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Text Message From Usps Scam (Sep) Read The Truth!

Text Message From Usps Scam

Text Message From Usps Scam (Sep) Read The Truth! >> We will talk about a scam message designed to target many people and made to look like it came from a legitimate source.

Have you received a text from the USPS regarding the delivery of any package? If you have, please read the article and educate yourself about this scam. We will, in detail, tell you about the Text Message From Usps Scam so that you can ignore the message in case you have been targeted.

A scam message targeting people in the United States has come to surface recently. The message is about delivering a package and seems to be a part of a Phishing attack.

Many such cyber-security attacks have been happening lately, and even though there is no way to get rid of them completely, we can be aware and not fall prey to such attacks.

What is this scam about?

Many users in the United States reported receiving a text message regarding the delivery of a package from the USPS. The message contained a link to know the details. However, the users were not expecting any package, and many of them reported it to the Federal Trade Commission after receiving it multiple times.

The USPS has confirmed of the Text Message From Usps Scam. If you click on the link, you can encounter various outcomes. Some people were directed to fill in a survey to get a gift.

Once done, they were asked for a credit card number to pay for the shipping. Others were asked for personal information, and some were directed to a website that downloaded malware to their system.

How to stay safe from such scams?

If you received a message that talks about something you are not aware of, then please do not click on any message links. If you are aware that it is a legit company, get their contact number from their website and contact them to know about the message’s legitimacy.

Do not submit any personal details on these links, especially your card details. If you click on the links, you may also end up downloading some malware to your system and expose it. Please report such messages and ignore clicking on them.

One such recent scam that we just spoke about is the Text Message From Usps Scam. The US Postal Service has confirmed that they send out such messages only when a customer subscribes to know about a package delivery.

This is a clear example of a scam.

Final Views

The Text Message From Usps Scam is a Phishing attack wherein an attempt is made to get sensitive information from the users – Credit card information, passwords, usernames, etc.

Dear Readers, be careful of such attacks while surfing the Internet and also when you get such messages. Even if it is from a verified source, but you were not expecting it, check with them once before giving any personal information.

If you have dealt with any such scams, kindly let us know about it in the comments below. We value your suggestions and are happy to assist you.

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