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Tikbay Shopping com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

Tikbay Shopping com Reviews 2020

Tikbay Shopping com Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website? >> In this article, we are informing people about a website who sell products for both men and women.

Are you willing to raise your swag level with your brand new fashion sense? Well, then Tikbay is the way for you, buddy!! 

Tikbay is one of the new e-commerce business profiles, which is based in the United States. As several companies in the US are taking a step forward to the world of digitalization, there are chances of fraudulent companies to fool people and earn money for absolutely nothing. So we are here to enlighten you about Tikbay here in Tikbay Shopping com Reviews. 

Is Tikbay Shopping com Legit? Or is it trustworthy? Or Should we purchase from Tikbay?; these are the questions that might be worrying you a lot. 

Do not worry; it is a brilliant move to learn about the company before making any purchase, so just sit back and read on to know about Tikbay. 

What is Tikbay?

Tikbay is an e-store based in the United States and claims to sell a wide variety of products found on TikTok. Tiktok is an online platform for music, and art performances and this website sells all the trendy products and clothes people use while making TikTok videos. 

Other than that the websites also sell paper soapbox, finger hands, sunglasses, keychain holder, toothbrush, led collar, shoe hanger, alarm clock, wireless charger and several other useful products. The site is well designed and equipped, which is a great sign. 

This website has four pages such as Home, Swag, Products and Speak Up, where you will find limited products for both men and women. It is selling all the products at a high discount rate, but to what extent are the claims valid?, we will get the answer here in Tikbay Shopping com Reviews. 

Specifications of Tikbay

  • Company Address- Unavailable
  • URL –
  • Email- 
  • Contact Number- Unavailable
  • Shipping Time- Unavailable
  • Shipping Charges- Zero
  • Delivery Time- Unavailable
  • Return Policy- Available
  • Exchange Policy- Unavailable
  • Refund Policy- Available
  • Privacy Policy- Available
  • Payment Mode- Multiple payment options available 

Pros of Tikbay

  • The website looks genuine.
  • The site has free shipping facilities.
  • The website has a real HTTPS connection.
  • The website has an email server.
  • The website has excellent discount offers on every product.
  • The site claims to have a good collection of products.

Cons of Tikbay

  • The website has a new domain registration.
  • The site has low traffic.
  • The site has no social media handle or promotional posts.
  • The site has not mentioned the company addresses or contact details. 
  • The site has no Cash on Delivery option.
  • The site has no explicit return and refund policy.

Is Tikbay shopping com Legit?

Tikbay is a SCAM site, and we are taking the privilege to help our readers to make a smart shopping choice. Further in this Tikbay Shopping com Reviews, you will be reading all the aspects of this site and why we declared it as a SCAM site. 

Now, recently we have seen many brand new companies making their fantastic online presence, but there are many fraud sites which are creating a fake online portal to allure people. These websites look very genuine until you do complete research on them, so let’s know about Tikbay. 

What do people think about Tikbay?

As we have already mentioned above, there is no social media handle or customer feedback for Tikbay. We were also not able to find any Tikbay Shopping com Reviews over the internet, which is a terrible sign for the goodwill of any company. 

We also could not find any video description or customer feedback about Tikbay products, which makes it difficult to say what people think about Tikbay. Now, as this website is very suspicious, we would request people to share the shopping experience from Tikbay to help others. 

Final Verdict 

Tikbay is a scam site, and we request all of our readers not to purchase anything from this website. As you have already read above, the website has not provided any essential information which is very fishy. Apart from that, the site is selling limited products with a price tag that is too-good-to-be-believed. 

We have mentioned every aspect of Tikbay in this Tikbay Shopping com Reviews, and all those aspects make this new domain a simple fraud site. Trusting an online website with zero credibility and transparency is an act of fool; so we request you not to trust the site with so many drawbacks. 

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