Thewalmartdrive in com (August) Let Us Know The Facts!

Thewalmartdrive in com 2020

Thewalmartdrive in com (August) Let Us Know The Facts! >> The article is having information about the free outdoor film showcase in America.

When it comes to family time, the first thing that comes in mind is a get-together lunch/dinner or watching films with family members. Due to the current pandemic situation, the whole world is in lockdown, and most of the time, family members are spending time together. What if you came to know about a free outdoor movie? Then you have to visit Thewalmartdrive in com for more information.

People of the United States are now seeking an opportunity to spend time outdoors, and Walmart is giving this chance. The world’s largest retail chain Walmart is now organizing free open-air film showing, and it is free for all no charges, will be taken from the visitors. During the show, it is decided to display a few of the blockbuster hits of Hollywood.

Few of the names of the films which are going to be featured during this showcase are:-

  • Black Panther
  • Wonder Women
  • Spider-Man – Into the Spider-Verse
  • E.T – Extra-Terrestrial
  • Spy Kids
  • Back to the Future
  • Ghostbusters, and many more

For more information, you can log in to Walmart’s website, where you will get all the details about the venue and the Showtime. For attending the movie, some rules and regulations are keeping in mind the pandemic situation. All the visitors must have their vehicle, and during the film, the members will have to remain in their car. 

No roaming, and alcohol is allowed because it is the family event and show. The visitors have to book the pass in advance, all the passes available in free you can visit Thewalmartdrive in comThe ticket is only available online; you can’t book the ticket during entry or on the gate.

What will be the event timing?

The parking area is sanitized and took special care about it, and each car will get separate allocation or space for parking maintaining the social distancing. For each event, the entrance will be allowed from 6 PM. The movie will start at 7.30 PM, after the film begins no late entry will be allowed, so make sure about the timing.

How many members of a family can visit?

If it comes to how many members can visit, the answer will be as many as the seat belts you have in your vehicle. There is no such limitation on that, but make sure about the comfort. You can also visit at Instagram, Facebook, and on the Twitter page to know about the nearest location of the event.


Outdoor movie showcasing is not new to the United States; there are several such events took place all over the country. But in this pandemic situation, this step to organizing such an event is a good move by Thewalmartdrive in com; families can spend quality time enjoying open-air films for free. 

Thewalmartdrive in com event is an initiative to bring a normal life-style back; meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, you can let us know in the comment section.

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