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Timepasts com Reviews [Nov] Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Timepasts com Reviews 2020
Timepasts com Reviews [Nov] Is This Genuine Or A Scam? >> This post is helpful in exploring a website, which deals with festive decorative products. Please check the details now.

Timepasts com Reviews: Everyone is fascinated with the fashion products and loves to do shopping before Christmas and Halloween night. As to celebrate Halloween, people love to wear scary fashionable clothes with accessories, buy gifts, and decorative materials to decorate their homes for Halloweens and Christmas festive season. Here we come up with a website that deals with the fashionable decorative items to decorate your home and gift someone else.

Every citizen of the United States enjoys Halloween and Christmas with full joy on Halloween and Christmas; people decorate their homes with decorative items. Before these days, new products with a discounted price is available in every store and on the online stores. 

Nowadays, online stores are full of new products to promote them. However, this online store has reliable options, but some scam website took advantage of this festive season. Therefore, to know the legitimacy of this store, let us get through this review.

A Few Words for Timepasts com

It is an online store for the promotion of festive season like Halloween and Christmas. The products available on the website are for gifts and home decorative purposes. It includes the products like Santa in 2020 wearing mask, Rings, Lights, Hand Made Angels, Bracelets, the Knee Knit Socks, Christmas Ornaments, Costumes, and Jewellery.

All products are available at an affordable price and delivered to your mention address during checkout. To know more about this online site, let us go through Timepasts com Reviews.

Specifications of the Website

  • URL:  The official URL address for this website is
  • Products on site: The website is full of fashionable products for gifting and home decorative purposes. It includes products like Christmas ornaments, Santa Ornaments, Bracelets, Winter Socks, Halloween Costumes, Fairy dream Cather lights, and many more.
  • Product Description: The description of products is available on the website. It includes the shape and size measurements, color, material used options, shipping, and packaging details. 
  • Shipping Details: The website mentions free shipping inside the United States on the shopping above dollars 39. The deliveries take upto 20 days to deliver to your mentioned address.
  • Return Policy: The website mentions their return policy of three days from the receiving date. Faulty and damaged products are covered under the return policy.
  • Phone Number and Email: The website mentions the phone number and email server to contact customers as – 442032899821 and
  • Physical address: The website mentions its physical address on the website, which is Vankin Company Limited, 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, Greater London, England, WC1A2Rp, Company Number 12186192, London.
  • Payment Options: This website has the option for online payments, which are accepted via PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Maestro Card, and American Express.
  • Social Media: This website has share links for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • HTTPS:  The website is protected with a secured connection of HTTPS and integrated with SSL. It can protect your personal data from online threatening.
  • Newsletter: Online shoppers can subscribe for the newsletter subscription for regular updates for festive seasons, new arrivals, and offers.

Positive Points of shopping from Timepasts com

As per the Timepasts com Reviews, following are the positive aspects of the Timepasts com:

  • The products are available at an affordable price, and the maximum number of products are on sale.
  • Free shipping is available on the shipping above 39 dollars at your doorstep.
  • The website mentions the return and refund policy on the website, and there is no need to worry about receiving the damaged and faulty product.

Negative Points of shopping Timepasts com

  • There is no product review available yet in the reviews section of products.
  • The mentioned physical address on the website is misleading.
  • Several other websites use the same contact number for customer support.
  • This website doesn’t have an account on social media like Facebook and Twitter for product promotions. 
  • There are no product reviews available on the internet for its product quality and services.

What customers think about website products?

After exploring the website through Timepasts com Reviews, we know the website is new, and we don’t find any product reviews in the product reviews section and on the internet. So we can’t say anything about the product’s quality and its services.

What did we conclude?

After the deep analyses of the website through Timepasts com Reviews, we get to know the website is more than one month old. It has significant drawbacks like misguided information for customers. Also, product reviews are not available on the site and the internet. 

We do not recommend this website for shopping as it appears to be a suspicious and possibly a scam and maybe they do not deliver any product to you.

If there are any other queries for this online store, please contact us via the comments section.

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  1. It is a very deceiving web site, there products are nothing like what they show you. I ordered Christmas
    Ornaments and when they arrived they were nothing like the picture, the photo was actually from Old World Christmas site, which has beautiful ornaments. What came were rubber ornaments

    1. These review are absolutely correct. TIMEPASTS IS A FULL ON SCAM. The pictures, like someone else said, showed blown glass ornaments, and I received flat, plastic GARBAGE. (Honestly, must have cost a cent to produce.) What they are doing should be illegal. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH TIMEPASTS. SO mad that I did.
      -Jennifer in Calgary

  2. I had the same experience as Deborah – I responded to a beautiful photo of a Santa ornament, costing $7 each, and received cheap plastic junk. Plus, I responded to a “buy 4 get 1 free” ad and they only sent 4 ornaments. So, I paid $35 (with tax/shipping) for four cheap plastic ornaments. I could have bought several lovely glass ones at that price.

  3. S. Caddigan
    November 18, 2020

    I was livid when I ordered ornaments of blown glass of a Santa face and when I got them it was a picture of Santa on cardboard. Never will I order from There again.

  4. This company is HORRIBLE !!! They are SCAMMERS . They are located in China. They DO NOT send the 3 free ornaments that you’re supposed to get if you order 7 ornaments. When you do receive your order, it is CHEAP, PLASTIC LOOKING GARBAGE that cost $9.99 each and I would be embarrassed to give to anyone. To sum it all up, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY ! Also, the employees that answer any correspondence are useless and obnoxious .

  5. Ordered 3 Covid 2020 Santa Tree Ornaments from them. The ones you have been seeing all over the internet. What I finally got was three tiny little pieces of poorly printed plastic that would make good gift tags. All for $40.86. (I wish I could post photos of what I got here). I’ve emailed them three times now and NO RESPONSE! Even sent them photos of what I received. They say a full refund “no questions asked.” That’s Bull. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!! Just Don’t!!!!

  6. Scam. The picture of the ornament shown in the advertisement was a 3 dimensional Santa Claus wearing a mask, carrying a bag of cleaning supplies created in great detail. Instead, I got a cheaply made 1/4 inch thick 2D ceramic ornament that only looks like what I wanted, and it looks like little effort was put into the details. I only paid about $20 total for the ornament and shipping, so it isn’t the end of the world, but it is a very underwhelming purchase.

  7. A total scam. Ordered the Santa with the mask for myself and one to send to my son. Arrived directly from China and I am so angry and disappointed. Like the previous comment posted here, it is not a 3 dimensional Santa: it is a flat piece of plastic/ resin , poorly painted with white sides and back. The Santa sack is a mess and I cannot distinguish what is supposed to be in the sack. I am so sorry I sent this to my son – I am totally embarrassed! I am trying to get a favorable refund, via email to the company – no luck yet. I too have noticed that they seem to be operating under different company names.

  8. Wish I had found this site earlier . . . I too succumbed to their false advertising/sales – my “order” has been sitting in LA since November 20th. Emailing for a refund has been interesting – hard earned money down the drain. I feel really stupid! DON’T BE SCAMMED BY THIS OOMPANY!!!

  9. They attempted to scam me for $100 in ornaments that were pictured as beautiful glass but received rubber cut outs. I immediately filed a claim with my credit card and Pay Pal. I also tried to work with them and they continued to play games and offer me a discount. Pay Pal refunded me my entire amount and the BBB are investigating them now. This company is out of China and that are professional scam artists. Do not do business with them. They will deceive you.

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