.

Is legit? It is the commonly asked question. One should know the authenticity of the site before placing the order. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the hidden facts of the website and understand its actual status in the digital world. So, keep reading.

What is Toneage?

Toneage is an online store that is dedicated to the best deals on various products for all age groups. The sellers claim that all products are high in quality and quality tested. The company continues to grow while setting new marketing goals in the digital platform with its huge section or entertainment and apparels. They are passionate about making buying and selling products online easier than never before.

Specifications of Toneage:

  • Products: All-purpose products for all age groups
  • Website:
  • Email id:
  • Address: 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Contact No.: +12054947844
  • Shipping: 24 hours after placing the order
  • Delivery: 3 to 5 business days in mainland UK, 
  • Delivery charge: Free in mainland UK. £2.99 for next day delivery
  • Return/ Refund: Within 30 days following the date of dispatch
  • Exchange: available excluding some selected products
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, PayPal, Stripe

What are the benefits of

  • Customers have all their necessary home products on a single website. 
  • The store has a vast collection of various things.
  • The sellers have something necessary for all age groups.
  • From furniture to books, apparel to exciting gift, you are catered with a long list of different items under one roof.
  • All are the quality tasted high-quality products.
  • Shipping and delivery in mainland UK is swift and free.

What are the disadvantages of

  • The products have no customer reviews.
  • There is no tracking system available on the website to monitor the ordered item.
  • The website has no security system to protect the customer’s detail, such as names, email id, credit card no, or pin no.
  • The owner of the domain name is hidden.
  • The sellers have no valid social media account or page.

Customer review of

The saddest part is, a buyer cannot get the reviews from the past buyers because the website has no section for customer review. However, from different online reports, referrals and our insights, we come to know that a lot of customers did not review their products even after making full payment. The website does not provide any tracking system. Therefore, they did not track their products. Moreover, they have no 24/7 customer support system. In an online analytical test, we find that the website is not more than six months.

Also, the contents that are used in their websites are copied. Therefore, the website does not get any rank in the google search engine result pages.

The final verdict:

“Too good to be trusted” is a bad thing, indeed. Most of the fraudulent websites look very much attractive. Do not be a victim of the trap. No tracking system, no review section on the website, zero activity on social media sites, and the failure in some other analytical tests show that this website is not trustworthy at all. A lot of people have complained that they did not get their products after payment.

From all these reports and test result, we are very much sure that Toneage is an untrustworthy website. You should not buy anything from it. They may use your information in dodgy means or hack your bank account. 

Beware of the website. We do not suggest purchasing anything from Toneage.

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  1. I Just made a purchase and am worried because I did not get a confirmation number nor any kind of receipt to show my purchase, will have to cancel my credit card!

  2. Really wish I read this a couple hours ago. I just bought a water slide for my kids birthday party in a couple of weeks. Will check back if I get it or not. Pray for me !

    1. I bought a waterslide also. You will get masks from China. They will try their best to not refund you claiming that you received the item. This entire web site is a scam. With Paypal you have to mail the masks back to China with tracking which is about $35 before they will refund you the money

  3. I bought a product from them. I emailed them letting them know i didnt recieve tracking info. They sent me one. They were also quick to respond. My shipment is coming from china. So thats when i got suspicious. There website had a different address. Well im tracking my package and its moving throughout china. But will have to see if i will recieve it. Ordered date May 11th, 2020. Said it takes 15 -20 days

  4. I ordered pool chemicals from toneage 12 days ago. Of course, nothing has been delivered and I now know the website and phone number are dead. Obviously a scam site. I filed a claim with paypal and will file a dispute with my credit card.

  5. Toneage is a scam, I bought pool supply and never received it, I disputed the charge with PAPAL and just got credit to my account, never buy any items in their website, they are a fraud

  6. I wished I would of read this back in May. I had a few rounds with the complaint ops for a refund and they didn’t answer me until a week later. I had accidentally purchase two water slide in two different email. I can’t believe i felt for another scam. I was able to get a tracking number for one of the slide after I treated to sue them if I didn’t get my item well i was suppose to receive it two weeks ago on the 17th a d wrote them again and looked for there website gone. Il see if i get and answer back. Probably in a week and will say it went to spam like last time

  7. This web site is a scam. If you insist on buying from them use a credit card. Paypal makes it so hard to get a refund because you have to ship the masks that they will send instead of your original order back to China with tracking to get a refund. That costs $35. They also leave off the zip code for the return address to make sure the package is not deliverable. I suggest when you get a tiny package with your name on it from China, don’t even open it. Take it to the post office to return to sender and get a receipt so you can avoid the nightmare this company will take you thru. They only ship masks so you will know its not your item when it only weighs 1/2 ounce

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