Tinder Safe Code Scam {Sep} Get a Brief Review

Tinder Safe Code Scam

Tinder Safe Code Scam {Sep} Get a Brief Review -> Get familiar with local matches and never pay a dime for membership.

Have you used the Tinder application to find a date in your locality? There have been marriage stories that started with a dating application. However, it can be highly risky to meet someone online and spending quality time with them. Tinder Safe Code Scam is merely a warning for you. Therefore, we always say that you should never spend money on mobile applications.

Plenty of dating people in the United States downloads mobile applications. Most users prefer meeting strangers online and spending time with them. Technology has evolved to the extent that even robots can be designed to loot you. Today’s scam topic revolves around technology, money, and robots.

What is Tinder Safe Code Scam?

Tinder dating application has millions of registered users. It has experienced more than ten scams overtime. Therefore, Tinder Safe Code Scam is one of them. Robots are used to lure male and female users into account verification. They chat with the victims and ask them to verify their account for free.

The robots send a code that shows they are verified. After that, the victims sign up on the verification page with their personal and bank information. They enjoy interacting with the robots; however, they are charged 100-120 dollars a month. Besides, the credit card details are saved by Tinder to make illegal transactions.

How victims lure into Tinder Safe Code Scam?

Tinder safe dating is a premium service to find partners online. It gives Tinder Safe Code Scam to the users. The victims are lured into the scam because the premium service promises the below details:

  • T-Advisor: The service is free and gives you a verified account.
  • Verification Form: You need to verify that you are 18 or above years old. The premium service also does a background check to protect potential and existing members.
  • Verification Code: Once the background and application are approved, you receive a code sent to potential matches to connect.
  • Match Verification: Send the generated code to your match to prevent contacting underage users.

Detailed Verification Process:

Tinder Safe Code Scam has a two-step verification process:

  • Create Profile: You need to create a username and password for your account. Enter your email address to verify the details.
  • Get Free Access: Secured age verification is free of cost. You need to submit first name, last name, card number, expiry date, CVV, and zip code. After agreeing with implied terms and conditions, you can get free membership access.

Customer Feedback:

Thousands of users have lost more than 100 dollars to Tinder Safe Code Scam. They claim that the membership and verification were free of cost; however, their credit cards were used for illegitimate actions.

Final Verdict:

Tinder Safe Code Scam is among many con-tricks played by Tinder to earn money. It uses robots to create fake profiles and lure potential victims into the scam. Please share your views and experience on this con-trick.

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